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Sex and individual differences in meal patterns mediate the persistency of running-associated high fat diet avoidance in rats.

The modern environment is characterized by convenient access to a variety of high fat (HF) foods and encourages excess energy intake, which leads to weight gain. While healthier diets and exercise are common interventions that facilitate energy balance, meal patterns also influence body weight and energy metabolism. The current study characterized the association between exercise, diet choice, and meal patterns in rats. Unlike sedentary rats that prefer a HF to a chow diet, wheel running rats initially avoi...

Supplementation with CTGF, SDF1, NGF, and HGF promotes ovine in vitro oocyte maturation and early embryo development.

The strategies for improving the in vitro maturation (IVM) of domestic animal oocytes focus on promoting nuclear and cytoplasmic maturation. The identification of paracrine factors and their supplementation in the culture medium represent effective approaches for oocyte maturation and embryo development. This study investigated the effects of paracrine factor supplementation including connective tissue growth factor (CTGF), nerve growth factor (NGF), hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), and stromal derived fact...

An Evolutionary Perspective on the Obesity Epidemic.

An evolutionary approach to obesity involves a genomic/anthropological dimension. For 1.8 Myr the lifestyle of hunter-gatherers (HGs) comprised intense physical activity and a high-protein/low-carbohydrate diet. Genomes of HGs were adapted to low insulin sensitivity. When the agrarian epoch began a new 'farmer diet' high in carbohydrates (CHO) emerged. Owing to periodic famines, the genome may not have adapted; they preserved a HG genome. Ever since the industrial revolution our genome is adapting rapidly t...

Early retinal and choroidal effect of photodynamic treatment in patients with polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy with or without anti-vascular endothelial growth factor: An optical coherence tomography angiography study.

To evaluate the early retinal and choroidal effects of the anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) therapy combined with photodynamic therapy (PDT) for polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV).

Pan-HER-targeted approach for cancer therapy: mechanisms, recent advances and clinical prospect.

The Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor family is composed of 4 structurally related receptor tyrosine kinases that are involved in many human cancers. The efficacy and safety of HER inhibitors have been compared in a wide range of clinical trials, suggesting the superior inhibitory ability of multiple- HER-targeting blockade compared with single receptor antagonists. However, many patients are currently resistant to current therapeutic treatment and novel strategies are warranted to conquer the resistan...

Prediction of spontaneous preterm delivery in women presenting with premature labor: a comparison of placenta alpha microglobulin-1, phosphorylated insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1, and cervical length.

Placental alpha microglobulin-1 (PAMG-1) and phosphorylated insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-1 (phIGFBP-1) have been studied in patients at risk for preterm birth with signs and symptoms of preterm labor. However, a direct comparison between these two biomarkers, alone or in combination with cervical length measurement with an adequate sample size, has been lacking to date.

Effects of Complex Pollution of Pb and BaP on the Growth and Physiological and Biochemical Indexes of Ryegrass.

Effects of complex pollution of Pb and B[a]P on the growth and physiological and biochemical indexes of ryegrass were investigated in a potted soil. The results showed that under single Pb treatment condition, low-concentration (0-100 mg kg) Pb stimulated the increase of ryegrass biomass while high-concentration (200-400 mg kg) Pb obviously inhibited ryegrass growth. Under single B[a]P pollution condition, low-concentration (0-30 mg kg) B[a]P facilitated the growth of ryegrass while high-concentration...

Matrin-3 is essential for fibroblast growth factor 2-dependent maintenance of neural stem cells.

To investigate the mechanisms underlying the maintenance of neural stem cells, we performed two-dimensional fluorescence-difference gel electrophoresis (2D-DIGE) targeting the nuclear phosphorylated proteins. Nuclear phosphorylated protein Matrin-3 was identified in neural stem cells (NSCs) after stimulation using fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2). Matrin-3 was expressed in the mouse embryonic subventricular and ventricular zones. Small interfering RNA (siRNA)-mediated knockdown of Matrin-3 caused neuronal ...

