Nano-Ghosts: Biomimetic Membranal Vesicles, Technology and Characterization.

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Summary of "Nano-Ghosts: Biomimetic Membranal Vesicles, Technology and Characterization."

Currently, nano-carriers for anti-cancer drug delivery are complex systems, which struggle with immunogenicity and enhanced permeability effect (EPR)-related problems that halt the clinical translation of many therapeutics. Consequently, a rapidly growing field of research has been focusing on biomimetic nano-vesicles (BNVs) as an effective delivery alternative. Nevertheless, the translation of many BNVs is limited due to scalability problems, inconsistent production process, and insufficient loading efficiency. Here we discuss the process of our previously published BNVs, termed Nano-Ghosts (NGs), which are produced from the membrane of mesenchymal stem cells. We demonstrate the flexibility of the process, while alternating physical methodologies (sonication or extrusion) to produce the NGs while preserving their desired characteristics. We also show that our NGs can be labeled using multiple methods (fluorescence, radiolabeling, and genetic engineering) for tracking and diagnostic purposes. Lastly, we demonstrate that the loading efficiency can be improved by using electroporation to accommodate a range of therapeutics (small molecules, peptides and DNA) that can be delivered by the NGs. Our results emphasize the robustness of the NGs technology, its versatility and a vast range of applications, differentiating it from other BNVs and leading the way towards clinical translation.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

The application of scientific knowledge or technology to the field of radiology. The applications center mostly around x-ray or radioisotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes but the technological applications of any radiation or radiologic procedure is within the scope of radiologic technology.

An office established to help Congress participate and plan for the consequences of uses of technology. It provided information on both the beneficial and adverse effects of technological applications. The Office of Technology Assessment closed on September 29, 1995.

Vesicles formed when cell-membrane coated pits (COATED PITS, CELL-MEMBRANE) invaginate and pinch off. The outer surface of these vesicles is covered with a lattice-like network of the protein CLATHRIN. Shortly after formation, however, the clathrin coat is removed and the vesicles are referred to as ENDOSOMES.

The application of technology to the solution of medical problems.

The technology of transmitting light over long distances through strands of glass or other transparent material.

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