Comprehensive RNA-Seq analysis of notochord-enriched genes induced during Xenopus tropicalis tail resorption.

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Summary of "Comprehensive RNA-Seq analysis of notochord-enriched genes induced during Xenopus tropicalis tail resorption."

Anuran metamorphosis is perhaps the most dramatic developmental process regulated by thyroid hormone (TH). One of the unique processes that occur during metamorphosis is the complete resorption of the tail, including the notochord. Interestingly, recent gene knockout studies have shown that of the two known vertebrate TH receptors, TRα and TRβ, TRβ appears to be critical for notochord regression during tail resorption in Xenopus tropicalis. To determine the mechanisms underlying notochord regression, we carried out a comprehensive gene expression analysis in the notochord during metamorphosis by using RNA-Seq analyses of whole tail at stage 60 before any noticeable tail length reduction, whole tail at stage 63 when the tail length is reduced by about one half, and the rest of the tail at stage 63 after removing the notochord. This allowed us to identify many notochord-enriched, metamorphosis-induced genes at stage 63. Future studies on these genes should help to determine if they are regulated by TRβ and play any roles in notochord regression.


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A cartilaginous rod of mesodermal cells at the dorsal midline of all CHORDATE embryos. In lower vertebrates, notochord is the backbone of support. In the higher vertebrates, notochord is a transient structure, and segments of the vertebral column will develop around it. Notochord is also a source of midline signals that pattern surrounding tissues including the NEURAL TUBE development.

Proteins obtained from various species of Xenopus. Included here are proteins from the African clawed frog (XENOPUS LAEVIS). Many of these proteins have been the subject of scientific investigations in the area of MORPHOGENESIS and development.

Comprehensive, methodical analysis of complex biological systems by monitoring responses to perturbations of biological processes. Large scale, computerized collection and analysis of the data are used to develop and test models of biological systems.

The commonest and widest ranging species of the clawed "frog" (Xenopus) in Africa. This species is used extensively in research. There is now a significant population in California derived from escaped laboratory animals.

Prostaglandin-like compounds produced by free radical-induced peroxidation of DOCOSAHEXAENOIC ACIDS, which are highly enriched in the brain. Formation is analogous to ISOPROSTANES formation from ARACHIDONIC ACID.

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