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Randomized Clinical Trial of a Clinical Decision Support Tool for Improving the Appropriateness Scores for Ordering Imaging Studies in Primary and Specialty Care Ambulatory Clinics.

The objective of our study was to evaluate whether the use of a clinical decision support (CDS) tool improved the appropriateness scores of orders for advanced imaging in clinical practice. We used a stepped-wedge, cluster randomized clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a CDS tool in an integrated health care system. Clinicians entered structured indications for each CT and MRI order, and the indications were electronically scored against appropriateness criteria to assign an appropriateness sco...

Clinical Decision Support: Opportunity or Armageddon?

The objective of this article is to discuss clinical decision support (CDS) and the article by Palen and colleagues in this issue of . The Palen et al. study provides strong evidence to date that CDS can lead to improvement in imaging appropriateness scores. However, the relevance of appropriateness scores in clinical practice is unknown CDS is potentially highly disruptive to work-flow, and therefore research into its true impact on clinical care is essential.

Analysis of genetic recombination and the pan-genome of a highly recombinogenic bacteriophage species.

Bacteriophages are the most prevalent biological entities impacting on the ecosystem and are characterized by their extensive diversity. However, there are two aspects of phages that have remained largely unexplored: genetic flux by recombination between phage populations and characterization of specific phages in terms of the pan-genome. Here, we examined the recombination and pan-genome in Helicobacter pylori prophages at both the genome and gene level. In the genome-level analysis, we applied, for the fi...

Natural Vertical Transmission of Zika Virus in Larval Aedes aegypti Populations, Morelos, Mexico.

We characterized natural vertical transmission of Zika virus in pools of Aedes aegypti larvae hatched from eggs collected in Jojutla, Morelos, Mexico. Of the 151 pools analyzed, 17 tested positive for Zika virus RNA; infectious Zika virus was successfully isolated from 1 of the larvae pools (31N) in C6/36 cells. Real-time quantitative PCR and indirect immunofluorescence assays confirmed the identity of the isolate, named Zika virus isolate 31N; plaque assays in Vero cells demonstrated the isolate's infectiv...

Artyfechinostomum sufrartyfex Trematode Infections in Children, Bihar, India.

Eating raw or insufficiently cooked mollusks is a known risk factor for human echinostomiasis. We confirmed identification of Artyfechinostomum sufrartyfex trematodes as the causative agent of disease among 170 children in northern Bihar, India. We also identified the snail Pila globosa as a potential source of infections in the study area.

Inkjet-printed co-continuous mesoporous oxides for high-current power transistors.

Limited printing resolution has always been a major hindrance for printed electronics; irrespective of the high mobility demonstrated by solution-processed semiconductors, long-channel printed field-effect transistors (FETs) have demonstrated low On-state conductance and switching speeds. Although various concepts have been proposed to obtain narrow-channel printed FETs, the actual demonstration of high On-currents/channel conductance has been rare. In this context, herein, we report a general recipe to pri...

Associations between bone impact microindentation and clinical risk factors for fracture.

Impact microindentation (IMI) measures bone material strength index (BMSi) in vivo. However, clinical risk factors that affect BMSi are largely unknown. This study investigated associations between BMSi and clinical risk factors for fracture in men. BMSi was measured using the OsteoProbe in 357 men (ages 33-96yr) from the Geelong Osteoporosis Study. Risk factors included age, weight, height, body mass index (BMI), femoral neck BMD, parental hip fracture, prior fracture, type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), seco...

Cranial Nerve Stimulator for Adolescents With IBS.

Association Between Time to Treatment With Endovascular Reperfusion Therapy and Outcomes in Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke Treated in Clinical Practice.

Randomized clinical trials suggest benefit of endovascular-reperfusion therapy for large vessel occlusion in acute ischemic stroke (AIS) is time dependent, but the extent to which it influences outcome and generalizability to routine clinical practice remains uncertain.

