Single-molecule chemiluminescent photosensitizer for a self-activating and tumor-selective photodynamic therapy of cancer.

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Summary of "Single-molecule chemiluminescent photosensitizer for a self-activating and tumor-selective photodynamic therapy of cancer."

While photodynamic therapy is known for significant advantages over conventional cancer therapies, its dependence on light has limited it to treating tumors on or just under the skin or on the outer lining of organs/cavities. Herein, we have developed a single-molecule photosensitizer capable of intracellular self-activation and with potential tumor-selectivity due to a chemiluminescent reaction involving only a cancer marker. Thus, the photosensitizer is directly chemiexcited to a triplet excited state capable of generating singlet oxygen, without requiring either a light source or any catalyst/co-factor. Cytotoxicity assays involving the photosensitizer show significant toxicity toward tumor cells, even better than reference drugs, while not inducing toxicity toward normal cells. This work provides a proof-of-concept for a novel type of photosensitizer that eliminates the current restrictions that photodynamic therapy presents regarding tumor size and localization.


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Name: European journal of medicinal chemistry
ISSN: 1768-3254
Pages: 111683


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

A family of very small DNA viruses containing a single molecule of single-stranded DNA and consisting of two subfamilies: PARVOVIRINAE and DENSOVIRINAE. They infect both vertebrates and invertebrates.

A tumor, basically a carcinoma with a single sarcoma such as leiomyosarcoma or angiosarcoma or multiple sarcomas of uterine origin. The role of estrogen has been postulated as a possible etiological factor in this tumor. (Holland et al., Cancer Medicine, 3d ed, p1703)

An oligomer formed from the repetitive linking of the C-terminal glycine of one UBIQUITIN molecule via an isopeptide bond to a lysine residue on a second ubiquitin molecule. It is structurally distinct from UBIQUITIN C, which is a single protein containing a tandemly arrayed ubiquitin peptide sequence.


A blue-red, extremely painful vascular neoplasm involving a glomeriform arteriovenous anastomosis (glomus body), which may be found anywhere in the skin, most often in the distal portion of the fingers and toes, especially beneath the nail. It is composed of specialized pericytes (sometimes termed glomus cells), usually in single encapsulated nodular masses which may be several millimeters in diameter (From Stedman, 27th ed). CHEMODECTOMA, a tumor of NEURAL CREST origin, is also sometimes called a glomus tumor.

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