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Examining correlations between motorcyclist's conspicuity, apparel related factors and injury severity score: Evidence from new motorcycle crash causation study.

Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users at a particularly high risk of serious injury or death when involved in a crash. In order to evaluate key risk factors in motorcycle crashes, this study quantifies how different "policy-sensitive" factors correlate with injury severity, while controlling for rider and crash specific factors as well as other observed/unobserved factors. The study analyzes data from 321 motorcycle injury crashes from a comprehensive US DOT FHWA's Motorcycle Crash Causation Study (MCCS)....

Manganese transporter genetics and sex modify the association between environmental manganese exposure and neurobehavioral outcomes in children.

There is increasing evidence that environmental manganese (Mn) exposure early in life can have negative effects on children's neurodevelopment and increase the risk of behavioral problems, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Factors that may contribute to differences in sensitivity to Mn exposure are sex and genetic variation of proteins involved in the regulation of Mn concentrations. Here we investigate if sex and polymorphisms in Mn transporter genes SLC30A10 and SLC39A8 influence ...

Using Bayesian networks to track DNA movement through complex transfer scenarios.

Trace DNA and the manner in which it is transferred from item to item is a common topic arising in forensic science, both in case evaluations, and in Court testimony. In order to assign the probability of obtaining DNA findings, given competing propositions that specify transfer mechanisms, consideration must be given to a number of factors. Previous work by the authors developed a simple Object-Oriented Bayesian Network (OOBN) that pooled numerous published studies in order to attempt evaluation of trace D...

Relationships between antral follicle count, body condition, and pregnancy rates after timed-AI in Bos indicus cattle.

An experiment was performed to evaluate the association between the antral follicle count (AFC) plus body condition score (BCS) and the pregnancy rate in Bos indicus undergoing timed artificial insemination (TAI). A total of 736 Nelore cows with BCSs ranging from 2 to 4 received a conventional protocol for TAI. On a random day of the estrous cycle (Day 0), all cows received an intravaginal P4 device and an intramuscular (i.m.) injection of 2.0 mg estradiol benzoate. On Day 8, the P4 device was removed, an...

Abnormal involuntary movement scale in tardive dyskinesia: Minimal clinically important difference.

A minimal clinically important difference has not been established for the Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale in patients with tardive dyskinesia. Valbenazine is a vesicular monoamine transporter 2 inhibitor approved for the treatment of tardive dyskinesia in adults. Efficacy in randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials was defined as the change from baseline in Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale total score (sum of items 1-7).

Flow Diversion Treatment of Anterior Communicating Artery Region Aneurysms.

Reports on flow diversion treatment of aneurysms beyond the Circle of Willis are limited, with few series dedicated to anterior communicating artery region aneurysms. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the pipeline embolization device in the treatment of anterior communicating artery region aneurysms.

PipeIT: Singularity Container for Molecular Diagnostic Somatic Variant Calling on Ion Torrent NGS Platform.

The accurate identification of somatic mutations has become a pivotal component of tumor profiling and precision medicine. In molecular diagnostics laboratories, somatic mutation analyses on the Ion Torrent sequencing platform are typically performed on the Ion Reporter platform, which requires extensive manual review of the results and lacks optimized analysis workflows for custom targeted sequencing panels. Alternative solutions involving custom bioinformatics pipelines involve the sequential execution of...

Surface Activity Profiling (SAP): A potential means of predicting intestinal membrane permeability.

Early characterization of new drug substances intended for oral application includes not only physicochemical properties and stability but also the ability of the substance to permeate through the intestinal mucosa. In this work, a rapid screening method, surface activity profiling (SAP), is proposed as an alternative to animal studies and screening in cell cultures. Measurements are made with a multichannel tensiometer and require only 50 microliters of stock solution for the complete permeability analysis...

Predictive performances of STESS and EMSE in a Norwegian adult status epilepticus cohort.

"Status Epilepticus Severity Score" (STESS) and "Epidemiology-based Mortality Score in Status Epilepticus" (EMSE) are two clinical scoring systems aiming to predict mortality in status epilepticus (SE). The objective of this study was to compare their predictive performances in a cohort of 151 SE-patients from Oslo University Hospital in the period 2001-2017.

Reduction of hazardous chemicals in Swedish preschool dust through article substitution actions.

Consumer goods and building materials present in the preschool environment can be important sources of hazardous chemicals, such as plasticizers, bisphenols, organophosphorus and brominated flame retardants, poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, which may pose a health risk to children. Even though exposure occurs via many different pathways, such as food intake, inhalation, dermal exposure, mouthing of toys etc., dust has been identified as a valuable indicator for indoor exposure. In the present study, we ...

Conditional Deletion of Eaf1 Induces Murine Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Mice.

ELL-associated factor 1 is a transcription elongation factor that shares significant homology and functional similarity to the androgen-responsive prostate tumor suppressor ELL-associated factor 2. EAF2 is frequently down-regulated in advanced prostate cancer and Eaf2 deletion in the mouse induced the development of murine prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia. Here we show that similar to EAF2, EAF1 is frequently down-regulated in advanced prostate cancer. Co-downregulation of EAF1 and EAF2 occurred in 40% o...

Bi(III)-Catalyzed Enantioselective Allylation Reactions of Ketimines.

Chiral homoallylic amines not only are found in pharmaceutically relevant compounds but also serve as versatile building blocks for chemical synthesis. However, catalytic allylation of ketimines with allylboronates, an attractive approach to synthesize chiral homoallylic amine scaffolds remain scarce. Herein, we develop a highly enantioselective allylation of isatin-derived ketimines with boron allylation reagents catalyzed by a Bi(OAc)-chiral phosphoric acid catalyst system. The reactions are remarkably ef...