Saliva real time polymerase chain reaction for targeted screening of congenital cytomegalovirus infection.

Saliva real time (RT)-polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was shown to be sensitive and specific for the detection of cCMV in universal screening studies. Here, we assessed the performance of saliva RT-PCR in neonates undergoing targeted cCMV screening.

Generic Ledipasvir-Sofosbuvir Treatment for Adolescents With Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection.

We assessed the safety and efficacy of a generic form of ledipasvir-sofosbuvir for the treatment of hepatitis C virus infection in Egyptian adolescents and compared the results with those of treatment with the brand-named form. The generic form resulted in a high response rate, significant improvement in liver function, and mild adverse effects. These results are comparable with those of the brand form at a reduced price.

Visual short-term memory activation patterns in adult survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common childhood cancer. Treatments against ALL might lead to later cognitive effects and alterations in brain structure in survivors but to the authors' knowledge the observed variability in the severity of neurocognitive deficits is not fully understood. The objective of the current study was to investigate abnormalities in visual short-term memory (VSTM) brain activation in survivors of childhood ALL using magnetoencephalography.

Trait-based functional dietary analysis provides a better insight into the foraging ecology of bats.

1.The degree of trophic specialization determines the ability of predators to cope with changing foraging conditions, but in predators that prey on hundreds of species it is challenging to assess, especially when prey identity varies among predator individuals and across space and time. 2.Here, we test the hypothesis that a bat species foraging on flying insects like moths will show ample flexibility in trophic niche, and this irrespective of phylogenetic relationships among moths, so as to cope with a high...

Long-term responses of desert ant assemblages to climate.

Productivity is a key driver of ecosystem structure and function, so long-term studies are critical to understanding ecosystems with high temporal variation in productivity. In some deserts, productivity, driven by moisture availability, varies immensely over time (rainfall) and space (landscape factors). At high productivity, species richness is expected to be driven in opposing directions by abundance (More Individuals Hypothesis - MIH) and competition. While studies investigating the impacts of spatial v...

Association between abdominal aortic calcification, bone mineral density and fracture in older women.

Although a relationship between vascular disease and osteoporosis has been recognized, its clinical importance for fracture risk evaluation remains uncertain. Abdominal aortic calcification (AAC), a recognized measure of vascular disease detected on single-energy images performed for vertebral fracture assessment, may also identify increased osteoporosis risk. In a prospective 10-year study of 1,024 older predominantly Caucasian women (mean age 75.0±2.6 years) from the Perth Longitudinal Study of Aging coh...

A multistate model for early decision-making in oncology.

The development of oncology drugs progresses through multiple phases, where after each phase, a decision is made about whether to move a molecule forward. Early phase efficacy decisions are often made on the basis of single-arm studies based on a set of rules to define whether the tumor improves ("responds"), remains stable, or progresses (response evaluation criteria in solid tumors [RECIST]). These decision rules are implicitly assuming some form of surrogacy between tumor response and long-term endpoints...

Overexpressed IGFBP5 promotes cell proliferation and inhibits apoptosis of nucleus pulposus derived from rats with disc degeneration through inactivating the ERK/MAPK axis.

It is previously suggested that insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs) potentially share an association with disc degeneration (DD) that causes back pain. This study aimed at exploring the functional relevance of IGFBP5 in DD by establishing a rat model of DD. The nucleus pulposus (NP) cells were transduced with IGFBP5-shRNA or IGFBP5 overexpression to determine the cellular processes (proliferation, apoptosis, as well as colony formation). The protein levels of apoptosis-related proteins were...

Molecular docking studies of chloroquine and its derivatives against P23 domain of chikungunya virus: Implication in designing of novel therapeutic strategies.

