Synthesis of an Emissive Spectacle-Shaped Hexanuclear Rhenium(I) Complex.

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Summary of "Synthesis of an Emissive Spectacle-Shaped Hexanuclear Rhenium(I) Complex."

Ring-shaped multinuclear Re(I) complexes (Re(I) rings) have the potential to function as useful units in multifarious photofunctional compounds because of their flexibility in molecular design and various photofunctions. The first synthetic example of the coupling reaction using a Re(I) ring as a building block to synthesize a novel spectacle-shaped hexanuclear complex is reported herein. This complex shows an efficient intramolecular energy transfer to accumulate the excitation energy into the central Re(I) units, and has suitable photophysical properties as a photosensitizer.


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Name: Inorganic chemistry
ISSN: 1520-510X


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Rhenium. A metal, atomic number 75, atomic weight 186.2, symbol Re. (Dorland, 28th ed)

Complex compounds in which a dumbbell shaped molecule is encircled by a macrocycle. They are named after rota (wheel) and axis (axle). Notation with a prefix is used to indicate the number of interlocked components. They have potential use in NANOTECHNOLOGY. Rotaxanes have been made with CYCLODEXTRINS and CYCLIC ETHERS.

A genus of gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria in the family ENTEROBACTERIACEAE. They exist only as primary endosymbionts of five species of TSETSE FLIES, found in specialized organelles called mycetomes. The bacteria supply crucial B vitamins (VITAMIN B COMPLEX) which the flies require for fertility.

A family of medium adaptin protein subunits of approximately 45 KDa in size. They have been primarily found as components of ADAPTOR PROTEIN COMPLEX 3 and ADAPTOR PROTEIN COMPLEX 4.

The coenzyme form of Vitamin B1 present in many animal tissues. It is a required intermediate in the PYRUVATE DEHYDROGENASE COMPLEX and the KETOGLUTARATE DEHYDROGENASE COMPLEX.

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