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Adoption and implementation of HPV self-collection sampling by CHWs in Jujuy, Argentina.

To evaluate adoption and implementation of scaling up of HPV self-collection (SC) strategy offered doorto-door by Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Jujuy, Argentina.

The mental health users' movement in Argentina from the perspective of Latin American Collective Health.

The mental health users' movement is a worldwide phenomenon that seeks to resist disempowerment and marginalisation of people living with mental illness. The Latin American Collective Health movement sees the mental health users' movement as an opportunity for power redistribution and for autonomous participation. The present paper aims to analyze the users' movement in Argentina from a Collective Health perspective, by tracing the history of users' movement in the Country. A heterogeneous research team use...

Genetic diversity, phylogeography and molecular clock of the Lutzomyia longipalpis complex (Diptera: Psychodidae).

The Lutzomyia longipalpis complex has a wide but discontinuous distribution in Latin America, extending throughout the Neotropical realm between Mexico and northern Argentina and Uruguay. In the Americas, this sandfly is the main vector of Leishmania infantum, the parasite responsible for Visceral Leishmaniasis (VL). The Lu. longipalpis complex consist of at least four sibling species, however, there is no current consensus on the number of haplogroups, or on their divergence. Particularly in Argentina, the...

Araucaria lefipanensis (Araucariaceae), a new species with dimorphic leaves from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina.

We describe a new araucarian species, Araucaria lefipanensis, from the Late Cretaceous flora of the Lefipán Formation, in Patagonia (Argentina) based on reproductive and vegetative remains, with a combination of characters that suggest mosaic evolution in the Araucaria lineage.

Assessment of delirium using the PRE-DELIRIC model in an intensive care unit in Argentina.

To describe the incidence of and risk factors for delirium in the intensive care unit of a tertiary care teaching hospital in Argentina and to conduct the first non-European study exploring the performance of the PREdiction of DELIRium in ICu patients (PRE-DELIRIC) model.

Clinical, radiological, and auxological characteristics of patients with cleidocranial dysplasia followed in a pediatric referral hospital in Argentina.

Cleidocranial dysplasia is an autosomal dominant skeletal dysplasia caused by mutations in the RUNX2 gene; its prevalence has been estimated at 1/1 000 000 newborn infants. This study presents 37 patients (22 girls) assessed between 1992 and 2016 at the Skeletal Dysplasias Multidisciplinary Clinics of Hospital Garrahan, Argentina.

Variables associated with the prevalence of anti-Leishmania spp. antibodies in dogs on the tri-border of Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil.

The aim of this study was to investigate the occurrence of anti-Leishmania spp. antibodies in dogs from localities in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná state, Brazil, on the border with Argentina and Paraguay. Blood samples dogs were collected to perform the following serologic tests: immunochromatographic DPP® rapid test, indirect immunoenzymatic assay (ELISA) and indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA). In 2012, 285 dogs were analyzed on Argentina border, and in 2013, serum samples from 396 dogs on the...

NK cell-mediated anti-leukemia cytotoxicity is enhanced using a NKG2D ligand MICA and anti-CD20 scfv chimeric protein.

Natural killer (NK) cells are important innate cytotoxic lymphocytes that have potential in treatment of leukemia. Engagement of NKG2D receptor on NK cells enhances the target cytotoxicity. Here we produced a fusion protein consisting of the extracellular domain of the NKG2D ligand MICA and the anti-CD20 single-chain variable fragment (scfv). This recombinant protein is capable of binding both NK cells and CD20 tumor cells. Using a human NKG2D reporter cell system we developed, we showed that this fusion pr...

First morphological and molecular analysis of Eucoleus boehmi like eggs in dogs from Argentina.

The canid parasites Eucoleus aerophilus (syn. Capillaria aerophila) and Eucoleus boehmi (syn. Capillaria boehmi) parasitize the lower and the upper respiratory tract, respectively. Reports and descriptions of these nematodes are scarce in Argentina, possibly due to misdiagnosis of morphologically similar trichuroids eggs, and the lack of knowledge about the species of Eucoleus in this geographical area. Scanning electron microscopy is a useful tool for identification of E. boehmi eggs based on the character...

Analysis of 21 X-chromosome polymorphisms in urban and rural populations in Salta province (north-western Argentina).

Population genetic data for 21 X-chromosome markers (Alu insertions and STRs) are reported for two populations (rural and urban) in Salta province (north-western Argentina). New variants are described, confirming the complexity and variability of some markers in this set. Results reveal Salta populations harbor a high Native American component, despite their self-recognized European ancestry. Notwithstanding the high genetic similarity of both populations, the rural sample seems to have maintained a larger ...

Debido al incremento de casos de microcefalia por virus Zika en Brasil el Ministerio de Salud de Argentina recomienda incrementar la vigilancia de esta malformación. A fin de profundizar el conocimiento del comportamiento epidemiológico de microcefalia en el país se analiza la mortalidad infantil por microcefalia entre 1998-2012. Los datos proceden de la Dirección de Estadísticas e Información de Salud (DEIS). Se calculó por provincias y regiones la tasa de mortalidad infantil por microcefalia (TMI-M...

Flexible, fatigue-free and large-scale Bi3.25La0.75Ti3O12 ferroelectric memories.

The flexible, fatigue-free, large-scale, and nonvolatile memory is an emerging technological goal in a variety of fields, including electronic skins, wearable devices, and other flexible electronics. The perovskite oxide films deposited on rigid substrates (e.g. Si and SrTiO3) at 500~700 oC and >1.0 Pa oxygen ambience have been widely used in electronic industries. However, their applications in flexible electronics become challenging if not impossible. Here, the Bi3.25La0.75Ti3O12 ferroelectric films with ...

