Molecular Dynamics and Neutron Scattering Studies of Potassium Chloride in Aqueous Solution.

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Summary of "Molecular Dynamics and Neutron Scattering Studies of Potassium Chloride in Aqueous Solution."

Neutron Diffraction with Isotopic Substitution (NDIS) experiments were done on both natural abundance potassium and isotopically-labeled 41KCl heavy water solutions to characterize the solvent structuring around the potassium ion in water. Preliminary measurements suggested that the literature value for the coherent neutron scattering length (2.69 fm) for 41K was significantly in error. This value was re-measured using a neutron powder diffractometer and found to be 2.40 fm. This revision increases significantly the contrast between the natural abundance K and 41K by about 30% (from 1.0 fm to 1.3fm). The experimentally determined structure factor of the potassium ion was then compared to that calculated from molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. Previous neutron scattering measurements of potassium gave a solvation number of 5.5 (see below). In this study the NDIS and MD results are in good agreement and allowed us to derive a coordination number of 6.1 for water molecules and 0.8 for chloride ions around each K+ ion in 4 molal aqueous KCl solution.


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Name: The journal of physical chemistry. B
ISSN: 1520-5207


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Scattering of a beam of electromagnetic or acoustic RADIATION, or particles, at small angles by particles or cavities whose dimensions are many times as large as the wavelength of the radiation or the de Broglie wavelength of the scattered particles. Also know as low angle scattering. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed) Small angle scattering (SAS) techniques, small angle neutron (SANS), X-ray (SAXS), and light (SALS, or just LS) scattering, are used to characterize objects on a nanoscale.

A subclass of symporters that specifically transport SODIUM CHLORIDE and POTASSIUM CHLORIDE across cellular membranes in a tightly coupled process.

Agents that inhibit SODIUM-POTASSIUM-CHLORIDE SYMPORTERS which are concentrated in the thick ascending limb at the junction of the LOOP OF HENLE and KIDNEY TUBULES, DISTAL. They act as DIURETICS. Excess use is associated with HYPOKALEMIA and HYPERGLYCEMIA.

Measurement of light given off by fluorescein in order to assess the integrity of various ocular barriers. The method is used to investigate the blood-aqueous barrier, blood-retinal barrier, aqueous flow measurements, corneal endothelial permeability, and tear flow dynamics.

The scattering of NEUTRONS by matter, especially crystals, with accompanying variation in intensity due to interference effects. It is useful in CRYSTALLOGRAPHY and POWDER DIFFRACTION.

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