Derivation and validation of a risk score for predicting mortality among inpatients following rapid response team activation.

Despite mature rapid response systems (RRS) for clinical deterioration, individuals activating RRS have poor outcomes, with up to one in four dying in hospital. We aimed to derive and validate a risk prediction tool for estimating risk of 28-day mortality among hospitalised patients following rapid response team (RRT) activation.

Dr Foster global frailty score: an international retrospective observational study developing and validating a risk prediction model for hospitalised older persons from administrative data sets.

This study aimed to examine the prevalence of frailty coding within the Dr Foster Global Comparators (GC) international database. We then aimed to develop and validate a risk prediction model, based on frailty syndromes, for key outcomes using the GC data set.

The Effects of Plumbagin on Pancreatic Cancer: A Mechanistic Network Pharmacology Approach.

BACKGROUND This study aimed to use a network pharmacology approach to establish the effects of plumbagin on pancreatic cancer (PC) and to predict core targets and biological functions, pathways, and mechanisms of action. MATERIAL AND METHODS Genes associated with the pathogenesis of PC were obtained from a database of gene-disease associations (DisGeNET). Putative genes associated with plumbagin were identified from the databases of drug target identification (PharmMapper), target prediction of bioactive co...

Implementing Psoriatic Arthritis Disease Activity Score-guided treat-to-target in psoriatic arthritis routine clinical practice: (im)possible?

Robotic versus laparoscopic elective colectomy for left side diverticulitis: a propensity score-matched analysis of the NSQIP database.

Robotic surgery might have an advantage over conventional laparoscopy for colonic diverticulitis. We intend to compare both approaches in the elective management of left side diverticulitis.

Effects of a Multi-site Expansion of Group Prenatal Care on Birth Outcomes.

Objectives Perinatal Quality Collaboratives across the United States are initiating projects to improve health and healthcare for women and infants. We compared an evidence-based group prenatal care model to usual individual prenatal care on birth outcomes in a multi-site expansion of group prenatal care supported by a state-wide multidisciplinary Perinatal Quality Collaborative. Methods We analyzed 15,330 pregnant women aged 14-48 across 13 healthcare practices in South Carolina (2013-2017) using a prefere...

Ocular Surface Diseases Induced by Dupilumab in Severe Atopic Dermatitis.

We report 10 cases of conjunctivitis in atopic dermatitis (AD) patients treated with dupilumab from November 2017 to November 2018 in our institution, who were referred to the ophthalmology department for diagnosis and management of conjunctivitis. We also describe ocular surface findings in these patients before the first injection of dupilumab. During the first 6 months post initiation of dupilumab, incidence of conjunctivitis was 27% (5/18) in patients treated from November 2017 to April 2018 who had no...

Development and validation of the Satisfaction with Treatment for Pain Questionnaire (STPQ) among patients with sickle cell disease.

A brief measure of patient satisfaction with treatment for pain is needed to help improve the treatment of painful episodes caused by sickle cell disease (SCD), especially during and after the transition from paediatric to adult care. Focus groups of 28 adolescent and adult patients were consulted about the content, clarity and relevance of 30 potential items, resulting in an 18-item version. This was validated by analysing questionnaire responses from 120 patients aged 12-53 years. Confirmatory factor ana...

Psoas muscle volume is correlated with sexual activity and erectile dysfunction among patients with localised prostate cancer.

Several endocrinological and physical activities orchestrate men's sexual activities. To determine whether body composition calculated by computed tomography measurements is useful for estimating sexual function, we evaluated sexual function of localised prostate cancer patients using the Sexual Health Inventory for Men score, an original questionnaire, and computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The imaging was performed to determine body composition, particularly the psoas muscle. Univariate a...

Invasive coronary angiography findings across the CAD-RADS classification spectrum.

The recently introduced coronary artery disease reporting and data system (CAD-RADS) evaluated by computed tomography and based on stenosis severity, might not adequately reflect the complexity of CAD. We explored the relationship between CAD-RADS and the spatial distribution, burden, and complexity of lesions by invasive coronary angiography (ICA). Stable patients who underwent coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA) and ICA comprised the study population. Patients were classified according to the ...

Psychometric Properties of the MICRA Questionnaire in Portuguese Individuals Carrying SDHx Mutations.

This study aims to present the translation and cultural adaptation, as well as the psychometric characteristics of the Portuguese version of the Multidimensional Impact of Cancer Risk Assessment (MICRA) questionnaire in individuals with SDHx mutations. The questionnaire was translated and culturally adapted in accordance with the process recommended by the World Health Organization. As per suggestion of the authors of the original instrument, a joint, universal European and Brazilian Portuguese version of t...

Computational Workflow for Small RNA Profiling in Virus-Infected Plants.

In this chapter we describe a series of computational pipelines for the in silico analysis of small RNAs (sRNA) produced in response to viral infections in plants. Our workflow is primarily focused on the analysis of sRNA populations derived from known or previously undescribed viruses infecting host plants. Furthermore, we provide an additional pipeline to examine host-specific endogenous sRNAs activated or specifically expressed during viral infections in plants. We present some key points for a successfu...

Information and Statistical Analysis Pipeline for High-Throughput RNA Sequencing Data.

Applications of RNA sequencing have been wide-spreading in various subfields of life science. Construction of information and statistical analysis pipeline is indispensable to process raw RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) data generated by next-generation sequencers in order to extract biological implications. In this chapter, we introduce a common pipeline for RNA-seq data. A collection of notes on related advanced topics will be useful when conducting information and statistical analysis in practice.

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