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A Case of Long-Term Survival after Resection of Metachronous Metastases to the Liver and Lungs from Primary Rectal Cancer.

A 81-year-old man had undergone high anterior resection for rectalcancer in 20XX. Abdominalcomputed tomography (CT)showed an isolated shadow of 2 cm in size in the liver, 9 years after surgery for colorectal cancer. We performed liver S4 segmental resection and cholecystectomy. Histopathological examination confirmed liver metastases of rectal cancer. On examination of the liver metastasis 5 years after surgery, chest CT showed a shadow of 10mm in size in S6 of the left lung. We performed partialresection v...

Addressing Generic-Drug Market Failures - The Case for Establishing a Nonprofit Manufacturer.

Data Mining CMMSs: How to Convert Data into Knowledge.

Although the healthcare technology management (HTM) community has decades of accumulated medical device-related maintenance data, little knowledge has been gleaned from these data. Finding and extracting such knowledge requires the use of the well-established, but admittedly somewhat foreign to HTM, application of inferential statistics. This article sought to provide a basic background on inferential statistics and describe a case study of their application, limitations, and proper interpretation. The rese...

Emergency Manual Implementation in a Large Academic Anesthesia Practice: Strategy and Improvement in Performance on Critical Steps.

The use of cognitive aids, such as emergency manuals (EMs), improves team performance on critical steps during crisis events. In our large academic anesthesia practice, we sought to broadly implement an EM and subsequently evaluate team member performance on critical steps.

Step Numbers and Hoehn-Yahr Stage after Six Years.

Freezing of gait (FOG) has been linked to increased numbers of steps taken while walking. We tested the hypothesis that an increased number of steps associated with FOG might predict the exacerbation of the severity of Parkinson's disease (PD).

The effect of pond dyes on oviposition and survival in wild UK Culex mosquitoes.

British Culex pipiens complex [Culex pipiens sensu lato) mosquito distribution, abundance, and potential for disease transmission are intimately linked to their environment. Pond and lake dyes that block light to restrict algal photosynthesis are a relatively new product assumed to be an environmentally friendly since they are based on food dyes. Their use in urban garden ponds raises questions linked to mosquito oviposition, since coloured water can be an attractant. Culex (mostly pipiens) is commonly foun...

Sampling in schools and large institutional buildings: Implications for regulations, exposure and management of lead and copper.

Legacy lead and copper components are ubiquitous in plumbing of large buildings including schools that serve children most vulnerable to lead exposure. Lead and copper samples must be collected after varying stagnation times and interpreted in reference to different thresholds. A total of 130 outlets (fountains, bathroom and kitchen taps) were sampled for dissolved and particulate lead as well as copper. Sampling was conducted at 8 schools and 3 institutional (non-residential) buildings served by municipal ...

NEV supply chain coordination and sustainability considering sales effort and risk aversion under the CVaR criterion.

In a two-echelon new energy vehicle (NEV) supply chain consisting of a risk-neutral manufacturer and a risk-averse retailer, the coordination and sustainability problem is investigated. The risk-averse retailer, who makes sales effort and undertakes the incurred effort cost, decides the order quantity and sales effort level under the Conditional Value-at-Risk (CVaR) criterion. We derive the optimal centralized decisions of a vertically integrated supply chain where the retailer is owned by the manufacturer....

Incentive Policy Options for Product Remanufacturing: Subsidizing Donations or Resales?

Remanufactured products offer better environmental benefits, and governments encourage manufacturers to remanufacture through various subsidy policies. This practice has shown that, in addition to product sales, remanufactured product can also achieve its value through social donation. Based on the remanufactured product value realization approaches, governments provide two kinds of incentive policies, which are remanufactured product sales subsidies and remanufactured product donation subsidies. This paper...

In the Shadow of Giants: Challenges and Opportunities for the New Editor of Physiological Reviews.

Pathway design using de novo steps through uncharted biochemical spaces.

Existing retrosynthesis tools generally traverse production routes from a source to a sink metabolite using known enzymes or de novo steps. Generally, important considerations such as blending known transformations with putative steps, complexity of pathway topology, mass conservation, cofactor balance, thermodynamic feasibility, microbial chassis selection, and cost are largely dealt with in a posteriori fashion. The computational procedure we present here designs bioconversion routes while simultaneously ...

The Effect of Auditory Cueing on the Spatial and Temporal Gait Coordination in Healthy Adults.

Walk ratio, defined as step length divided by cadence, indicates the coordination of gait. During free walking, deviation from the preferential walk ratio may reveal abnormalities of walking patterns. The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of rhythmic auditory cueing (metronome) on the neuromotor control of gait at different walking speeds. Forty adults (mean age 26.6 ± 6.0 years) participated in the study. Gait characteristics were collected using a computerized walkway. In the preferred wal...

Increasing the efficiency of CPP-ACP to remineralize enamel white spot lesions.

To compare the remineralization efficacy of using the MI paste plus according to manufacturer's instructions to MI varnish and to using a modified method of MI-paste plus application.

Lithography-free resistance thermometry based technique to accurately measure Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity for organic and inorganic thin films.

