A novel sandwich shaped {CoCoMo} cluster with a Co triangle encapsulated in two capped CoCoMoO fragments.

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Summary of "A novel sandwich shaped {CoCoMo} cluster with a Co triangle encapsulated in two capped CoCoMoO fragments."

A novel discrete {Co14Mo24} nanoscale cluster, {CoIII2CoII10Cl2(dpbt)3(H2O)2[CoIIMoV12O31(CH3O)9]2}·24CH3OH (1) (here, dpbt = 5,5'-di(pyridin-2-yl)-3,3'-bi(1,2,4-triazole)), with a triangular Co4 core encapsulated in two novel capped Co-substituted Keggin-type Co5Mo12O40 anions, has been isolated from alkaline methanol solution. The high-resolution electrospray ionization mass spectrum (HRESI-MS) of microcrystalline 1 in MeOH/CH2Cl2 (v : v = 2 : 1) was recorded. Two prominent overlapping peaks in the range of m/z = 2740-2840 and 1820-1880 for the discrete fragments of [CoIII2CoII12MoV24O62Cl2(dpbt)3(H2O)2(CH3O)x(OH)18-x-2H]2- (x = 9-18, F1) and [CoIII2CoII12MoV24O62Cl2(dpbt)3(H2O)2(CH3O)x(OH)19-x-2H]3- (x = 6-13, F2), respectively, are obtained, confirming the {Co14Mo24} composition in 1. In addition, weak anti-ferromagnetic interactions in 1 are observed.


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Name: Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)
ISSN: 1477-9234


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