Long noncoding RNA LINC00461 induced osteoarthritis progression by inhibiting miR-30a-5p.

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Summary of "Long noncoding RNA LINC00461 induced osteoarthritis progression by inhibiting miR-30a-5p."

Mounting studies have shown that long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) play important roles in the development and occurrence of several human diseases. However, the role of LINC00461 in osteoarthritis (OA) remains obscure. A CCK-8 assay was performed to detect cell viability, and qRT-PCR analysis was used to measure mRNA expression. The targeting by miR-30a-5p of the LINC00461 3'UTR was detected using a luciferase reporter assay. Our data indicated that the inflammatory mediators IL-6 and TNF-α induced LINC00461 expression in chondrocytes and that the expression of LINC00461 was upregulated in OA tissues. Furthermore, we showed that TNF-α and IL-6 suppressed the expression of miR-30a-5p and that miR-30a-5p expression was lower in OA tissues than in normal samples. The expression level of miR-30a-5p in OA tissues was negatively related to LINC00461 expression. In addition, we showed that LINC00461 directly interacted with miR-30a-5p in chondrocytes. Elevated expression of LINC00461 induced chondrocyte proliferation, cell cycle progression, inflammation, and extracellular matrix (ECM) degradation. However, we demonstrated that ectopic expression of miR-30a-5p suppressed cell growth, cell cycle progression, inflammation and ECM degradation. Finally, we found that overexpression of LINC00461 enhanced chondrocyte proliferation, cell cycle progression, inflammation, and ECM degradation by downregulating miR-30a-5p. These data demonstrated that LINC00461 may modulate the development of OA by suppressing miR-30a-5p expression in chondrocytes. We propose that LINC00461 and miR-30a-5p may be potential therapeutic and diagnostic targets for OA.


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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

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