An advanced in vitro model to assess glaucoma onset.

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Summary of "An advanced in vitro model to assess glaucoma onset."

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. Currently glaucoma treatments aim to lower IOP by decreasing aqueous humor production or increasing aqueous humor outflow through pharmacological approaches or trabeculectomy. However, the lack of effective cure requires new therapeutic strategies. In this regard, we compared the biological responses of a three-dimensional trabecular meshwork (TM) model with or w/o perfusion bi oreactor technology to better understand the early molecular changes induced by prolonged oxidative stress condition. Therefore, we obtained standard 3D cultures from the embedment of TM cells in Matrigel and they were cultured both under static and dynamic conditions. In this regard, we demonstrated that the constant medium nutrients supply, conferred by perfusion bioreactor, improved the adaptive behavior to chronic oxidative stress of 3D TM cultures via offsetting pathway activation.


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