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Method for source localization proposed and applied to the October 2017 case of atmospheric dispersion of Ru-106.

An efficient numerical method for the temporal and spatial localization of an unknown point source of an atmospheric tracer is proposed. The method, which is based on inverse modelling techniques, employs available data from a network of ground-level stations on the condition that the measurements represent the plume geographically and temporally. The method, which employs a level-of-agreement approach, is applied to the October 2017 air concentration measurements of Ru-106 in Europe.

Plastic Surgical Nursing Certification Board.

MiR-4463 Inhibits the Migration of Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells by AMOT.

Aberrant vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) migration has been implicated in a variety of vascular disorders, while the signal pathways governing this process remain unclear. Here, we investigated whether microRNAs (miRNAs), which are strong posttranscriptional regulators of gene expression, could alter VSMC migration. We detected the expression of miR-4463 in the plasma of patients with atherosclerosis and in human aortic smooth muscle cells (HASMCs) under hypoxia-ischemia condition, and investigated the m...

Restructuring Saudi Board in Restorative Dentistry (SBRD) curriculum using CanMEDS competency.

The purpose of this paper is to describe the process of adopting the Canadian Medical Education Directions for Specialists (CanMEDS) 2015 competency framework in a dental specialty program to reconstruct the Saudi Board in Restorative Dentistry (SBRD) curriculum and disseminate the lessons learned. Method and development process: The process of curriculum development was started with the selection of SBRD curriculum committee and review of CanMEDS framework. The Committee conducted needs assessment among th...

Effect of Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine Campaigns, Pakistan, 2014-2017.

Pakistan began using inactivated poliovirus vaccine alongside oral vaccine in mass campaigns to accelerate eradication of wild-type poliovirus in 2014. Using case-based and environmental surveillance data for January 2014-October 2017, we found that these campaigns reduced wild-type poliovirus detection more than campaigns that used only oral vaccine.

Best reviewers 2017 awards.



Best of JNSPG 2017.

Integrating Information Literacy and Evidence-Based Medicine Content within a New School of Medicine Curriculum: Process and Outcome.

This column describes a process for integrating information literacy (IL) and evidence-based medicine (EBM) content within a new school of medicine curriculum. The project was a collaborative effort among health sciences librarians, curriculum deans, directors, and faculty. The health sciences librarians became members of the curriculum committees, developed a successful proposal for IL and EBM content within the curriculum, and were invited to become course instructors for Analytics in Medicine. As course ...

A Portrait of Pacing Profile of Cross-Country Skiers in the Vasaloppet 2004-2017.

The aim of the study was to examine the effect of performance group by race time (10 groups;12 h) on pacing in women (n=19,465) and men (n=164,454) finishers in the 'Vasaloppet' cross-country (XC) skiing race from 2004 to 2017. The speed in the fastest and slowest split was analysed as a percentage of the mean race speed and pacing was defined as the difference (%) between the fastest and slowest split. Women had a larger pace range than men (44.0±10.6% versus 41.1±12.5%, respectively, p

Orexigenic action of oral zinc: metabolomic analysis in the rat hypothalamus.

We previously reported an orexigenic action of oral zinc administration in male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats during an early stage of feeding with a zinc-deficient diet, without decreased zinc concentrations in tissues. The overall conclusion was that orally but not intraperitoneally administered zinc stimulates food intake in short-term zinc-deficient-diet fed rats. We here investigate the mechanism of the orexigenic action of zinc using GC-MS/MS-targeted metabolomic analysis in the rat hypothalamus. Four-week...

The function of replication and SCF complex during Drosophila wing development.

Chromosomal DNA replication machinery functions in the growing cells and organs in multicellular organisms. We previously demonstrated that its knockdown in several tissues of Drosophila led to a rough eye phenotype, the loss of bristles in the eye and female sterile. In this paper, I investigated in detail the wing phenotype using RNAi flies, and observed that the knockdown not only of Mcm10 but also of some other prereplicative complex components including Cdt1, Polα-primase, RPA, Psf2 (partner of SLD fi...

The data does not seem to support the effect of stretch training on increasing muscle thickness.

Scand J Med Sci Sports 27(12):1597-1604, 2017 describes the efficacy of stretch training on increasing gastrocnemii muscle thickness. However, the reported data does not seem to support the author's conclusions, based on the presented results. This letter discusses the issues with the paper. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

New Sources of Adult Plant and Seedling Resistance to Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae Identified among Avena sativa Accessions From the National Small Grains Collection.

