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Ontogenetic shape changes in the pelvis of the Greater Rhea (Aves, Palaeognathae) and their relationships with cursorial locomotion: a geometric morphometric approach.

Knowledge of the ontogenetic pattern of morphological features is essential to improve biological interpretations. The study of morphological features of the pelvic girdle and hind limb apparatus throughout growth is an excellent approach to understand how the skeletal morphology and muscles are interrelated during growth in a bird with a specialized mode of locomotion. The Greater Rhea (Rhea americana) is a large cursorial palaeognathous bird with long legs and powerful musculature. The postnatal shape cha...

Effects of Aging and Lifelong Aerobic Exercise on Basal and Exercise-Induced Inflammation.

Age-associated chronic basal inflammation compromises muscle mass and adaptability, but exercise training may exert an anti-inflammatory effect. This investigation assessed basal and exercise-induced inflammation in three cohorts of men: young exercisers (YE, =10, 25±1y, VOmax:53±3mL/kg/min, quadriceps area:78±3cm), old healthy non-exercisers (OH, =10, 75±1y, VOmax:22±1mL/kg/min, quadriceps area:56±3cm), and lifelong exercisers with a 53±1y aerobic training history (LLE, =21, 74±1y, VOmax:34±1mL/kg...

Dyad training protocols and the development of a motor sequence representation.

The purpose of the experiment was to determine the extent to which observation and the inter-trial dialogue in a dyad training protocol enhance the development of a movement sequence representation. The task was to reproduce a 1300ms spatial-temporal pattern of elbow extension/flexion movements. An inter-manual transfer design with a retention test and two effector transfer tests was used. The mirror transfer test required the same motor pattern of homologous muscle activation and a sequence of joint angles...

Myofibrillar function differs markedly between denervated and dexamethasone-treated rat skeletal muscles: Role of mechanical load.

Although there is good evidence to indicate a major role of intrinsic impairment of the contractile apparatus in muscle weakness seen in several pathophysiological conditions, the factors responsible for control of myofibrillar function are not fully understood. To investigate the role of mechanical load in myofibrillar function, we compared the skinned fiber force between denervated (DEN) and dexamethasone-treated (DEX) rat skeletal muscles with or without neuromuscular electrical stimulation (ES) training...


The use of computer and magnetic-resonance therapy permits high accuracy visualization of tumor lesion zone in patients with pelvic bone tumors. More precise results concerning lesion zones before surgical intervention have been obtained in cases of 3D modeling use.

The impact of exercise training status on the fibre type specific abundance of proteins regulating intramuscular lipid metabolism.

Regular endurance training enhances the capacity for fatty acid oxidation during exercise due to increased utilisation of intramuscular lipid (IMCL). This study quantitatively investigated exercise training status on muscle fibre type specific abundance of regulatory proteins involved in the breakdown and utilisation of IMCL.

High consequence infectious diseases training using interprofessional simulation and TeamSTEPPS.

The comfort level of health care workers to respond to an infectious disease outbreak or epidemic is likely directly related to the amount of education, training, and experience they have in responding to these events.

Recommendations and future research initiative to optimize bladder management in pregnancy and childbirth International Consultation on Incontinence - Research society 2018.

With increasing birth rates globally, obstetric bladder care and long term pelvic floor dysfunction continues to be a issue. This paper aims to provide an overview of the concerns in the antenatal, intrapartum an post partum periods and presents recommendation for the research requirements necessary and education to challenge current practice.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation and bladder function: A systematic review.

We aimed at assessing the usefulness of motor evoked potentials (MEPs) for exploring the integrity of striated sphincters and pelvic floor motor innervation in normal subjects and of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation TMS (rTMS) in patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction.

The effects of concurrent training order on body composition and serum concentrations of follistatin, myostatin and GDF11 in sarcopenic elderly men.

Due to the important role of follistatin (FLST), myostatin (MSTN) and growth differentiation factor 11 (GDF11) in muscle mass regulation; alterations in the FLST to MSTN ratio (F:M) may result in muscle mass changes in response to different concurrent training (CT) order. This study investigated the influence of 8 weeks of CT order on body composition and serum concentrations of FLST, MSTN, their ratio (F:M) and GDF11 in sarcopenic elderly men.

Neuromuscular Function and Blood Flow Occlusion with Dynamic Arm Flexor Contractions.

Blood flow restricted or occlusion exercise enhances muscle hypertrophy and strength during resistance training. The acute effects on voluntary and electrically evoked muscle contractile characteristics with impaired blood flow at low and high contraction forces has not been explored.

Effects of attentional bias modification therapy on the cue reactivity and cognitive control networks in participants with cocaine use disorders.

: While attentional bias modification therapy (ABMT) alters drug-related behaviors in some substance users, results have been mixed in individuals with cocaine use disorders (CUD).: The current study examined whether ABMT affected brain functioning during independent measures of cue reactivity (i.e., cocaine versus food cues) and cognitive control (i.e., incongruent versus congruent trials), and whether brain activity was associated with baseline or post-intervention cocaine use.: 37 participants (62% male)...

Methodology minute: An overview of the case-case study design and its applications in infection prevention.

