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Consolidation of Health Physics Computer Codes: Sustainable Gains in Efficiency, Innovation, and Collaboration.

A decade ago, the nuclear power industry in the United States was on the verge of a nuclear renaissance with the potential to create jobs, funding streams, and great demand for radiation protection personnel. However, based on the high capital investment cost of building and licensing nuclear reactors and declining fossil fuel prices, the renaissance did not reach its full potential. Radiation protection initiatives were developed to bring attention to the profession in order to increase funding for the hea...

Expected Budget Impact and Health Outcomes of Expanded Use of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy.

The objective was to estimate, from the perspective of a managed care organization in the United States, the budget impact and effect on health outcomes of expanded use of vagus nerve stimulation [VNS (VNS Therapy)] among patients aged ≥ 12 years with drug-resistant epilepsy (DRE) with partial-onset seizures.

Partially ablative radiotherapy (PAR) for large mass tumors using simultaneous integrated boost: A dose-escalation feasibility study.

This study aimed to assess the feasibility to plan and deliver highly heterogeneous doses to symptomatic large tumors using volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) and simultaneous integrated boost (SIB) during a short course palliative accelerated radiotherapy.

Borrowing against the future: the response to the public consultation on the NHS bursary.

This paper discusses the UK Government's public consultation into the NHS bursary and the response from the Nursing and Midwifery Council. A public consultation stipulated that the current arrangements for funding, by the State, were not to be considered for discussion. Instead, the consultation only appraised views that would lead to the successful introduction of student finance loans for NHS professional education. Testimonies from nurses, midwives and nursing students expressed concern that the new fund...

Is human life worth peanuts? Risk attitude changes in accordance with varying stakes.

Risk aversion is well-known as a general and robust characteristic of people's decision making: people are less likely to gamble when they are unsure if they will obtain the expected value of the bet made. The "peanuts effect" is, however, an exception to this general rule. The "peanuts effect," which states that people are more willing to gamble when playing for "peanuts" (a small outcome), has been stably observed in the context of a small monetary stake. We conducted two types of experiments to verify wh...

A prospective case study of high boost, high frequency emphasis and two-way diffusion filters on MR images of glioblastoma multiforme.

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) appears undifferentiated and non-enhancing on magnetic resonance (MR) imagery. As MRI does not offer adequate image quality to allow visual discrimination of the boundary between GBM focus and perifocal vasogenic edema, surgical and radiotherapy planning become difficult. The presence of noise in MR images influences the computation of radiation dosage and precludes the edge based segmentation schemes in automated software for radiation treatment planning. The performance of te...

Extreme teams: Toward a greater understanding of multiagency teamwork during major emergencies and disasters.

Major emergencies are extreme team decision making environments. They are complex, dynamic, high-stakes and fast paced events, wherein successful resolution is contingent upon effective teamwork. Not only do emergency teams coordinate at the intrateam level (e.g., police team), but they are increasingly required to operate at the interteam level (e.g., police, fire and ambulance teams). This is in response to the desire for networked and cost-effective practice and due to the evolving nature of modern threa...

Dose Escalation with Simultaneous Integrated Boost (SIB) Using Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) in Rectal Cancer.

Assess feasibility-rate of PCR, short-term toxicity after neoadjuvant concurrent chemoradiation (NACRT) delivered via simultaneous integrated boost (SIB) using volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) technique for locally advanced rectal cancer.

Trends in Health Disparities, Health Inequity, and Social Determinants of Health Research: A 17-Year Analysis of NINR, NCI, NHLBI, and NIMHD Funding.

The theoretical landscape of health disparities research now emphasizes health inequities and the role that social determinants of health (SDOH) play in creating and perpetuating them. Whether National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding patterns reflect this theoretical shift is unknown.

Accelerating QM/MM Free Energy Computations via Intramolecular Force Matching.

The calculation of free energy differences between levels of theory has numerous potential pitfalls. Chief amongst them is the lack of overlap, i.e., ensembles generated at one level of theory (e.g., ``low'') not being good approximations of ensembles at the other (e.g., ``high''). Numerous strategies have been devised to mitigate this issue. However, the most straight-forward approach is to ensure that the ``low'' level ensemble more closely resembles that of the ``high''. Ideally, this is done without inc...

