Probing the Partial Activation of Water by Open-Shell Interactions, Cl(HO).

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Summary of "Probing the Partial Activation of Water by Open-Shell Interactions, Cl(HO)."

The partial chemical activation of water by reactive radicals was examined computationally for small clusters of chlorine and water, Cl^⋅ (H_2 O)_(n=1-4). Using an automated isomer-search procedure, dozens of unique, stable structures were computed. Among the resulting structural classes were intact, hydrated-chlorine isomers, as well as hydrogen-abstracted (HCl)(OH) (H_2 O)_(n-1) configurations. The latter showed increased stability as the degree of hydration increased, until n=4, where a new class of structures was discovered with a chloride ion bound to an oxidized water network. The electronic structure of these three structural classes was investigated, and spectral signatures of this hydration-based evolution were connected to these electronic properties. An ancillary outcome of this detailed computational analysis, including coupled-cluster benchmarks, was the calibration of cost-effective quantum chemistry methods for future studies of these radical-water complexes.


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Name: The journal of physical chemistry. A
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A disorder characterized by recurrent focal onset seizures which have sensory (i.e., olfactory, visual, tactile, gustatory, or auditory) manifestations. Partial seizures that feature alterations of consciousness are referred to as complex partial seizures (EPILEPSY, COMPLEX PARTIAL).

Conditions characterized by recurrent paroxysmal neuronal discharges which arise from a focal region of the brain. Partial seizures are divided into simple and complex, depending on whether consciousness is unaltered (simple partial seizure) or disturbed (complex partial seizure). Both types may feature a wide variety of motor, sensory, and autonomic symptoms. Partial seizures may be classified by associated clinical features or anatomic location of the seizure focus. A secondary generalized seizure refers to a partial seizure that spreads to involve the brain diffusely. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, pp317)

Any reptile including tortoises, fresh water, and marine species of the order Testudines with a body encased in a bony or cartilaginous shell consisting of a top (carapace) and a bottom (plastron) derived from the ribs.

The thermodynamic interaction between a substance and WATER.

The routing of water to open or closed areas where it is used for agricultural purposes.

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