Outcomes of Eyes Lost to Follow-Up with Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy that received Panretinal Photocoagulation vs Intravitreal Anti-Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor.

To compare anatomic and functional outcomes in eyes with proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) that were lost to follow-up (LTFU) for more than 6 months after treatment with either intravitreal injection (IVI) of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) agents or panretinal photocoagulation (PRP).

The Association of Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 with Arterial Stiffness and Atherosclerosis in Patients with Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease.

In patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), cardiovascular events are the most frequent cause of mortality and morbidity. The aim of our study is to investigate the association between serum fibroblast growth factor-23 (FGF-23) and arterial stiffness (AS) as determined with brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) and atherosclerosis development as determined with carotid artery intima-media thickness (CA- IMT).

Maternal overnutrition programs epigenetic changes in the regulatory regions of hypothalamic Pomc in the offspring of rats.

Maternal overnutrition has been implicated in affecting the offspring by programming metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes, by mechanisms that are not clearly understood. This study aimed to determine the long-term impact of maternal high-fat (HF) diet feeding on epigenetic changes in the offspring's hypothalamic Pomc gene, coding a key factor in the control of energy balance. Further, it aimed to study the additional effects of postnatal overnutrition on epigenetic programming by maternal nutrit...

Downregulation of HIF complex in the hypothalamus exacerbates diet-induced obesity.

Hypothalamic hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) can regulate whole-body energy homeostasis in response to changes in blood glucose, suggesting that it acts as a sensor for systemic energy stores. Here, we hypothesized that hypothalamic HIF-1 could be affected by diet-induced obesity (DIO). We used male C57Bl6 mice with 8 weeks old, fed with normal chow diet or with high fat diet for 1, 3, 7, 14 and 28 days. The expression of HIF-1alpha and HIF-1beta was measured by PCR and western blotting and its hypothala...

Orientation-selective contrast adaptation measured with SSVEP.

Exposure to oriented luminance contrast patterns causes a reduction in visual sensitivity specifically for the adapter orientation. This orientation selectivity is probably the most studied aspect of contrast adaptation, but it has rarely been measured with steady-state visually evoked potentials (SSVEPs), despite their becoming one of the more popular methods of human neuroscience. Here, we measured orientation selective adaptation by presenting a plaid stimulus of which the horizontal and vertical grating...

Multi-omic elucidation of aromatic catabolism in adaptively evolved Rhodococcus opacus.

Lignin utilization has been identified as a key factor in biorefinery profitability. However, lignin depolymerization generates heterogeneous aromatic mixtures that inhibit microbial growth and conversion of lignocellulose to biochemicals. Rhodococcus opacus is a promising aromatic-catabolizing, oleaginous bacterium, but mechanisms for its aromatic tolerance and utilization remain undercharacterized. To better understand these mechanisms, we adaptively evolved R. opacus for improved utilization of 32 combin...

Association between dietary diversity and obesity in the Filipino Women's Diet and Health Study (FiLWHEL): A cross-sectional study.

Dietary diversity-eating a more varied diet, may be one of the important components of a healthy diet. We aimed to examine whether dietary diversity score was associated with lower prevalence of obesity.

Minimizing Membrane Arachidonic Acid Content as a Strategy for Controlling Cancer: A Review.

Many cancers and pre-cancerous lesions convert membrane-bound arachidonic acid (AA) to eicosanoids that promote the survival, growth, and spread of cancer. In contrast, the long-chain omega-3s eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) can competitively inhibit AA's interaction with the enzymes that give rise to eicosanoids, while acting as precursors for alternative eicosanoids which oppose cancer development and growth. Hence, minimizing the AA content of cancer membranes, while boosting t...

Bone and Inflammatory Responses to Training in Female Rowers over an Olympic Year.

To examine whether fluctuations in training load during an Olympic year lead to changes in bone mineral densities and factors that regulate bone (sclerostin, osteoprotegerin [OPG] and receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand [RANKL]), energy metabolism (insulin-like growth factor-1 [IGF-1] and leptin), and inflammation (tumor necrosis factor-α [TNF-α] and interleukin-6 [IL-6]) in elite heavyweight female rowers.

