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Micro- and Macrostructural White Matter Integrity in Never-Treated and Currently Unmedicated Patients With Schizophrenia and Effects of Short-Term Antipsychotic Treatment.

Schizophrenia is associated with progressive white matter changes, but it is unclear whether antipsychotic medications contribute to these. Our objective was to characterize effects of short-term treatment with risperidone on white matter diffusion indices.

γ-proteobacteria eject their polar flagella under nutrient depletion, retaining flagellar motor relic structures.

Bacteria switch only intermittently to motile planktonic lifestyles under favorable conditions. Under chronic nutrient deprivation, however, bacteria orchestrate a switch to stationary phase, conserving energy by altering metabolism and stopping motility. About two-thirds of bacteria use flagella to swim, but how bacteria deactivate this large molecular machine remains unclear. Here, we describe the previously unreported ejection of polar motors by γ-proteobacteria. We show that these bacteria eject their ...

Apparent diffusion coefficient measurements in normal appearing white matter may support the differential diagnosis between multiple sclerosis lesions and other white matter hyperintensities.

The objectives of the study were to assess the usefulness of measurements of apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) in normal appearing white and grey matter (NAWM, NAGM) in differential diagnosis between patients with hyperintense demyelinating plaques in the course of multiple sclerosis (MS) and other conditions presenting white matter hyperintensities (WMHs), as well as to evaluate the relationship between clinical data and ADC values in MS patients.

Tele-Triage Outcomes For Patients With Chest Pain: Comparing Physicians And Registered Nurses.

We took advantage of a change in protocol in an integrated delivery system's telephone consultation service-routing callers complaining of chest pain to physicians instead of registered nurses, whenever feasible-to explore whether tele-triage outcomes differed by staffing type. Comparing outcomes of 11,315 physician-directed calls to those of an equal number of nurse-directed calls in 2013, we found that the physician-directed calls were briefer (eight minutes versus thirteen minutes), produced fewer ED ref...

Machine learning as a supportive tool to recognize cardiac arrest in emergency calls.

Emergency medical dispatchers fail to identify approximately 25% of cases of out of hospital cardiac arrest, thus lose the opportunity to provide the caller instructions in cardiopulmonary resuscitation. We examined whether a machine learning framework could recognize out-of-hospital cardiac arrest from audio files of calls to the emergency medical dispatch center.

Sleep complaints and cerebral white matter: A prospective bidirectional study.

Sleep complaints and brain changes co-occur in older adulthood, but the temporal relation between these processes is poorly understood. Poor sleep may destabilize axonal integrity and deteriorate white matter, but white matter pathology can also precede sleep complaints. Our objective was to explore a prospective, possibly bi-directional association between subjective sleep complaints and micro- and macro-structural properties of cerebral white matter. We assessed sleep complaints and brain magnetic resonan...

King-Devick test normative reference values and internal consistency in youth football and soccer athletes.

The King-Devick (K-D) test has gained popularity as a sideline concussion assessment tool, comprising of visual tracking and saccadic eye movements. However, limited normative data exists for youth athletes under the age of 13. The purpose of this study was to establish normative reference values and examine the internal consistency of the K-D test in youth athletes. The K-D test was administered to 422 youth football and soccer athletes prior to their respective season. The average K-D score was 54.29±11....

The US Mortality Crisis: An Examination of Non-Hispanic White Mortality and Morbidity in Yavapai County, Arizona.

Midlife non-Hispanic white mortality in the United States is rising, particularly in small metro and rural counties. This article responds to calls for county-level studies. We examine social determinants of morbidity and mortality among adult non-Hispanic whites in Yavapai County, Arizona, as part of an integrative study. We report overall mortality trends in Yavapai County using CDC Wonder data and then examine social determinants of reported physical health and mental distress in Yavapai County data usin...

Strong and specific associations between cardiovascular risk factors and white matter micro- and macrostructure in healthy aging.