We have developed a new and accurate technique to measure temperature dependent in-plane Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity of organic and inorganic thin films. The measurement device consists of one heater, two thermometers, and a four-probe configuration which is patterned on a substrate of choice using a simple shadow mask. The high resolution in temperature measurements and repeatability of resistance thermometry is leveraged while enabling simple implementation using only a shadow mask for...

Validity of wearable activity monitors for tracking steps and estimating energy expenditure during a graded maximal treadmill test.

The purpose of this study was to assess the accuracy of energy expenditure (EE) estimation and step tracking abilities of six activity monitors (AMs) in relation to indirect calorimetry and hand counted steps and assess the accuracy of the AMs between high and low fit individuals in order to assess the impact of exercise intensity. Fifty participants wore the Basis watch, Fitbit Flex, Polar FT7, Jawbone, Omron pedometer, and Actigraph during a maximal graded treadmill test. Correlations, intra-class correla...

Transition of Children with Neurological Disorders.

The goal of the article is to describe a systematic approach through core principles and steps for the transition of the patient with a neurological disorder to the adult model of care, to provide steps and principles to help receiving providers successfully integrate the patient into their practice, and to discuss cultural, systemic, and discipline-based barriers to transition.

Unraveling the Nature of Active Sites in Ethanol Electro-oxidation by Site-Specific Marking of a Pt Catalyst with Isotope-Labeled 13CO.

This works deals with the identification of preferential site-specific activation at a model Pt surface during a multi-product reaction. The (110)-type steps of a Pt(332) surface were selectively marked by attaching isotope-labeled 13CO molecules to them, and ethanol oxidation was probed by in situ FTIR in order to precisely determine the specific sites at which CO2, acetic acid, and acetaldehyde were preferentially formed. The (110) steps were active for splitting the C-C bond but, unexpectedly, we provide...

Achieving high value care for all and the perverse incentives of 340B price agreements.

Section 340B of the Public Health Service Act requires drug manufacturers to enter into price agreements with the Department of Health and Human Services. These agreements result in variation in the price paid to acquire a drug by sector, which complicates the price used in cost-effectiveness analyses. We describe the transactions and sectors in a 340B agreement using a multiple sclerosis drug. Cost-effectiveness estimates were calculated for the drug using drug prices from the manufacturer and payer perspe...

Actin, microtubule, septin and ESCRT filament remodeling during late steps of cytokinesis.

Cytokinesis is the process by which a mother cell is physically cleaved into two daughter cells. In animal cells, cytokinesis begins with the contraction of a plasma membrane-associated actomyosin ring that is responsible for the ingression of a cleavage furrow. However, the post-furrowing steps of cytokinesis are less understood. Here, we highlight key recent findings that reveal a profound remodeling of several classes of cytoskeletal elements and cytoplasmic filaments (septins, microtubules, actin and ES...

Use of Risk Model for Assessment of Residents' Perception of Complexity of Surgical Steps: Example of Modular Component Steps of Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery.

Quality improvement projects increasingly emphasize standardization of surgical work flow to optimize operative room efficiency. Removing special cause variability resulting from nonsurgical waste is an obvious target; however, resident surgical education must be maintained, even in the setting of process improvement.

Shadow study: randomized comparison of clinic with video follow-up in glioma undergoing adjuvant temozolomide therapy.

This study was designed with a primary objective to study the rate of agreement in treatment plan and decisions between video follow-up (VF) and conventional clinic follow-up (CF).

A Deprotonation Approach to the Unprecedented Amino-Trimethylenemethane Chemistry: Regio-, Diastereo-, and Enantioselective Synthesis of Complex Amino Cycles.

Here we report the first realization of the amino-trimethylenemethane chemistry. The approach employs a deprotonation strategy which simplified the synthesis of the amino- trimethylenemethane donor, requiring only two steps from commercial and inexpensive materials. A broad scope of cycloaddition acceptors (seven different classes) participated in the chemistry, chemo-, regio-, diastereo-, and enantioselectively, generating various types of highly valuable complex amino cycles. Multiple derivatization react...

Accelerometer-determined peak cadence and weight status in children from São Caetano do Sul, Brazil.

The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between peak cadence indicators and body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage (BF%)-defined weight status in children. The sample comprised 485 Brazilian children. Minute-by-minute step data from accelerometry were rank ordered for each day to identify the peak 1-minute, 30-minute and 60-minute cadence values. Data were described by BMI-defined and bioelectrical impedance-determined BF% weight status. BMI-defined normal weight children had high...

Time reference in nonfluent and fluent aphasia: a cross-linguistic test of the PAst DIscourse LInking Hypothesis.

Recent studies by Bastiaanse and colleagues found that time reference is selectively impaired in people with nonfluent agrammatic aphasia, with reference to the past being more difficult to process than reference to the present or to the future. To account for this dissociation, they formulated the PAst DIscourse LInking Hypothesis (PADILIH), which posits that past reference is more demanding than present/future reference because it involves discourse linking. There is some evidence that this hypothesis can...

A scoping study of frameworks for adapting public health evidence-based interventions.

Evidence-based public health translation of research to practice is essential to improve the public's health. Dissemination and implementation researchers have explored what happens once practitioners adopt evidence-based interventions (EBIs) and have developed models and frameworks to describe the adaptation process. This scoping study identified and summarized adaptation frameworks in published reports and grey literature. We followed the recommended steps of a scoping study: (a) identifying the research ...

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