The arthropod-transmitted chikungunya virus has emerged as an epidemic menace that causes debilitating polyarthritis. With this life-threatening impact on humans, the possible treatment requires to cure the viral infectivity. But, devoid of any vaccine against the chikungunya virus (CHIKV), there is a need to develop a novel chemotherapeutic strategy to treat this noxious infection. CHIKV carries highly compact P23 structure that possesses potential RNA-binding surface domains which extremely influences the...

Interesting response of narrow QRS tachycardia to early coupled ventricular extra stimulus.

A 43-year-old lady presented with history of recurrent palpitations. During one of the episodes of palpitation a narrow QRS tachycardia was recorded and it was reported to be terminated with intravenous adenosine. The 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) showed no manifest ventricular preexcitation. Echocardiogram was within normal limits. Patient underwent an electrophysiology study after informed consent. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Evaluation of neuroprotective activity of digoxin and semisynthetic derivatives against partial chemical ischemia.

Recently, cardiotonic steroids (CTS) have been shown to lead to the activation of Na,K-ATPase at low concentrations in brain, promoting neuroprotection against ischemia. We report here the results of the use of digoxin and its semisynthetic derivatives BD-14, BD-15, and BD-16 against partial chemical ischemic induction followed by reperfusion in murine neuroblastoma cells neuro-2a (N2a). For chemical ischemic induction, sodium azide (5 mM) was used for 5 hours, and then reperfusion was induced for 24 ...

Gold(I) Complexes Stabilized by Nine- and Ten-Membered N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands.

Nine- and ten-membered N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands have been developed and for the first time their gold(I) complexes are synthesized. The protonated NHC pro-ligands 2a-h were prepared by the reaction of readily available N,N'-diarylformamidines with bis-electrophilic building blocks, followed by anion exchange. In-situ deprotonation of the tetrafluoroborates 2a-h with tBuOK in the presence of AuCl(SMe2) provided fast access to NHC-gold(I) complexes 3-10. These new NHC-gold(I) complexes show very g...

Complementation of dopaminergic signaling by Pitx3-GDNF synergy induces dopamine secretion by multipotent Ntera2 cells.

Human teratocarcinoma cell line Ntera2 (NT2) expresses dopamine signals and has shown its safe profile for clinical applications. Attempts to restore complete dopaminergic (DAergic) phenotype enabling these cells to secrete dopamine have not been fully successful so far. We applied a blend of gene transfer techniques and a defined medium to convert NT2 cells to fully DAergic. The cells were primarily engineered to overexpress the Pitx3 gene product and then cultured in a growth medium supplemented with knoc...

LncRNA SNHG15 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression by sponging miR-141-3p.

Small nucleolar RNA host gene 15 (SNHG15) is a long noncoding RNA (lncRNA), which promotes progression of multiple cancers. Its specific function in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), however, is uncertain. The aims of our study were, therefore, to explore the role of SNHG15 in HCC. SNHG15 and miR-141-3p expression were assessed via quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) in 58 paired HCC samples and adjacent matched adjacent normal tissues. CCK-8 assay, flow cytometric examination, and wound healing/invasion ass...

Influence of storage time and processing on chemical composition and in vitro ruminal fermentation of olive cake.

Olive oil extraction generates olive cake (OC) that could be used in ruminant feeding. However, the chemical composition of OC is affected by multiple factors, being therefore highly variable. The objective of this study was to analyse the influence of storage time and further processing: crude, exhausted (subjected to a second oil extraction) and cyclone (obtained from a cyclone separator) on nutritive value of OC samples. Twelve samples (six crude and six exhausted) were obtained monthly from the same pon...

Mining Hidden Information in the P Waves.

One of the most essential tests in contemporary medical practice is the 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), a tool whose rich history parallels its diagnostic and prognostic yield. The pioneering electrochemical and biophysical investigations of Drs. Luigi Galvani, Augustus Waller, and Sir Thomas Lewis, among many others, ultimately led to Willem Einthoven's epochal report on the clinical applications of the ECG. As we approach the centennial of Einthoven's Nobel prize, the ECG continues engender basic and cli...

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