Shear-Jammed, Fragile, and Steady States in Homogeneously Strained Granular Materials.

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Summary of "Shear-Jammed, Fragile, and Steady States in Homogeneously Strained Granular Materials."

We study the jamming phase diagram of sheared granular material using a novel Couette shear setup with a multiring bottom. The setup uses small basal friction forces to apply a volume-conserving linear shear with no shear band to a granular system composed of frictional photoelastic discs. The setup can generate arbitrarily large shear strain due to its circular geometry, and the shear direction can be reversed, allowing us to measure a feature that distinguishes shear-jammed from fragile states. We report systematic measurements of the stress, strain, and contact network structure at phase boundaries that have been difficult to access by traditional experimental techniques, including the yield stress curve and the jamming curve close to ϕ_{SJ}≈0.75, the smallest packing fraction supporting a shear-jammed state. We observe fragile states created under large shear strain over a range of ϕ<ϕ_{SJ}. We also find a transition in the character of the quasistatic steady flow centered around ϕ_{SJ} on the yield curve as a function of packing fraction. Near ϕ_{SJ}, the average contact number, fabric anisotropy, and nonrattler fraction all show a change of slope. Above ϕ_{F}≈0.7 the steady flow shows measurable deviations from the basal linear shear profile, and above ϕ_{b}≈0.78 the flow is localized in a shear band.


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Name: Physical review letters
ISSN: 1079-7114
Pages: 158001


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Specific loci that show up during KARYOTYPING as a gap (an uncondensed stretch in closer views) on a CHROMATID arm after culturing cells under specific conditions. These sites are associated with an increase in CHROMOSOME FRAGILITY. They are classified as common or rare, and by the specific culture conditions under which they develop. Fragile site loci are named by the letters "FRA" followed by a designation for the specific chromosome, and a letter which refers to which fragile site of that chromosome (e.g. FRAXA refers to fragile site A on the X chromosome. It is a rare, folic acid-sensitive fragile site associated with FRAGILE X SYNDROME.)

The internal resistance of a material to moving some parts of it parallel to a fixed plane, in contrast to stretching (TENSILE STRENGTH) or compression (COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH). Ionic crystals are brittle because, when subjected to shear, ions of the same charge are brought next to each other, which causes repulsion.

A RNA-binding protein that is found predominately in the CYTOPLASM. It helps regulate GENETIC TRANSLATION in NEURONS and is absent or under-expressed in FRAGILE X SYNDROME.

An increased number of contiguous trinucleotide repeats in the DNA sequence from one generation to the next. The presence of these regions is associated with diseases such as FRAGILE X SYNDROME and MYOTONIC DYSTROPHY. Some CHROMOSOME FRAGILE SITES are composed of sequences where trinucleotide repeat expansion occurs.

White blood cells. These include granular leukocytes (BASOPHILS; EOSINOPHILS; and NEUTROPHILS) as well as non-granular leukocytes (LYMPHOCYTES and MONOCYTES).

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