Highly Efficient, Linear-Scaling Seminumerical Exact-Exchange Method for Graphic Processing Units.

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Summary of "Highly Efficient, Linear-Scaling Seminumerical Exact-Exchange Method for Graphic Processing Units."

We present a highly efficient and asymptotically linear-scaling graphic processing unit accelerated seminumerical exact-exchange method (sn-LinK). We go beyond our previous central processing unit-based method ( Laqua , H. ; Kussmann , J. ; Ochsenfeld , C. . 2018 , 14, 3451 - 3458 ) by employing our recently developed integral bounds ( Thompson , T. H. ; Ochsenfeld , C. . 2019 , 150, 044101 ) and high-accuracy numerical integration grid ( Laqua , H. ; Kussmann , J. ; Ochsenfeld , C. . 2018 , 149, 204111 ). The accuracy is assessed for several established test sets, providing errors significantly below 1m for the smallest grid. Moreover, a comprehensive performance analysis for large molecules between 62 and 1347 atoms is provided, revealing the outstanding performance of our method, in particular, for large basis sets such as the polarized quadruple-zeta level with diffuse functions.


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Name: Journal of chemical theory and computation
ISSN: 1549-9626


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Membrane proteins that allow the exchange of chloride ions for bicarbonate ions across the cellular membrane. The action of specific antiporters in this class serve important functions such as allowing the efficient exchange of bicarbonate across red blood cell membranes as they passage through capillaries and the reabsorption of bicarbonate ions by the kidney.

A ubiquitous membrane transport protein found in the plasma membrane of diverse cell types and tissues, and in nuclear, mitochondrial, and Golgi membranes. It is the major integral transmembrane protein of the erythrocyte plasma membrane, comprising 25% of the total membrane protein. It exists as a dimer and performs the important function of allowing the efficient transport of bicarbonate across erythrocyte cell membranes in exchange for chloride ion.

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