Nano-photocurrent mapping of local electronic structure in twisted bilayer graphene.

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Summary of "Nano-photocurrent mapping of local electronic structure in twisted bilayer graphene."

We report a combined nano-photocurrent and infrared nanoscopy study of twisted bilayer graphene (TBG) enabling access to the local electronic phenomena at length scales as short as 20 nm. We show that the photocurrent changes sign at carrier densities tracking the local superlattice density of states of TBG. We use this property to identify domains of varying local twist angle by local photo-thermoelectric effect. Consistent with the photocurrent study, infrared nano-imaging experiments reveal optical conductivity features dominated by twist-angle dependent interband transitions. Our results provide a fast and robust method for mapping the electronic structure of TBG and suggest that similar methods can be broadly applied to probe electronic inhomogeneities of moiré superlattices in other van der Waals heterostructures.


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Name: Nano letters
ISSN: 1530-6992


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A left-handed double helix of DNA. Its name derives from its narrow zigzag structure that is the least twisted and thinnest form of DNA. Z-DNA forming regions within the GENOME may play an important role in GENE EXPRESSION REGULATION.

Methods used for studying the interactions of antibodies with specific regions of protein antigens. Important applications of epitope mapping are found within the area of immunochemistry.

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