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Painful Myoclonus Triggered By Lateral Antebrachial Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment at Brachioradialis Muscle: A Case Report.

Compression of the lateral antebrachial cutaneous nerve (LACN) is a rare clinical entrapment syndrome often overlooked as an initial etiology of pain . We present a case of an episodic upper extremity painful movement disorder (myoclonus) in a 16 year old female with a remote history of a surgically stabilized supracondylar humeral fracture who was later found to have entrapment of the LACN. The incidence of a painful myoclonus triggered by a peripheral nerve entrapment is unknown . Combining a history and ...

Muscle Fatigue in response to electrical stimulation pattern and frequency in spinal cord injury.

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is widely used to induce functional movements for paralyzed muscles. However, rapid muscle fatigue during FES-induced muscle contractions limits FES clinical efficacy.

Traumatic Pediatric Quadriceps Rupture After Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction: A Case Report.

A healthy 14-year-old boy, who presented with recurrent patellar instability, underwent medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction. Four weeks following this operation, the patient slipped and fell while wearing his knee brace and was found to have sustained a quadriceps tendon rupture.

Modified pauli abdominal wall reconstruction for recurrent Parastomal hernia after a Sugarbaker repair: video vignette.

Parastomal hernias (PH) remain a complex surgical problem, are technically difficult to repair and recur frequently. When there is a combination of midline and PH, an option could be posterior component separation technique with or without relocation of stoma as described by Pauli. We present a modification to Pauli's description with an intraparietal conduit between a newly constructed medial defect on anterior layer and a more lateral defect on peritoneum and mesh. This article is protected by copyright. ...

Small molecule studies: the fourth wave of muscle research.

The study of muscle and contractility is an unusual scientific endeavour since it has from the start been focussed on one problem-What makes muscle work?-and yet has needed a vast range of different approaches and techniques to study it. Its uniqueness lies in the fundamental fascination of a large scale molecular machine that converts chemical energy into mechanical energy at ambient temperature and with high efficiency that is also controlled by an exquisitely intricate yet utterly reliable regulatory sys...

Relationship between tongue muscle quality and swallowing speed in community-dwelling older women.

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between tongue muscle quality index, which was represented as tongue muscle pressure divided by tongue muscle mass, and swallowing speed in community-dwelling older women.

Endoscopic endonasal superomedial orbitectomy: How far is safe and possible?

During the endoscopic endonasal approach (EEA) to the anterior cranial base, the lateral boundaries are the lamina papyracea (medial orbital walls) bilaterally but further extension in the coronal plane is possible by performing a superomedial orbitectomy. The aims of this study are to describe the technique of the endoscopic endonasal transethmoidal supraorbital approach to the anterior cranial base and to calculate the extension in the coronal plane added with the superomedial orbitectomy.

Reduced cognitive performance in aged rats correlates with increased excitation/inhibition ratio in the dentate gyrus in response to lateral entorhinal input.

Aging often impairs cognitive functions associated with the medial temporal lobe (MTL). Anatomical studies identified the layer II pyramidal cells of the lateral entorhinal cortex (LEC) as one of the most vulnerable elements within the MTL. These cells provide a major excitatory input to the dentate gyrus hippocampal subfield through synapses onto granule cells and onto local inhibitory interneurons, and a fraction of these contacts are lost in aged individuals with impaired learning. Using optogenetics, we...

Clinical impact of peroral endoscopic myotomy for esophageal motility disorders on esophageal muscle layer thickness.

 Previously, we reported that esophageal muscle layer thickness was associated with technical complexity of peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM). However, there are no data regarding the mid-term effects of POEM procedures on esophageal muscle layer thickness. Therefore, we conducted this study to elucidate mid-term effects of POEM procedures, and to examine whether postoperative changes in esophageal muscle layer thickness were related to particular clinico-pathological features in patients with esophageal ...

Age effect on functional connectivity changes of right anterior insula after partial sleep deprivation.

Neuroimaging studies revealed that emotion and cognition dysfunction after sleep deprivation is associated with the disturbance of the salience network. However, the age effect on the functional connectivity changes of the network after sleep deprivation remains unclear. The current study investigated the functional connectivity changes of the right anterior insula after partial sleep deprivation in young and old adults by using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging. We found a significant age...

Sex-related Differences in Symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorders and Structural Changes in the Lateral Pterygoid Muscle after Whiplash Injury.

Whiplash injury is an initiating or aggravating factor of temporomandibular disorder (TMD). Although there are sex-related differences in the mechanism of pain perception and pain control, there is a lack of research on differences in TMD after whiplash injury.

Health-related Quality of Life After Fractures of the Lateral Third of the Clavicle in Children and Adolescents.

The health-related quality of life after pediatric fractures of the lateral third of the clavicle is unknown. Given the trend in the literature toward surgical management of clavicular fractures in adults, we frequently receive referrals for surgical management of lateral clavicular fractures in children.Therefore, we examined (1) the health-related quality of life of patients who sustained a fracture of the lateral third of the clavicle in childhood and who were treated at a large regional pediatric trauma...

Exercise-induced anti-inflammatory effects in overweight/obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is characterized by exacerbated inflammation, which is implicated in cardiometabolic dysfunction. This study aimed to examine the potential effects of acute exercise on inflammatory responses in obese/overweight PCOS women and their controls. Participants underwent a single bout of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise (30 min at ∼65% of VO). Blood and muscle samples were collected immediately before (PRE) and 60 min after the exercise session. Cytokines (i.e., IL-1β, I...

