A novel ring-shaped reaction pathway with interconvertible intermediates in chitinase A as revealed by QM/MM simulation combined with a one-dimensional projection technique.

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Summary of "A novel ring-shaped reaction pathway with interconvertible intermediates in chitinase A as revealed by QM/MM simulation combined with a one-dimensional projection technique."

Substrate-assisted catalysis (SAC), a mechanism of chitin hydrolysis by chitinases belonging to the glycoside hydrolase family 18 (GH18), has been studied experimentally and theoretically for several decades. However, the detailed reaction mechanism in chitinase A (ChiA) remains unclear at the atomic level. In this study, we investigated glycosylation, the first step of SAC, of ChiA obtained from Serratia marcescens (SmChiA), using QM/MM simulations combined with a one-dimensional projection (ODP) technique, which enabled us to explore the multi-dimensional free energy surface efficiently. The results showed that the reaction proceeds via a novel ring-shaped concerted reaction pathway with interconvertible intermediates, viz. oxazolinium ion and oxazoline, which have not been fully identified in previous studies. We also compared this chitin hydrolysis mechanism in SmChiA with that in SmChiB reported previously. The computational protocol developed in this study could also be applicable for elucidating complicated reaction mechanisms in other enzymes.


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Name: Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP
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The first committed enzyme of the biosynthesis pathway that leads to the production of STEROLS. it catalyzes the synthesis of SQUALENE from farnesyl pyrophosphate via the intermediate PRESQUALENE PYROPHOSPHATE. This enzyme is also a critical branch point enzyme in the biosynthesis of ISOPRENOIDS that is thought to regulate the flux of isoprene intermediates through the sterol pathway.

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