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Tunable Meta-Liquid Crystals.

Added: 07:00 EST 8 Dec 2015

Meta-liquid crystals, a novel form of tunable 3D metamaterials, are proposed and experimentally demonstrated in the terahertz frequency regime. The morphology change under bias electric field and the strong modulation of transmission are observed. In comparison to conventional liquid crystals, there is considerable freedom to prescribe the electromagnetic properties through the judicious design of...

Fat grafting has been gaining attention in tissue augmentation over the past decade, not only for lipofilling, but also for its observed regenerative properties and overall skin texture improvement.

Charge-transfer materials based on the self-assembly of aromatic donor-acceptor complexes enable a modular organic-synthetic approach to develop and fine-tune electronic and optical properties, and thus these material systems stand to impact a wide range of technologies. Through laser-induction of temperature gradients, in this study, user-defined patterning of strongly dichroic and piezoelectric ...

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