Silk fibroin promotes mineralization of gellan gum hydrogels.

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Summary of "Silk fibroin promotes mineralization of gellan gum hydrogels."

Mineralization is a natural process leading to the formation of mineralized tissue such as bone. The chief mineral component of bone is hydroxyapatite (HAp), which is deposited using an organic template like fibrillar Collagen I under physiological condition. Fibrous silk fibroin is structurally homologous to collagen and acts as nucleation site for HAp mineralization when immersed in simulated body fluid (SBF) or fetal bovine serum (FBS), therefore, considered as popular bone regeneration biomaterial. Hence, the mineralization behavior of silk fibroin self-assembled gellan gum enriched 3D spongy-like hydrogels is investigated under conditions closer to physiological ones using SBF as well as FBS, and also in presence of cells (e.g. human adipose tissue-derived stem cells, ASCs). Incorporation of silk fibroin induces the mineralization in acellular spongy-like hydrogels in composition dependent manner, confirmed by SEM-EDS analysis. In contrast, ASCs mediated mineralization is found in all spongy-like hydrogel compositions of 3 weeks post-culture under osteogenic conditions as demonstrated by gene expression profile analysis and Alizarin Red S staining. This is perhaps due to the co-existence of fibroin and FBS together induce cell-mediated mineralization. The blending of fibroin offers cheap alternative strategy to improve or guide the repair of mineralized tissue using gellan gum-based biomaterials.


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Name: International journal of biological macromolecules
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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

A serine-rich sticky protein secreted by MOTHS. Generally, the term refers to silkworm silk gum protein secreted in the middle section of silk gland cells of SILKWORMS, Bombyx mori. Sericin acts as a cement and coating for the two fibroin filaments in a silk strand and is readily soluble in mild alkaline solution.

Fibrous proteins secreted by INSECTS and SPIDERS. Generally, the term refers to silkworm fibroin secreted by the silk gland cells of SILKWORMS, Bombyx mori. Spider fibroins are called spidroins or dragline silk fibroins

A non-essential amino acid. It is found primarily in gelatin and silk fibroin and used therapeutically as a nutrient. It is also a fast inhibitory neurotransmitter.

A biomineral consisting of layers of crystalized ARAGONITE, separated by interlamellar layers of organic matrix containing beta-CHITIN, and surrounded by an intercrystalline organic membrane of silk fibroin. Nacre is the iridescent substance better known as mother-of-pearl that is secreted by MOLLUSCS.

Water swollen, rigid, 3-dimensional network of cross-linked, hydrophilic macromolecules, 20-95% water. They are used in paints, printing inks, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. (Grant & Hackh's Chemical Dictionary, 5th ed)

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