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The efficacy and safety of ALK inhibitors in the treatment of ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer: A network meta-analysis.

The current study was carried out to compare the effectiveness and safety of different ALK inhibitors in treating ALK+ NSCLC.

Chemical Composition, Security and Bio-activity of the Red Pigment from Penicillium purpurogenum Li-3.

Chemical composition, security and bio-activity of pigments from Penicillium purpurogenum Li-3 strain screened by our group were firstly studied in this papper. DPPH and filter disc diffusion method were used to determine the red pigments biological activities. The pigment was characterized by UV-Vis, FT-IR, NMR and UPLC-Q-TOF-MS. HPLC-MS was used to detect mycotoxins (citrinin) in fermentation broth. Acute toxicity were detected in embryos of the zebrafish. As a consequence, crude red pigment from ethyl ac...

A stable mesoporous metal-organic framework as high efficient sorbent of dispersive micro solid phase extraction for the determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by high performance liquid chromatography.

Owing to the big molecular sizes of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, adsorption of them using microporous sorbents leaded to low adsorption capacity. Here, to increase extraction capacity and detection sensitivity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, a highly efficient dispersive micro solid phase extraction method was developed based on a stable mesoporous metal-organic framework named Jilin University China 48. Jilin University China 48 is a super hybrid with large 1D hexagonal nanotube-like channels of ...

Corrigendum: Structure-Based Design of a Monosaccharide Ligand Targeting Galectin-8.

Behavioral predictors of improved speech output in minimally verbal children with autism.

We investigated the relationship between eight theoretically motivated behavioral variables and a spoken-language-related outcome measure, after 25 sessions of treatment for speech production in 38 minimally verbal children with autism. After removing potential predictors that were uncorrelated with the outcome variable, two remained. We used both complete-case and multiple-imputation analyses to address missing predictor data and performed linear regressions to identify significant predictors of change in ...

How millennials could impact the evolution of wound care.



Improving the early screening procedure for autism spectrum disorder in young children: Experience from a community-based model in shanghai.

Most children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are not diagnosed until the age of 4, thus missing the opportunity for early intervention. The objective of this study was to investigate the feasibility of an early screening program for ASD applied during well-child visits in a community-based sample. The study lasted for 4 years and was divided into two stages. Stage I involved the implementation of the basic screening model in 2014. Toddlers received level 1 screening via section A of the Chinese-validat...

Maternal pre-pregnancy weight and autistic-like traits among offspring in the general population.

There is an emerging body of evidence demonstrating that maternal obesity at the time of conception increases the risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) among offspring. We explored whether pre-pregnancy weight was related to autistic-like traits among offspring not diagnosed with ASD. A large sample of women, recruited during the second trimester of pregnancy, had their height measured and reported their pre-pregnancy weight. These measurements were then converted to a Body Mass Index (BMI) using the for...

Prognostic value of metabolic tumour volume and total lesion glycolysis measured by 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography in small cell lung cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the prognostic value of metabolic tumour volume (MTV) and total lesion glycolysis (TLG) for small cell lung cancer (SCLC).

Bioengineering Organs for Blood Detoxification.

For patients with severe kidney or liver failure the best solution is currently organ transplantation. However, not all patients are eligible for transplantation and due to limited organ availability, most patients are currently treated with therapies using artificial kidney and artificial liver devices. These therapies, despite their relative success in preserving the patients' life, have important limitations since they can only replace part of the natural kidney or liver functions. As blood detoxificatio...

Sliding behavior of zirconia porous implant surfaces against bone.

Different zirconia porous layers were produced on zirconia dense zirconia substrates by slip casting using powder with different mean sizes: 40 μm (Z40), 70 μm (Z70), and 100 μm (Z100). The dynamic and static coefficients of friction against bovine femoral bone, mimicking the implantation process, were conducted using a ball-on-flat reciprocating sliding tribometer under 3 N of normal load. Additionally, the porous layers were assessed with regard to their low temperature degradation (aging). Results rev...

Acute molecular effects of pressure-controlled intermittent coronary sinus occlusion in patients with advanced heart failure.

Cardiac repair has steered clinical attention and remains an unmet need, because available regenerative therapies lack robust mechanistic evidence. Pressure-controlled intermittent coronary sinus occlusion (PICSO), known to induce angiogenetic and vasoactive molecules as well as to reduce regional ischemia, may activate endogenous regenerative processes in failing myocardium. We aimed to investigate the effects of PICSO in patients with advanced heart failure undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy.

