Geometric phases in 2D and 3D polarized fields: geometrical, dynamical, and topological aspects.

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Summary of "Geometric phases in 2D and 3D polarized fields: geometrical, dynamical, and topological aspects."

Geometric phases are a universal concept that underpins numerous phenomena involving multi-component wave fields. These polarization-dependent phases are inherent in interference effects, spin-orbit interaction phenomena, and topological properties of vector wave fields. Geometric phases have been thoroughly studied in two-component fields, such as two-level quantum systems or paraxial optical waves. However, their description for fields with three or more components, such as generic nonparaxial optical fields routinely used in modern nano-optics, constitutes a nontrivial problem. Here we describe geometric, dynamical, and total phases calculated along a closed spatial contour in a multi-component complex field, with particular emphasis on 2D (paraxial) and 3D (nonparaxial) optical fields. We present several equivalent approaches: (i) an algebraic formalism, universal for any multi-component field; (ii) a dynamical approach using the Coriolis coupling between the spin angular momentum and reference-frame rotations; and (iii) a geometric representation, which unifies the Pancharatnam-Berry phase for the 2D polarization on the Poincaré sphere and the Majorana- sphere representation for the 3D polarized fields. Most importantly, we reveal close connections between geometric phases, angular-momentum properties of the field, and topological properties of polarization singularities in 2D and 3D fields, such as C-points and polarization Möbius strips.


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Name: Reports on progress in physics. Physical Society (Great Britain)
ISSN: 1361-6633


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Techniques which study entities using their topological, geometric, or geographic properties and include the dimension of time in the analysis.

The measurement of various aspects of MAGNETIC FIELDS.

Microscopy using polarized light in which phenomena due to the preferential orientation of optical properties with respect to the vibration plane of the polarized light are made visible and correlated parameters are made measurable.

The measurement of magnetic fields over the head generated by electric currents in the brain. As in any electrical conductor, electric fields in the brain are accompanied by orthogonal magnetic fields. The measurement of these fields provides information about the localization of brain activity which is complementary to that provided by ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY. Magnetoencephalography may be used alone or together with electroencephalography, for measurement of spontaneous or evoked activity, and for research or clinical purposes.

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