Cardiovascular health declines with age, increasing the risk of hypertension and elevated heart rate in middle and old age. Here, we used multivariate techniques to investigate the associations between cardiovascular health (diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, and heart rate) and white matter macrostructure (lesion volume and number) and microstructure (as measured by diffusion-weighted imaging) in the cross-sectional, population-based Cam-CAN cohort (N = 667, aged 18-88). We found that card...

Impact of Factors that Affect Reading Skill Level on King-Devick Baseline Performance Time.

The King-Devick (K-D) test is often used as part of a multimodal assessment to screen for sport-related concussion. However, the test involves reading numbers, and little is known about variation in baseline performance on the K-D by reading skill level. We conducted a cross-sectional study analyzing data from the Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium to assess differences in baseline performance on the K-D associated with factors that impact reading skill level (learning disorder ...

Quantitative proteomics reveals the crucial role of YbgC for Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis survival in egg white.

Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis (S. Enteritidis) is a food-borne bacterial pathogen that can cause human salmonellosis predominately by contamination of eggs and egg products. However, its survival mechanisms in egg white are not fully understood, especially from a proteomic point of view. In this study, the proteomic profiles of S. Enteritidis in Luria-Bertani (LB) broth containing 50% and 80% egg white, and in whole egg white were compared with the profile in LB broth using iTRAQ technology to ide...

General comparative anatomy of human and white rat digestive systems: a bibliographic analysis.

Introduction: The gastrointestinal tract of humans has much in common with most species of laboratory animals, particularly at the level of microscopic study. White rats are widely used in the experiments to determine the influence of the environmental factors on the human. The aim: Study the general comparative anatomy of the digestive system of the human and the white rat through the bibliographic analysis of the publications.

Demented Presidents: Risks and Side-Effects.

Intellectually challenged heads of state have had a remarkable impact on the course of history and the problem of age-associated impairment in politicians appears to increase with growing life expectancy. Lenin, Paul Deschanel, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Heinrich Lübke, Urho Kekkonen, Mao tse tung, Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II., and Robert Mugabe were still in power while showing signs of cognitive impairment. Margaret Thatcher, Walter Scheel, Helmut Kohl and many others developed dementia ...

Neotropical frogs and mating songs: The evolution of advertisement calls in glassfrogs.

Anurans emit advertisement calls with the purpose of attracting mates and repelling conspecific competitors. The evolution of call traits is expected to be associated with the evolution of anatomical and behavioral traits due to the physics of call emission and transmission. Additionally, since vocalizing might imply a trade-off with investment in parental care, the evolution of calls is expected to trade-off with parental care. Here, we investigated the association between body size, calling site, parental...

Iceberg sign as a dermoscopic clue of actinic keratosis neglecta.

Diagnosis of actinic keratosis (AK) is mainly clinical, but dermoscopy has proven useful in improving diagnostic accuracy. The patterns, structures and colors of AK can vary widely. Lesions may appear as white scales on a pseudo-network pattern, as keratotic plugs on a scaly white to yellow background, or as a strawberry pattern with white to yellow areas and keratotic follicular openings on an erythematous background. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

The Concurrence of Cortical Surface Area Expansion and White Matter Myelination in Human Brain Development.

The human brain undergoes dramatic structural changes during childhood that co-occur with behavioral development. These age-related changes are documented for the brain's gray matter and white matter. However, their interrelation is largely unknown. In this study, we investigated age-related effects in cortical thickness (CT) and in cortical surface area (SA) as parts of the gray matter volume as well as age effects in T1 relaxation times in the white matter. Data from N = 170 children between the ages of 3...

Microstructural changes of normal-appearing white matter in Vascular Parkinsonism.

Several evidences demonstrated the role of white matter (WM) lesions in the pathogenesis of Vascular Parkinsonism (VP), a clinical entity characterized by parkinsonism, postural instability, marked gait difficulty and poor response to levodopa. However, the involvement of normal appearing white matter (NAWM) in VP still remains unknown. This study aimed to investigate the microstructural integrity of NAWM in VP compared to Parkinson's disease (PD) and controls using neuroimaging approach.