Open Reduction Internal Fixation of a Medial Epicondyle Avulsion Fracture With Incarcerated Fragment.

The purpose of this video is to present a technique for open reduction and internal fixation of a displaced unstable medial epicondyle avulsion fracture.

Ulnar Nerve Compression due to Anconeus Epitrochlearis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature.

A 32-year-old right-handed surgeon presented with a history of intermittent pain at the right medial epicondyle, a mild Tinel's sign, and dysesthesia in the ulnar nerve distribution. Dynamic ultrasound demonstrated a hypertrophic anconeus epitrochlearis bilaterally, and chronic irritation of the ulnar nerve. Anterior release with myectomy of the accessory muscle was performed. No compressive symptoms were present at 1-year follow-up.

River valleys shaped the maternal genetic landscape of Han Chinese.

A general south-north genetic divergence has been observed among Han Chinese in previous studies. However, these studies, especially those on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), are based either on partial mtDNA sequences or limited samples. Given that Han Chinese comprise the world's largest population and reside around the world, whether the north-south divergence can be observed after all regional populations are considered remains unknown. Moreover, factors involved in shaping the genetic landscape of Han Chines...

The role of the medial plate for Pauwels type III femoral neck fracture: a comparative mechanical study using two fixations with cannulated screws.

The biomechanical behavior of Pauwels type III fractures should be taken into consideration when performing internal fixation, since this repair should resist the shear force inherent in the vertical fracture line to the greatest extent possible. Recently, the use of a small fragment plate on the medial face of the femoral neck has been proposed by some authors, with satisfactory initial results. In the current study we analyze the mechanical role a medial plate used as a buttress plate for Pauwels type III...

A micromechanical muscle model for determining the impact of motor unit fiber clustering on force transmission in aging skeletal muscle.

This study used a micromechanical finite element muscle model to investigate the effects of the redistribution of spatial activation patterns in young and old muscle. The geometry consisted of a bundle of 19 active muscle fibers encased in endomysium sheets, surrounded by passive tissue to model a fascicle. Force was induced by activating combinations of the 19 active muscle fibers. The spacial clustering of muscle fibers modeled in this study showed unbalanced strains suggesting tissue damage at higher str...

Incidence of Femoral Component Malrotation Using Posterior Condylar Referencing in Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Proper femoral component rotation in total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is important, given the prognostic impact of a poorly positioned component. The purpose of this observational study was to determine the incidence of femoral component malrotation using posterior condylar axis (PCA) referencing. A total of 100 knees in 92 patients with varus gonarthritis of the knee undergoing primary TKA using a standard medial parapatellar approach were evaluated intraoperatively. After distal femoral resection, the standa...

Comparison of image quality between split-filter twin beam dual energy and single energy images in abdominal CT.

To compare the objective and subjective image quality between composed images from split-filter twin beam dual energy (TBDE) and single-energy computed tomography (SECT) in abdominal CT.

Age at Time of Surgery but Not Sex Is Related to Outcomes After Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction.

Medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction has become a well-accepted procedure for recurrent patellofemoral instability. Despite a growing volume of research assessing surgical results, the relationship of age and sex to outcomes after MPFL reconstruction surgery is unclear.

An in vitro model of region-specific rib formation in chick axial skeleton: Intercellular interaction between somite and lateral plate cells.

The axial skeleton is divided into different regions based on its morphological features. In particular, in birds and mammals, ribs are present only in the thoracic region. The axial skeleton is derived from a series of somites. In the thoracic region of the axial skeleton, descendants of somites coherently penetrate into the somatic mesoderm to form ribs. In regions other than the thoracic, descendants of somites do not penetrate the somatic lateral plate mesoderm. We performed live-cell time-lapse imaging...

A Maximally Split and Relaxed ADMM for Regularized Extreme Learning Machines.

One of the salient features of the extreme learning machine (ELM) is its fast learning speed. However, in a big data environment, the ELM still suffers from an overly heavy computational load due to the high dimensionality and the large amount of data. Using the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM), a convex model fitting problem can be split into a set of concurrently executable subproblems, each with just a subset of model coefficients. By maximally splitting across the coefficients and inco...

Myonuclear accretion is a determinant of exercise-induced remodeling in skeletal muscle.

Skeletal muscle adapts to external stimuli such as increased work. Muscle progenitors (MPs) control muscle repair due to severe damage, but the role of MP fusion and associated myonuclear accretion during exercise are unclear. While we previously demonstrated that MP fusion is required for growth using a supra-physiological model (1), questions remained about the need for myonuclear accrual during muscle adaptation in a physiological setting. Here, we developed a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) prot...

Resistance Exercise-induced Changes in Muscle Metabolism are Load-dependent.

Lower-load (LL), higher-repetition resistance exercise training (RET) can increase muscle mass similar degree as higher-load (HL), lower-repetition RET. However, little is known about how LL and HL RET modulate other aspects of the RET phenotype such as satellite cells, myonuclei, and mitochondrial proteins. We aimed to investigate changes in muscle mass, muscle strength, satellite cell activity, myonuclear addition, and mitochondrial protein content following prolonged RET with LL and HL RET.

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