Current insights and future perspectives of hypoxia-inducible factor-targeted therapy in cancer.

Hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) are transcription factors that are expressed in the hypoxic tumor microenvironment. They are involved in the cellular adaptations by improving the metabolism of glucose and enhance the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor, platelet-derived growth factor and angiopoietin, thereby they play a pivotal role in the angiogenesis. Hypoxia can increase the expression of nuclear factor-kappa B which promotes the pro-inflammatory status. Abnormally high angiogenesis, infla...

ddY Mice Fed 10% Fat Diet Exhibit High p27KIP Expression and Delayed Hepatocyte DNA Synthesis During Liver Regeneration.

Excessive intake of a high-calorie diet has been implicated in the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Several studies have investigated the effect of NAFLD on liver regeneration, but the effects of simple steatosis have been found to be inconsistent. We aimed to assess whether the initial phase of diet-induced lipid accumulation, induced by a diet containing moderate levels of fat, impairs liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy (PHx) of mice.

Lipopolysaccharide-induced VEGF production and ambient oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes.

Oxidative stress is implicated in the development of microvascular disease and is associated with an upregulation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) which is pathogenetically linked to microvascular complications of diabetes. Patients of African origin have an increased susceptibility to microvascular kidney disease compared with Caucasians, the reasons and the mechanisms that contributes to this vulnerability are unclear.

Single and combined effects of Cd and Pb on the growth, medium pH, membrane potential and metal contents in maize (Zea mays L.) coleoptile segments.

The mechanisms of the toxic effects of Cd and Pb on plant cell growth are still poorly understood. In particular, little is known about their interactive effects, which usually occur in the environment. Moreover, the data that do exist in the literature are controversial. This study describes experiments that were performed with maize (Zea mays) coleoptile segments, which is a classical model system for studies of plant cell elongation growth. Cadmium and lead, which were added at 0.1 mM, reduced the endo...

Dietary Cellulose Supplementation Modulates the Immune Response in a Murine Endotoxemia Model.

The role of dietary fiber in chronic inflammatory disorders has been explored, but very little is known about its benefits in acute inflammation. Previously, we have demonstrated that dietary cellulose supplementation confers protection in a murine model of sepsis by promoting the growth of the gut microbiota that are linked to metabolic health. The survival benefit is associated with a decrease in serum concentration of pro-inflammatory cytokines, reduced neutrophil infiltration in the lungs, and diminishe...

Growth: A Journey from Experience to Higher Perception Among Iranian Muslim CPR Survivors.

Several studies have been conducted among cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) survivors. Some studies have shown that positive and negative experiences coexist. Emotional distress and psychopathology in CPR survivors are related to the urgent need to make growth. Understanding the meaning of CPR survivors' lived experiences of growth may facilitate their growth. The aim of the study was to illuminate the meaning of CPR survivor's lived experiences of growth in southeast Iran. A qualitative design using a ph...

Apatinib reverses alectinib resistance by targeting vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 and attenuating the oncogenic signaling pathway in echinoderm microtubule-associated protein-like 4-anaplastic lymphoma kinase fusion gene-positive lung cancer cell lines.

Overexpression of insulin growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R) and its ligand, insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1), is related to treatment resistance and worse prognosis in many types of tumors. We reported recently that IGF-1R activation by IGF induces resistance to alectinib and stimulates the production of vascular endothelial growth factor, which indicates that IGF induces alectinib resistance and angiogenesis. This study aimed to determine the effect of bigeminal inhibition of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK...

The associations between the changes in serum inflammatory markers and bone mineral accrual in boys with overweight and obesity during pubertal maturation: a 3-year longitudinal study in Estonian boys.

Adipose tissue produces different inflammatory cytokines which compromise bone mineral accrual during puberty. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF), interleukin (IL)-8, and interferon-gamma (IFN-γ) are significantly related to bone mineral accrual during pubertal maturation in boys with different BMI values.

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