Design and Preparation of Carbon Nitride Based Amphiphilic Janus N-Doped Carbon/MoS2 Nanosheets for Interfacial Enzyme Nanoreactor.

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Summary of "Design and Preparation of Carbon Nitride Based Amphiphilic Janus N-Doped Carbon/MoS2 Nanosheets for Interfacial Enzyme Nanoreactor."

The Janus amphiphilic particles have gained much attention for their important application value in areas as diverse asinterfacial modification, sensors, drug delivery, optics and actuators. In this work, we prepared Janus amphiphilic nanosheets composed of nitrogen doped stratiform meso-macroporous carbons (NMC) and molybdenum sulfide (MoS2) for hydrophilic and hydrophobic side, respectively. The dicyandiamide and glucose were used as precursors for synthesizing two-dimensional nitrogen doped meso-macroporous carbons and the molybdate could be anchored by the functional groups, on the surface of carbon layers, then transform into uniformly MoS2 to form the Janus amphiphilic layer by layer NMC/MoS2 support. Transmission electron microscope (TEM),Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy, are used to demonstrate the successful preparation of Janus materials. As typical interfacial enzyme, Candida Rugosa lipase (CRL) immobilized on the Janus amphiphilic NMC/MoS2 support brought forth to improvement of its performance due to the Janus nanosheets can be easily attached on the oil-aqueous interface for better catalytic activity (interfacial activation of lipases). The obtained immobilized lipase (NMC/MoS2@CRL) exhibited satisfactory lipase-loading (193.1 mg protein per g), specific hydrolytic activity (95.76 U g-1), thermostability (at 55 °C, 84 % of the initial activity remained after 210 min), pH-flexibility and recyclability (60 % of the initial activity remained after 9 runs). In terms of its application, the esterification rate of using NMC/MoS2@CRL (75 %) is higher than NMC@CRL (20 %), MoS2@CRL (11.8 %) in "oil-water" biphase and CRL as well as NMC/MoS2@CRL in one-phase. Comparing with the free CRL, NMC@CRL and MoS2@CRL, the Janus amphiphilic NMC/MoS2 served as carrier exhibited more optimal performance and practicability.


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Name: ACS applied materials & interfaces
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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Nanometer-sized tubes composed of various substances including carbon (CARBON NANOTUBES), boron nitride, or nickel vanadate.

An approach, process, or methodology which emphasizes credible evidence and the best available scientific knowledge, judiciously integrated to achieve the best possible outcomes in structural design. For example, the design of a new OUTPATIENT CLINIC might incorporate a review of published research on outpatient clinic design, decisions on similar past projects, along with interviews with staff and consumers.

Agents that inhibit JANUS KINASES.

A Janus kinase subtype that is involved in signaling from GROWTH HORMONE RECEPTORS; PROLACTIN RECEPTORS; and a variety of CYTOKINE RECEPTORS such as ERYTHROPOIETIN RECEPTORS and INTERLEUKIN RECEPTORS. Dysregulation of Janus kinase 2 due to GENETIC TRANSLOCATIONS have been associated with a variety of MYELOPROLIFERATIVE DISORDERS.

Preparation for electron microscopy of minute replicas of exposed surfaces of the cell which have been ruptured in the frozen state. The specimen is frozen, then cleaved under high vacuum at the same temperature. The exposed surface is shadowed with carbon and platinum and coated with carbon to obtain a carbon replica.

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