Accessions of cultivated oat (Avena sativa L.) from the United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service Small Grains Collection in Aberdeen, ID were characterized for adult plant resistance (APR) and seedling resistance to crown rust, caused by Puccinia coronata f. sp. avenae. Initially, 607 oat accessions with diverse geographic origins were evaluated in field tests in Baton Rouge, LA. Of those, 97 accessions were not fully susceptible and were tested in the field in St. Paul, MN agai...

Dianchi Lake watershed impervious surface area dynamics and their impact on lake water quality from 1988 to 2017.

The relationships between impervious surface area (ISA) patterns and characteristics have long been studied to examine the impacts of hydrological cycles, water management, surface energy balances, and biodiversity. This study assessed the Dianchi Lake watershed as a case study area to illustrate ISA change characteristics and their impacts on Dianchi Lake water quality. More than 200 Landsat images (from 1988 to 2017) were first downloaded through the US Geological Survey (USGS) online portal. Then, a seri...


Zirconia has been presented as an alternative biomaterial to titanium, commercially presented as a single body implant and / or as an abutment, demonstrating clinically biocompatible favorable results in white and rose aesthetics, However, the amount of long-term in-vivo studies and mechanical tests evaluating the response of stress distribution compared with titanium implants are still limited. The aim of the study was to compare by the finite element method, the principal stresses peaks in the peri implan...

Phylogenetic and molecular analysis of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 and H5N5 viruses detected in Poland in 2016-2017.

Sixty-five poultry outbreaks and sixty-eight events in wild birds were reported during the highly pathogenic H5N8/H5N5 avian influenza epidemic in Poland in 2016-2017. The analysis of all gene segment sequences of selected strains revealed cocirculation of at least four different genome configurations (genotypes) generated through reassortment of clade H5N8 viruses detected in Russia and China in mid-2016. The geographical and temporal distribution of three H5N8 genotypes indicates separate introduc...

Anodic reactions of NADH model compound by utilizing both light irradiation and riboflavin as a redox mediator.

Both light and a redox mediator riboflavin (RF) were utilized to promote the electro-oxidation of an NADH model compound (1-benzyl-1,4-dihydronicotinamide, BNAH), which is a key process for enzymatic biofuel cells to obtain a high performance. At the cathode, H ions were simultaneously reduced to produce H gas. To elucidate the cell reactions of this photogalvanic cell, which is significant information about the fabrication of enzymatic biofuel cells with a high performance, the effect of the BNAH and RF co...

GPS Devices in a Simulated Mass Casualty Event.

The aim of this study was to assess the staff perception of a global positioning system (GPS) as a patient tracking tool at an emergency department (ED) receiving patients from a simulated mass casualty event.

NOS2 deficiency has no influence on the radiosensitivity of the hematopoietic system.

Previous studies have shown that inhibition of inducible NO synthase (NOS2 or iNOS) with an inhibitor can selectively protect several normal tissues against radiation during radiotherapy. However, the role of NOS2 in ionizing radiation (IR)-induced bone marrow (BM) suppression is unknown and thus was investigated in the present study using NOS2/ and wild-type mice 14 days after they were exposed to a sublethal dose of total body irradiation (TBI).

Experience with Transcordal Silicone Stents in Adult Laryngotracheal Stenosis: A Bicentric Retrospective Study.

Benign stenosis involving laryngeal and upper tracheal structures represents a therapeutic challenge. Open surgery and endoscopic management have to be discussed by a multidisciplinary board in order to evaluate the risk and benefit for each patient.

Further evidence that suicide risk is categorical: A taxometric analysis of data from an inpatient sample.

Recent research by Witte and colleagues (2017) revealed a taxonic structure for classifying suicide risk using a sample of predominantly military outpatients. The authors sought to replicate the Witte et al. (2017) findings using data from a sample of 2,385 psychiatric inpatients who completed measures of suicidal ideation and behavior upon admission to the hospital. The comparison curve fit index values for means above minus below a cut (.80), maximum eigenvalue (.71), and latent mode (.52) showed a simila...

Readmission Patterns Over 90-Day Episodes of Care Among Medicare Fee-for-Service Beneficiaries Discharged to Post-acute Care.

Examine readmission patterns over 90-day episodes of care in persons discharged from hospitals to post-acute settings.

Identification of genes involved in steroid alkaloid biosynthesis in Fritillaria imperialis via de novo transcriptomics.

Crown imperial (CI) has been used in traditional medicine. Today it is known that such beneficial effects are due to its richness in steroidal alkaloids (SA). Using de novo transcriptomics, orthologues/paralogues finder, phylogenetic analysis and tissue- and developmental stage-specific expression analysis, we identified ten genes and several TFs involved in the biosynthesis of SA in CI. The comparative analysis of ten genes expression profiles revealed the possibility of their co-regulation, which may impl...

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