The case-case study design is a potentially useful tool for infection preventionists during outbreak or cluster investigations. This column clarifies terminology related to case-case, case-control, and case-case-control study designs. Examples of practical applications of the case-case study design include determining risk factors for health care-onset versus community-onset infections, or antibiotic-resistant versus antibiotic-susceptible infections.

Perineal pain the first year after childbirth and uptake of post-partum check-up- A Swedish cohort study.

The aim of this prospective cohort study was to investigate the prevalence of perineal pain related to the perineal injury within the first year after childbirth. The study further explored the rates of postpartum check-up attendance, and whether they had undergone a vaginal examination, pelvic floor assessment and exercise advice.

Evaluating Disability-Related Quality of Life in Women With Chronic Pelvic Pain.

The primary aim of this study was to describe quality of life (QOL) in women with chronic pelvic pain using the Pain Disability Index (PDI). A secondary goal was to assess the measurement properties and validity of the PDI for this population.

Volumes, outcomes, and complications after surgical versus endovascular treatment of aneurysms in the United States (1993-2015): continued evolution versus steady-state after more than 2 decades of practice.

Adoption of endovascular treatment (EVT) and other advances in aneurysm care have shifted practice patterns of cerebral aneurysm treatment over the past 2 decades in the US. The objective of this study was to determine whether resulting trends in volumes, outcomes, and complications have matured in general practice or continue to evolve.

Addition of anti-thymocyte globulin to standard graft-versus-host disease prophylaxis versus standard treatment alone in patients with haematological malignancies undergoing transplantation from unrelated donors: final analysis of a randomised, open-label, multicentre, phase 3 trial.

Previous trials testing prevention strategies for chronic graft versus host disease (GVHD) have measured its cumulative incidence. In this trial of anti-thymocyte globulin, we measured treatment-independence at a long-term timepoint as the primary endpoint.

In vivo characterization of skeletal muscle function in nebulin-deficient mice.

The conditional nebulin knock-out mouse (Neb-cKO) is a new model mimicking nemaline myopathy, a rare disease characterized by muscle weakness and rods within muscle fibers. We investigated in vivo the impact of nebulin deficiency on muscle function.

The intraoperative use of aortic balloon occlusion technique for sacral and pelvic tumor resections: A case-control study.

Pelvic and sacral tumor surgery is traditionally characterized by several major complications. Bleeding is probably the most feared and dreadful complication. The aim of the study was to evaluate whether the intraoperative use of the intra-aortic balloon occlusion technique could decrease the perioperative blood loss. A secondary aim was to assess aortic balloon-related complications.

The Relationship between Vitamin D Levels, Injury and Muscle Function in Adolescent Dancers.

Vitamin D has been shown to benefit a diverse range of health functions including muscle function. The aim of the present study was to identify serum 25(OH)D3 levels in a sample of adolescent dancers and compare them to muscle function and injury incidence. We incorporated a cross-sectional design to study 49 pre-professional male and female dancers (17±4.44 yrs, 52.1±6.72 kg, 1.63±0.07 m) in full-time training in Bazil. Serum 25[OH]D3 was analyzed by Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay; quadriceps a...

A Rare Case of Superior Gluteal Artery Pseudo Aneurysm after Blunt Trauma.

Prevailing over in rotationally unstable pelvic fractures, acetabular fractures or hip dislocations, superior gluteal artery pseudo aneurysm imperceptibly could be found after blunt force trauma of the pelvic region. We present a case of superior gluteal artery pseudo aneurysm after blunt force trauma that became gradually symptomatic in two months following the prime malevolence. Non-resolving gluteal hematoma presented two months after the incident, disregarding standard treatment methods led the diagnosi...

Waiting to "make it" versus "making it happen": empowering physician-scientists in training.

Changes in Muscle Strength, Jump, and Sprint Performance in Young Elite Basketball Players: The Impact of Combined High-Speed Resistance Training and Plyometrics.

Yáñez-García, JM, Rodríguez-Rosell, D, Mora-Custodio, R, and González-Badillo, JJ. Changes in muscle strength, jump, and sprint performance in young elite basketball players: the impact of combined high-speed resistance training and plyometrics. J Strength Cond Res XX(X): 000-000, 2019-This study aimed to compare the effect of a combined resistance training (RT) and plyometrics on strength, sprint, and jump performance in basketball players of different ages. Thirty three elite basketball players from ...

Functional training of the inspiratory muscles improves load carriage performance.

Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) whilst adopting body positions that mimic exercise (functional IMT; IMT) improves running performance above traditional IMT methods in unloaded exercise. We investigated the effect of IMT during load carriage tasks. Seventeen males completed 60 min walking at 6.5 km·h followed by a 2.4 km load carriage time-trial (LC) whilst wearing a 25 kg backpack. Trials were completed at baseline; post 4 weeks IMT (consisting of 30 breaths twice daily at 50% of maximum inspirat...

International authorship in leading world journals on incontinence and pelvic floor disorders: Is it truly international?

The primary aim of this study is to compare the authorship in the Journal of Neurourology and Urodynamics (NAU) and the International Urogynecology Journal (IUJ) across two categories: country members of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and non-members of OECD (non-OECD). The secondary aim is to explore the obstacles in publishing in these two journals.

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