A novel image segmentation method for the evaluation of inflammation-induced cortical and hippocampal white matter injury in neonatal mice.

The developing brain is very susceptible to environmental insults, and very immature infants often suffer from long-term neurological syndromes associated with white matter injuries such as periventricular leukomalacia. Infection and inflammation are important risk factors for neonatal brain white matter injuries, but the evaluation of white matter injury in animal models, especially the quantification of myelinated axons, has long been problematic due to the lack of ideal measurement methods. Here, we pres...

Cognitive Effects of White Matter Pathology in Normal and Pathological Aging.

We examined whether cerebrovascular white matter pathology is related to cognition as measured by the compound score of CERAD neuropsychological battery in cognitively normal older adults, patients with mild cognitive impairment, and patients with Alzheimer's disease (total n = 149), controlling for age and education. Trend-level effects of white matter pathology on cognition were only observed in patients with Alzheimer's disease (p = 0.062, η2  = 0.052), patients with severe frontal white mat...

Zarqa River pollution: impact on its quality.

Pollutants released to the Zarqa River have been identified, quantified, and linked to their sources. The methodology included field observation of the river, collection of available quality data, literature review, and grab sampling. Identified pollution sources to the Zarqa River are wastewater treatment plants, overflow of wastewater pumping stations, and leaks from sewer lines and manholes that pass through the riverbed, in addition to industrial, commercial, domestic, and agricultural activities along ...

Decolonial Pedagogy in Community Psychology: White Students Disrupting White Innocence via a Family Portrait Assignment.

A decolonizing standpoint in community psychology is discussed in relation to the Family Portrait Assignment-a pedagogical tool developed and implemented to facilitate white students' decolonial thinking. The Family Portrait Assignment contributes to the limited of decolonial pedagogical tools in community psychology. Through a critical discourse analysis of student's essays, I discuss how decolonial thinking, including a critical sociohistorical examination of colonialism, racism and whiteness, was facilit...

Regional white matter volume abnormalities in first-episode somatization disorder.

Alterations of white matter integrity have been implicated in patients with somatization disorder (SD). However, changes of white matter volume (WMV) remain unclear. This study is designed to examine regional WMV in patients with SD and to investigate the potential relationships between WMV abnormalities and personality traits, cognitive function, and symptom severity.

Low white-matter integrity between the left thalamus and inferior frontal gyrus in patients with insomnia disorder

Previous studies have reported functional and structural abnormalities in the thalamus and the pars triangularis of the inferior frontal gyrus in patients with insomnia disorder. However, no studies have been conducted on the white-matter tracts between these 2 brain regions. We aimed to compare the white-matter integrity and structure of the left thalamus–pars triangularis tracts between patients with insomnia and controls, and to characterize the relationship between white-matter integrity and clinical ...

Test-retest reproducibility of white matter parcellation using diffusion MRI tractography fiber clustering.

There are two popular approaches for automated white matter parcellation using diffusion MRI tractography, including fiber clustering strategies that group white matter fibers according to their geometric trajectories and cortical-parcellation-based strategies that focus on the structural connectivity among different brain regions of interest. While multiple studies have assessed test-retest reproducibility of automated white matter parcellations using cortical-parcellation-based strategies, there are no ex...

Timing of antisynchronous calling: A case study in a harbor seal pup (Phoca vitulina).

Alternative mathematical models predict differences in how animals adjust the timing of their calls. Differences can be measured as the effect of the timing of a conspecific call on the rate and period of calling of a focal animal, and the lag between the two. Here, I test these alternative hypotheses by tapping into harbor seals' (Phoca vitulina) mechanisms for spontaneous timing. Both socioecology and vocal behavior of harbor seals make them an interesting model species to study call rhythm and timing. He...

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