Oxidative desulfurization of model oil over Ta-Beta zeolite synthesized via structural reconstruction.

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Summary of "Oxidative desulfurization of model oil over Ta-Beta zeolite synthesized via structural reconstruction."

As to metallosilicate zeolites, ions with larger size such as Ta in the gels greatly retarded their crystallization during the hydrothermal synthesis, affording long-winded synthesis periods, up-limited framework-substituted metal contents, or even frustrated outcome. An efficient hydrothermal synthesis strategy for metallosilicate, in this case of Ta framework-substituted *BEA zeolite, via structural reconstruction was proposed to stride the gap. The Ta content in our developed Ta-Beta-Re-50 zeolite achieved up to 5.48 % (Si/Ta = 52), breaking through the limitation of Ta contents for conventional method (Si/Ta > 100). Additionally, this Ta-Beta-Re zeolite possessed nanosized crystals (20-40 nm) and short crystallization time (8 h), significantly improving space-time yields of practical zeolite production. Through spectroscopic study, it was confirmed that the existence of zeolite structural units intensively facilitated the formation of nucleation and crystal growth. This innovative Ta-Beta zeolite demonstrated high catalytic performances for oxidation desulfurization, far outperforming traditional fluoride-mediated Ta-Beta-F, which was ascribed to its excellent diffusion properties and incredible high isolated Ta contents. Additionally, the catalytic performance of Ta-Beta-Re could be regenerated after simple calcination and the deactivation may be caused by pore blocking of organics. This work provides a new method for rationally design and construction of metallosilicate materials with high activity for catalytic oxidation applications, which can bridge the conceptual and technical gap between periodic trends and zeolite material synthesis.


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The genetic unit consisting of three structural genes, an operator and a regulatory gene. The regulatory gene controls the synthesis of the three structural genes: BETA-GALACTOSIDASE and beta-galactoside permease (involved with the metabolism of lactose), and beta-thiogalactoside acetyltransferase.

A factor synthesized in a wide variety of tissues. It acts synergistically with TGF-alpha in inducing phenotypic transformation and can also act as a negative autocrine growth factor. TGF-beta has a potential role in embryonal development, cellular differentiation, hormone secretion, and immune function. TGF-beta is found mostly as homodimer forms of separate gene products TGF-beta1, TGF-beta2 or TGF-beta3. Heterodimers composed of TGF-beta1 and 2 (TGF-beta1.2) or of TGF-beta2 and 3 (TGF-beta2.3) have been isolated. The TGF-beta proteins are synthesized as precursor proteins.

Statistical formulations or analyses which, when applied to data and found to fit the data, are then used to verify the assumptions and parameters used in the analysis. Examples of statistical models are the linear model, binomial model, polynomial model, two-parameter model, etc.

A subtype of transforming growth factor beta that is synthesized by a wide variety of cells. It is synthesized as a precursor molecule that is cleaved to form mature TGF-beta 1 and TGF-beta1 latency-associated peptide. The association of the cleavage products results in the formation a latent protein which must be activated to bind its receptor. Defects in the gene that encodes TGF-beta1 are the cause of CAMURATI-ENGELMANN SYNDROME.

Monocyclic, bacterially produced or semisynthetic beta-lactam antibiotics. They lack the double ring construction of the traditional beta-lactam antibiotics and can be easily synthesized.

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