Ultrasonic waves effect on S-shaped β-amyloids conformational dynamics by non-equilibrium molecular dynamics.

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Summary of "Ultrasonic waves effect on S-shaped β-amyloids conformational dynamics by non-equilibrium molecular dynamics."

Ultrasound-based technologies are widely adopted in the clinical practice. Recently, the ultrasound stable cavitation has been proposed as a strategy to destabilize amyloid aggregates in Alzheimer disease. However, the molecular mechanisms driving ultrasound-induced amyloid destabilization are not fully clarified yet. Here, molecular dynamics is applied to investigate in silico the conformational dynamics induced by ultrasound stable cavitation on S-shaped Aβ1-42 amyloid fibrils, which has been highlighted as a more stable architecture with respect to U-shaped Aβ1-42. The findings of the study suggested that ultrasound exposure could affect S-shaped aggregates folding dynamics and kinetics, with a marked dependence on the fibril polymorphism. More in detail, here we suggest that the molecular mechanisms of amyloid destabilization could be driven by residues not involved in defined secondary structures, with unstructured amyloid regions acting as source of instability for the overall fibril by opening a nanofracture able to propagate into the protein, until the complete unfolding of the molecular assembly takes place.


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Name: Journal of molecular graphics & modelling
ISSN: 1873-4243
Pages: 107518


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