Reproductive toxicology studies supporting the safety of molindone, a dopamine receptor antagonist.

An extended-release molindone (a dopamine D and serotonin antagonist) is currently being developed as a novel treatment for impulsive aggression (IA) in patients optimally treated for ADHD. Oral Good Laboratory Practice reproductive toxicology studies (fertility and early embryonic [FEE], prenatal/postnatal [PPN], embryo-fetal development [EFD]) were conducted with molindone HCl using International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) S5(R2)-compliant protocols.

Spatial and temporal variations of childhood cancers: Literature review and contribution of the French national registry.

Significant increases in childhood cancer incidence since the 1970s have been consistently reported worldwide, but the persistence of the increase on recent periods is discussed. No conclusion can be drawn concerning the spatial variations of childhood cancer, either. This study is an in-depth investigation of the spatial and temporal variations of childhood cancer in France. An extensive review of all the studies published since 2000 on those issues is provided.

Interaction of Non-polarizable Cations with Azaborine Isomers and Their Mono-Substituted Derivatives: Position, Induction, and Non-Classical Effects Matter.

Progress in BN/CC isosterism has opened an overwhelming urge to find prospective applications of this class of materials. Herein, the interaction of three BN isosteres of benzene, i.e. 1,2-, 1,3-, 1,4-azaborines and their mono-substituted derivatives with Na+ and Mg2+ cations has been surveyed in light of symmetry-adapted perturbation theory (SAPT) and interacting quantum atoms method (IQA). We have found that the orientation of the cations towards azaborines depends considerably on boron and nitrogen dispe...

Descriptive epidemiology of cerebellar hypoplasia in the National Birth Defects Prevention Study.

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a rare disorder of cerebellar formation in which the cerebellum is not completely developed, smaller than it should be, or completely absent. The prevalence of cerebellar hypoplasia at birth is unknown, and little is known about epidemiological risk factors. Using data from the National Birth Defects Prevention Study (NBDPS), a population-based, case-control study, we analyzed clinical features and potential risk factors for nonsyndromic cerebellar hypoplasia.

Autocyclized and Oxidized Forms of SCR7 Induce Cancer Cell Death by Inhibiting Nonhomologous DNA End joining in a Ligase IV Dependent Manner.

Nonhomologous DNA end joining (NHEJ) is the major DNA double-strand break (DSB) repair pathway in mammals. Previously, we have described a small molecule inhibitor, SCR7, which can inhibit NHEJ in a Ligase IV-dependent manner. Administration of SCR7 within the cells resulted in the accumulation of DNA breaks, cell death and inhibition of tumor growth in mice. In the present study, we report that parental SCR7, which is unstable can get autocyclized into a stable form. Both parental SCR7 and cyclized SCR7 po...

Adverse effects of psychotropic drugs : when and how to talk to patients ?

The way the potential adverse effects are presented during the introduction of a new medication in the context of psychiatric care can be decisive for subsequent care. This issue is approached from the testimonies of patients who have received multiple treatments over a long period of time and by several therapists. After describing the main adverse effects of psychotropic drugs, this article proposes a method to help patients documenting the adverse effects they experienced, in a way which should improve t...

Coordination meeting during psychiatric hospitalization : expectations, challenges and solutions.

Psychiatric treatments often involve numerous partners. The organization of coordination meetings during in-patient admissions is necessary in order to harmonize interventions. The expectations of each partner during such meetings may however differ and some issues that may seem important to some of them may be neglected. In this paper, we report the results of a survey conducted among the various partners involved in psychiatric patient's treatment in order to identify their expectations, the challenges th...

Evolution of customs and their impact on therapeutic demand.

The authors (a psychiatrist, and a pediatrician cum child psychiatrist, both family therapists) would like to share their thoughts about the increase in demand for therapeutic interventions in families reporting « problematic behaviour », « reckless conduct », or « disrespect of parental authority » in one or several of their children. The therapists have observed a shift in parental attitudes with respect to this type of behaviour. A clinical case will illustrate their statements. The aut...

State of the art about credibility assessment of minors.

The issue of the credibility of a child's or adolescent's testimony in judicial sexual allegations has already been developed in many articles and books of the scientific literature. This article reports on the expert practices in the field of child psychology and legal psychiatry for credibility expertise in Switzerland. After illustrating the issues at stake in the analysis of various testimonies in the context of a recent trial (the Outreau case), we will describe the Statement Validity Analysis, a credi...

ECMO for Severe Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

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