Tegumentary leishmaniasis and sandflies in a border area between Argentina and Bolivia.

Some sand flies are of medical importance because they are vectors of Leishmania parasites that are responsible for leishmaniasis. The aim of this study was to make a retrospective epidemiological analysis of tegumentary leishmaniasis (TL), to identify Leishmania spp. from patient isolates and to describe the diversity of sand flies from a border area between Bolivia and Argentina.

El síndrome de Sjögren primario es una enfermedad autoinmune sistémica de evolución crónica. Puede presentar compromiso renal hasta en un 30% de los pacientes.La incidencia de tubulopatías varía de 2.6 a 33%. Se manifiestan por defectos en la concentración de la orina y alteraciones hidroelectrolíticas, principalmente acidosis tubular distal y de manera excepcional acidosis tubular proximal. Estos trastornos pueden asociarse a Nefrocalcinosis y litiasis renal. Reportamos el caso de una paciente con...

Exposure to tobacco in video games and smoking among gamers in Argentina.

Our objective was to assess whether exposure to tobacco in video games is associated with smoking among adolescent gamers from Argentina.

Prevalence of high blood pressure among schoolchildren from Córdoba, Argentina, and its relation to socioeconomic status.

Prior studies conducted in Argentina found variable prevalence rates of high blood pressure (HBP) among children using different measurement methods. The objective of this study was to know the prevalence of HBP among schoolchildren from the city of Córdoba and its relation to sex, nutritional status, socioeconomic status (SES), and level of maternal education.

Suspected poisoning in beef cattle from ingestion of Prosopis nigra pods in north-western Argentina.

The aim of this paper was to present the first report of Prosopis nigra poisoning of cattle in Argentina. Outbreaks occurred in five farms located in Salta and Santiago del Estero provinces. All animals were examined, euthanized and necropsied. Clinical signs included tongue protrusion, twitches and tremors of muscles of mastication, weight loss and lethargy. Severe atrophy of the masseter, buccinator and lingual muscles was observed, along with neuronal vacuolation in the nuclei of the trigeminal, facial, ...

The exotic jumping snail Ovachlamys fulgens (Gude, 1900) (Gastropoda: Helicarionidae) in urban areas of the Upper-Paraná Atlantic Forest.

The exotic land gastropod Ovachlamys fulgens (Gude, 1900), aka the jumping snail, was registered in Eldorado city, Misiones province, constituting the first documented record of that species in Argentina-and for all of South America as well. Identities of the individuals were confirmed through morphological examination, and by a DNA sequencing of the cytochrome oxidase subunit I gene. DNA sequences for the mitochondrial 16S-rRNA and the nuclear 18S-rRNA genes were also obtained from the morphologically-conf...

Stroke Epidemiology in Argentina. Design of a Population-Based Study in General Villegas (EstEPA).

Epidemiological data on stroke is scarce in Latin America. Estudio Epidemiológico Poblacional sobre Accidente Cerebrovascular (EstEPA) is a population-based program planned to assess prevalence, incidence, mortality, and burden of disease for stroke in the Department of General Villegas, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Late eugenics in Argentina and its family stereotype, second half of the twentieth century.

This article seeks to outline the main features of the stereotype of family promoted by the emblematic institution of the Argentine eugenics movement, the Argentine Eugenics Society (Sociedad Argentina de Eugenesia), an organization founded in 1945 that remained active in the country until the 1970s. It explores the conduct expected both of the man/husband and of the woman/wife, and shows the principal behaviors required to constitute the ideal family, the outlines of which were based on set of sexual moral...

Performance of the Pediatric Index of Mortality 3 Score in PICUs in Argentina: A Prospective, National Multicenter Study.

To assess the performance of the Pediatric Index of Mortality 3 score in a population of children admitted to PICUs in Argentina.

Pre-treatment drug resistance and HIV-1 subtypes in infants from Argentina with and without exposure to antiretroviral drugs for prevention of mother-to-child transmission.

To assess the prevalence and patterns of pre-treatment HIV drug resistance (PDR) and HIV-1 subtype in infants from Argentina with exposure to different antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT).

Low-Voltage Control of (Co/Pt) Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Heterostructure for Flexible Spintronics.

The trend of mobile internet yells for portable and wearable as bio-device interface. E field control of magnetism is a promising approach to achieve compact, light-weight and energy efficient wearable devices. Within a flexible sandwich heterostructure, the perpendicular magnetic anisotropy switching was achieved via low-voltage gating control of ionic gel in mica/Ta/(Pt/Co)/Pt/ionic gel/Pt, where (Pt/Co) plays as a functional layer. By conducting in situ VSM, EPR and MOKE measurements, a 1098 Oe magnetic ...

Genetic Variations of OPRM1, OPRK1, and COMT Genes and Their Possible Associations with Oral Pain in a Population from Argentina.

To analyze in a population from Argentina the variation of three genes involved in the control of pain pathways-two genes that code for opioid receptors (OPRM1 and OPRK1) and COMT, which codes for an important enzyme in the control of neurotransmission-and to evaluate the associations of these genes with oral pain and the need for analgesics in the population under study.

Impact of an educational program related to basic knowledge of Chagas disease in a population of the Argentine Northeast.

In Avia Terai city, in Northeast of Argentina, a local program of Prevention and Control of Chagas disease was developed, guided by the principles of Primary Health Care. The objective of this study was to evaluate the change in knowledge regarding Chagas disease after the implementation of the strategy of Information, Education and Social Communication component of the local program in the urban area of Avia Terai in 2012.

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