Fermionic time-reversal symmetry in a photonic topological insulator.

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Summary of "Fermionic time-reversal symmetry in a photonic topological insulator."

Much of the recent attention directed towards topological insulators is motivated by their hallmark feature of protected chiral edge states. In electronic (or fermionic) topological insulators, these states originate from time-reversal symmetry and allow carriers with opposite spin-polarization to propagate in opposite directions at the edge of an insulating bulk. By contrast, photonic (or bosonic) systems are generally assumed to be precluded from supporting edge states that are intrinsically protected by time-reversal symmetry. Here, we experimentally demonstrate counter-propagating chiral states at the edge of a time-reversal-symmetric photonic waveguide structure. The pivotal step in our approach is the design of a Floquet driving protocol that incorporates effective fermionic time-reversal symmetry, enabling the realization of the photonic version of an electronic topological insulator. Our findings allow for fermionic properties to be harnessed in bosonic systems, thereby offering alternative opportunities for photonics as well as acoustics, mechanical waves and cold atoms.


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Name: Nature materials
ISSN: 1476-1122


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A congenital disorder of CHONDROGENESIS and OSTEOGENESIS characterized by hypoplasia of endochondral bones. In most cases there is a curvature of the long bones especially the TIBIA with dimpling of the skin over the bowed areas, malformation of the pelvis and spine, 11 pairs of ribs, hypoplastic scapulae, club feet, micrognathia, CLEFT PALATE, tracheobronchomalacia, and in some patients male-to-female sex reversal (SEX REVERSAL, GONADAL). Most patients die in the neonatal period of respiratory distress. Campomelic dysplasia is associated with haploinsufficiency of the SOX9 gene (SRY-related HMG-box gene 9).

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