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Neonatal diagnosis of unilateral renal artery stenosis.

Renal artery stenosis represents a rare cause of neonatal arterial hypertension of renovascular origin, having been described few cases in the literature at this stage of life. Most patients with this disease remain asymptomatic; hypertension can be detected in routine pediatric revisions. Diagnosis can be performed by combining biochemical and radiological findings. The initial management consists of pharmacological therapy in order to achieve adequate growth. Subsequently, it is necessary to assess defini...

Protective effect of resveratrol on urogenital sinus and prostate development in rats exposed in utero to TCDD (2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin).

This study evaluated the protective effects of resveratrol on the prostate development of rats exposed to TCDD. Pregnant rats received TCDD (1 µg/kg) at GD15 and/or RES (20 mg/kg/day) from GD10 to PND21. Newborn and adult males from Control, TCDD, TCDD + RES and RES groups were euthanized and the prostate was excised. On PND1, there was a reduction in the number of prostatic buds, AR-positive mesenchymal cells and proliferation index in epithelial and mesenchymal cells in TCDD group, but restored b...

Physiologic closure time of the metopic suture in South Australian infants from 3D CT scans.

Metopic synostosis is a craniofacial condition characterised by the premature fusion of the metopic suture. This early fusion restricts frontal bone growth [17] and has significant impacts on the developing infant during a critical phase of rapid growth and development [4]. Diagnosis of the condition is usually achieved by clinical assessment, followed by a three-dimensional computed tomography (3D CT) scan, verifying premature metopic suture fusion.

Productivity loss associated with the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in Mexico.

The objective of the study is to estimate the productivity loss by premature death, absenteeism and presenteeism attributable to sugar sweetened beverage (SSB) consumption in Mexico in 2014. We used population attributable fractions due to SSBs for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancers. We gathered information from a variety of publicly available sources: mortality data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography; hospital discharges and outpatient visits from the Health Ministry; and pr...

Maladaptive Personality Traits and 10-Year Course of Psychiatric and Medical Symptoms and Functional Impairment Following Trauma.

Personality is a major predictor of many mental and physical disorders, but its contributions to illness course are understudied.

Fronto-parietal mirror neuron system modeling: Visuospatial transformations support imitation learning independently of imitator perspective.

Although the human mirror neuron system (MNS) is critical for action observation and imitation, most MNS investigations overlook the visuospatial transformation processes that allow individuals to interpret and imitate actions observed from differing perspectives. This problem is not trivial since accurately reaching for and grasping an object requires a visuospatial transformation mechanism capable of precisely remapping fine motor skills where the observer's and imitator's arms and hands may have quite di...

The Nomological Network of a Behavioral Distress Tolerance Task in Veterans.

There is a relative lack of research on distress tolerance (DT) in veteran samples. The aims of the study were to (a) evaluate convergent and discriminant validity of a behavioral measure of DT compared to theoretically similar (i.e., self-report DT, negative urgency) and dissimilar (i.e., risk-taking) constructs and (b) evaluate the concurrent validity of DT in relation to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depressive symptoms in a veteran sample. A sample of U.S. veterans who served after the Septem...

Measuring change in gait performance of children with motor disorders: assessing the Functional Mobility Scale and the Gillette Functional Assessment Questionnaire walking scale.

To examine the responsiveness and minimal important change (MIC) of two gait performance measures, the Functional Mobility Scale (FMS) and the Gillette Functional Assessment Questionnaire walking scale (FAQ), in a paediatric inpatient setting.

The role of group cohesion in a group-based behavioral weight loss intervention.

Behavioral weight loss interventions are often delivered in groups. Group cohesion may enhance program attendance and, thereby, weight loss. In this secondary analysis, our goals were to: (1a) assess whether group cohesion measured early in a behavioral weight loss intervention predicts program attendance and weight loss outcomes and, if so, (1b) explore whether attendance mediates the link between group cohesion and weight loss; (2) characterize the association between change in group cohesion and weight l...

Anxiety and depression in Klinefelter syndrome: The impact of personality and social engagement.

Klinefelter syndrome (KS) (47, XXY) is the most common sex chromosome disorder, with a prevalence of 1 in every 660 newborn males. Despite the profound adverse effects of anxiety and depression, and their greater prevalence in KS populations, no research has been conducted to date to identify the determinants of anxiety and depression among patients with KS. We examined the relationships between personality traits, social engagement, and anxiety and depression symptoms among KS patients (n = 69) and a group...

To Know Another's Pain: A Meta-analysis of Caregivers' and Healthcare Providers' Pain Assessment Accuracy.

Acute and chronic pain affects millions of adults yet it is often inadequately assessed and treated.

When context modulates the influence of action observation on language processing.

Numerous studies in the field of embodied cognition have shown a crosstalk between language and sensorimotor processes. In particular, it has been demonstrated that perceiving an action influences subsequent language processing. However, when studying the effect of action observation on language processing it has not been considered whether the context of action presentation could modulate this influence. To test this assumption, the participants in our study observed a prime, specifically a cartoon picture...

Your error in my hand: An investigation of observational posterror slowing.

For human beings, monitoring others' errors is essential for efficient goal-directed behavior. Indeed, the mere observation of other individuals' errors provides a rich source of information that can be used to avoid potential errors and improve our performance without direct experience. Recent studies have outlined that vicarious experience of errors influences the observer's overt behavior. This observational posterror slowing (oPES) is supposed to reflect a strategic increase in control aimed at reducing...

