Discovery of a Cryptic Intermediate in Late Steps of Mithramycin Biosynthesis.

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Summary of "Discovery of a Cryptic Intermediate in Late Steps of Mithramycin Biosynthesis."

MtmOIV and MtmW catalyze the final two reactions in the mithramycin (MTM) biosynthetic pathway, the Baeyer-Villiger opening of the fourth ring of premithramycin B (PMB), creating the C3 pentyl side chain, strictly followed by reduction of the distal keto group on the new side chain. Unexpectedly this results in a C2 stereoisomer of mithramycin, iso-mithramycin (iso-MTM). Iso-MTM undergoes a non-enzymatic isomerization to MTM catalyzed by Mg2+ ions. Crystal structures of MtmW and its complexes with co-substrate NADPH and PEG, suggest a catalytic mechanism of MtmW. The structures also show that a tetrameric assembly of this enzyme strikingly resembles of the ring-shaped β subunit of a vertebrate ion channel. We show that MtmW and MmOIV form a complex in the presence of PMB and NADPH, presumably to hand over the unstable MtmOIV product to MtmW, yielding iso-MTM, as a potential self-resistance mechanism against MTM toxicity.


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Name: Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)
ISSN: 1521-3773


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

An enzyme, involved in the early steps of purine nucleotide biosynthesis, that catalyzes the formation of 5-phosphoribosylamine from glutamine and phosphoribosylpyrophosphate. EC

An important intermediate in lipid biosynthesis and in glycolysis.

An aldotriose which is an important intermediate in glycolysis and in tryptophan biosynthesis.

The first committed enzyme of the biosynthesis pathway that leads to the production of STEROLS. it catalyzes the synthesis of SQUALENE from farnesyl pyrophosphate via the intermediate PRESQUALENE PYROPHOSPHATE. This enzyme is also a critical branch point enzyme in the biosynthesis of ISOPRENOIDS that is thought to regulate the flux of isoprene intermediates through the sterol pathway.

An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of prephenate to p-hydroxyphenylpyruvate in the presence of NAD. In the enteric bacteria, this enzyme also possesses chorismate mutase activity, thereby catalyzing the first two steps in the biosynthesis of tyrosine. EC

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