An unprecedented {FeO(OH)(OAc)}{WO(OH)} cluster sandwiched in the tetravacant tungstophosphate.

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Summary of "An unprecedented {FeO(OH)(OAc)}{WO(OH)} cluster sandwiched in the tetravacant tungstophosphate."

A novel tungstophosphate H12Na4K3[{Fe5O5(OH)2(OAc)2}2{W2-O2(OH)}{P2W14O54}2]·36H2O (1) containing an unprecedented [{Fe5O5(OH)2(OAc)2}2{W2O2(OH)}] unit has been successfully obtained and characterized by IR, TGA, magnetic susceptibility measurements and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. It shows a decameric FeIII molecular assembly formed through two {Fe5O23} subunits bridged by a {W2O3} motif.


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Name: Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)
ISSN: 1477-9234


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Members of the beta-globin family. In humans, they are encoded in a gene cluster on CHROMOSOME 11. They include epsilon-globin, gamma-globin, delta-globin and beta-globin. There is also a pseudogene of beta (theta-beta) in the gene cluster. Adult HEMOGLOBIN is comprised of two ALPHA-GLOBIN chains and two beta-globin chains.

Members of the alpha-globin family. In humans, they are encoded in a gene cluster on CHROMOSOME 16. They include zeta-globin and alpha-globin. There are also pseudogenes of zeta (theta-zeta) and alpha (theta-alpha) in the cluster. Adult HEMOGLOBIN is comprised of 2 alpha-globin chains and 2 beta-globin chains.

Screens which absorb the energy in the x-ray beam that has penetrated the patient and convert this energy into a light pattern which has as nearly as possible the same information as the original x-ray beam. The more light a screen produces for a given input of x-radiation, the less x-ray exposure and thus shorter exposure time are needed to expose the film. In most film-screen systems, the film is sandwiched between two screens in a cassette so that the emulsion on each side is exposed to the light from its contiguous screen.

A cluster of FLOWERS (as opposed to a solitary flower) arranged on a main stem of a plant.

A cluster of convoluted capillaries beginning at each nephric tubule in the kidney and held together by connective tissue.

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