WASP (Write a Scientific Paper): Writing a research Grant - 2, drafting the proposal.

When writing up a grant application, the proposal has to be targeted to the funding source identified and being approached. However, some general rules apply in all cases. Provision of preliminary data may be useful and collaboration with well-known/published colleagues and top centres may also help and may be a prerequisite for some kinds of application. The quality and originality of the science is the main selling point as well as convincing the review board that you/your consortium are the best placed g...

US budget impact of increased payer adoption of the Flexitouch advanced pneumatic compression device in lymphedema patients with advanced chronic venous insufficiency and multiple infections.

To assess the budget impact to a US commercial health plan of providing access to the Flexitouch (FLX) advanced pneumatic compression device (Tactile Medical) to lymphedema (LE) patients with either comorbid chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) or frequent infections.

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief.

Outcomes of early NIH-funded investigators: Experience of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Survival of junior scientists in academic biomedical research is difficult in today's highly competitive funding climate. National Institute of Health (NIH) data on first-time R01 grantees indicate the rate at which early investigators drop out from a NIH-supported research career is most rapid 4 to 5 years from the first R01 award. The factors associated with a high risk of dropping out, and whether these factors impact all junior investigators equally, are unclear. We identified a cohort of 1,496 investig...

Deciphering moral intuition: How agents, deeds, and consequences influence moral judgment.

Moral evaluations occur quickly following heuristic-like intuitive processes without effortful deliberation. There are several competing explanations for this. The ADC-model predicts that moral judgment consists in concurrent evaluations of three different intuitive components: the character of a person (Agent-component, A); their actions (Deed-component, D); and the consequences brought about in the situation (Consequences-component, C). Thereby, it explains the intuitive appeal of precepts from three domi...

Safety and tolerability of HIV-1 multiantigen pDNA vaccine given with IL-12 plasmid DNA via electroporation, boosted with a recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus HIV Gag vaccine in healthy volunteers in a randomized, controlled clinical trial.

The addition of plasmid cytokine adjuvants, electroporation, and live attenuated viral vectors may further optimize immune responses to DNA vaccines in heterologous prime-boost combinations. The objective of this study was to test the safety and tolerability of a novel prime-boost vaccine regimen incorporating these strategies with different doses of IL-12 plasmid DNA adjuvant.

New Editor-in-Chief, New Challenges.

From the editor-in-chief: what happens next?

Impact of vegetation on the methane budget of a temperate forest.

Upland forest soils are known to be the main biological sink for methane, but studies have shown that net methane uptake of a forest ecosystem can be reduced when methane emissions by vegetation are considered. We estimated the methane budget of a young oak plantation by considering tree stems but also the understorey vegetation. Automated chambers connected to a laser-based gas analyser, on tree stems, bare soil and soil covered with understorey vegetation, recorded CH fluxes for 7 months at 3 h interval...

Seasonal dynamics of bacterioplankton community in a large, shallow, highly dynamic freshwater lake.

The spatio-temporal shifts of bacterioplankton community can mirror their transition of functional traits in aquatic ecosystem. However, our understanding of spatio-temporal variation of bacterioplankton community composition structure (BCCs) within large, shallow and highly dynamic freshwater lake is still elusive. Here we examined the seasonal and spatial variability of BCCs in the Poyang Lake by 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing to explore how hydrological changes affect the BCCs. Principal coordinate an...

From the Editor-in-Chief's Desk.

From the Editor-in-Chief's Desk.

From the Editor-in-Chief's Desk.

Impacts of water residence time on nitrogen budget of lakes and reservoirs.

As an important factor related to the self-purification capacity (e.g. denitrification, burial rate, and downstream output) in aquatic systems, water residence time (WRT) has great impacts on the nitrogen (N) dynamics and its removal process in lakes and reservoirs. In this study, we have analysed the impacts of WRT on the change rates of total nitrogen (TN) concentrations in 50 waterbodies (including 33 lakes and 17 reservoirs) in China, with different change trends (e.g. increasing trends and decreasing t...

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