The dynamics of shapes of vesicle membranes with time dependent spontaneous curvature.

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Summary of "The dynamics of shapes of vesicle membranes with time dependent spontaneous curvature."

We study the time evolution of the shape of a vesicle membrane under time-dependent spontaneous curvature by means of phase-field model. We introduce the variation in time of the spontaneous curvature via a second field which represents the concentration of a substance that anchors with the lipid bilayer thus changing the local curvature and producing constriction. This constriction is mediated by the action on the membrane of an structure resembling the role of a Z ring. Our phase-field model is able to reproduce a number of different shapes that have been experimentally observed. Different shapes are associated with different constraints imposed upon the model regarding conservation of membrane area. In particular, we show that if area is conserved our model reproduces the so-called L-form shape. By contrast, if the area of the membrane is allowed to grow, our model reproduces the formation of a septum in the vicinity of the constriction. Furthermore, we propose a new term in the free energy which allows the membrane to evolve towards eventual pinching.


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Name: PloS one
ISSN: 1932-6203
Pages: e0227562


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