Ultrasound with Doppler evaluation of congenital hepatic vascular shunts.

Congenital aberrant hepatic vascular communications result from intrahepatic or extrahepatic errors in vascular development or involution during the transition from fetal to newborn hepatic circulation. These hepatic vascular shunts can be fortuitously discovered and asymptomatic, or can cause symptoms of varying severity, often presenting diagnostic dilemmas. Some hepatic vascular shunts resolve spontaneously while others require interventional radiologic or surgical closure. Affected patients are often fi...

GSK3β Inhibition Restores Impaired Neurogenesis in Preterm Neonates With Intraventricular Hemorrhage.

Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) is a common complication of prematurity in infants born at 23-28 weeks of gestation. Survivors exhibit impaired growth of the cerebral cortex and neurodevelopmental sequeale, but the underlying mechanism(s) are obscure. Previously, we have shown that neocortical neurogenesis continues until at least 28 gestational weeks. This renders the prematurely born infants vulnerable to impaired neurogenesis. Here, we hypothesized that neurogenesis is impaired by IVH, and that signali...

Book Review: Design for Mental and Behavioral Health Shepley M. M. Pasha S. ( 2017 ). Design for Mental and Behavioral Health . New York : Routledge . 262 pp . $64.95 , ISBN: 978-1-138-12636-7 .

Factors influencing U.S. physicians' decision to provide behavioral counseling.

Prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases is critical due to high costs of healthcare and increasing prevalence. Historical trends suggest physicians underperform in behavioral counseling (including exercise, diet/nutrition, or weight management). This study investigated physicians' decision-making by examining non-clinical sociological factors that influence ordering and provision of behavioral counseling. This was a retrospective multi-year cross-sectional study. Using the Eisenberg model of p...

LGBTQ Microaggressions and Microaffirmations in Families: Scale Development and Validation Study.

Subtle experiences of both invalidation and support are common for LGBTQ adolescents within their family systems. LGBTQ microaggressions increase the risk for negative health outcomes, while small acts of support and affirmation can bolster adolescent wellbeing. Research on family-level microaggressions and microaffirmations is limited, due to the absence of a theoretically informed and psychometrically tested measure of these constructs. To address this gap, we designed the LGBTQ Microaggressions and Micro...

Behavioral activation: Is it the expectation or achievement, of mastery or pleasure that contributes to improvement in depression?

Behavioral activation (BA) is receiving renewed interest as a stand-alone or as a component of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) for depression. However, few studies have examined which aspects of BA are most contributory to its efficacy.

Terson Syndrome in a Healthy Term Infant: Delivery-Associated Retinopathy and Intracranial Hemorrhage.

A term healthy infant was noted to have cephalohematoma following normal spontaneous vaginal delivery (NSVD). At 9 days of age, the attending team performed wide-angle remote digital fundus imaging and the left eye was noted to have scattered multi-laminar hemorrhages. Magnetic resonance imaging was performed which revealed occipital infarct and subarachnoid hemorrhage. A diagnosis of neonatal Terson syndrome was made. The child remained asymptomatic and the fundus hemorrhages resolved without sequelae. Thi...

Somatosensory Perceptual Training Enhances Motor Learning by Observing.

Action observation activates brain regions involved in sensory-motor control. Recent research has shown that action observation can also facilitate motor learning; observing a tutor undergoing motor learning results in functional plasticity within the motor system and gains in subsequent motor performance. However, the effects of observing motor learning extend beyond the motor domain. Converging evidence suggests that observation also results in somatosensory functional plasticity and somatosensory percept...

Elevated renal tissue oxygenation in premature fetal growth restricted neonates: An observational study.

Fetal growth restriction (FGR) is associated with an increased risk for kidney disease in later life. Studies reporting on early signs of renal disturbances in FGR are sparse and mostly include invasive measurements, which limit the possibility for early identification and prevention. We aim to investigate whether renal tissue oxygen saturation (rSO2) measured with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) and the derived value fractional tissue oxygen extraction (FTOE) differ between premature FGR and control neon...

Attachment and non-suicidal self-injury among young adolescents: The indirect role of behavioral problems.

Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) often occurs before age 15, yet the majority of research on risk factors for this dangerous behavior has focused on older samples. Insecure attachment has been previously identified as a risk factor for both NSSI and behavioral problems, and behavioral problems appear to be particularly associated with NSSI among young populations. Redressing the lack of young adolescent NSSI research, the present study uses longitudinal data from a sample of young adolescents to test a model...

Nebulized salbutamol diminish the blood glucose fluctuation in the treatment of non-oliguric hyperkalemia of premature infants.

Hyperkalemia is a risky and potentially life-threatening condition in pre-term infants. Glucose-insulin infusion has been considered a major therapeutic way for non-oligouric hyperkalemia but affects the stability of blood sugar level. We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of salbutamol nebulization compared to glucose-insulin infusion for the treatment of non-oliguric hyperkalemia in premature infants.

Loss-of-function mutations with circadian rhythm regulator Per1/Per2 lead to premature ovarian insufficiency.

Mechanism underlying premature ovarian insufficiency remains incompletely understood. Here we report that mice with Per1m/m; Per2m/m double mutations display a decrease in female fertility starting approximately at 20-week-old, with significantly less pups born from 32-week-old onwards. Histological analysis revealed that a significant reduction of ovarian follicles was observed in the Per1/Per2 mutants compared with the littermate controls examined at 26- and 52-week-old while the difference was not statis...

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