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An Unusual Clinical Presentation of Scrub Typhus.

Scrub typhus is still underdiagnosed despite a resurgence in incidence as the clinical presentation is often atypical leading to low index of suspicion among clinicians. We report a case of a young girl presenting as lobar pneumonia and diagnosed as scrub typhus. Despite such a classical picture of community-acquired pneumonia on clinical presentation and radiological findings the patient was found to have scrub typhus serologically thereby posing a diagnostic dilemma. Upon serological confirmation, doxycyc...

Infection after penetrating brain injury-An Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma multicenter study oral presentation at the 32nd annual meeting of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma, January 15-19, 2019, in Austin, Texas: Erratum.

Factors associated with a rapid call for assistance for patients with ischemic stroke.

To identify factors related to a rapid response to the onset of symptoms and a call for help for patients with ischemic stroke.

Tumor lysis syndrome.

Tumor lysis syndrome (SLT) is a rare and potentially fatal entity. It represents an oncological emergency. It can be diagnosed by its clinical presentation and also by laboratory results. In most cases it is presented as a complication of the chemotherapeutic treatment of oncohematological diseases with large tumor mass. Less frequently, a syndrome of spontaneous tumor lysis has been described, or secondary to the use of corticosteroids, hydroxyurea and radiotherapy. In its most severe forms it may require ...

Influence of on call vascular surgery team and off-hour effect on survival after ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms (rAAAs) represent a life-threatening emergency and carry a high community and in-hospital mortality, despite treatment and protocol advances. Identifying prognostic factors like the presence of on call vascular surgery teams at first hospital admissions or times of hospital admissions can modify hospital protocols and mechanisms to ameliorate general outcomes. The aim of this study is to analyze the influence of on call vascular surgery teams and off-hour admissions on su...

Exploring determinants of, and interventions for, delayed presentation of women with breast symptoms: A systematic review.

Behaviour change interventions are more likely to be effective if they are sensitive to contextual determinants of behaviour. Delayed presentation of women with breast symptoms is a concern for both high-income and low- and medium-income countries. Our aim was to integrate evidence on determinants of time to presentation of women with breast symptoms with complementary evidence on interventions for promoting early presentation.

No Sex Difference Found: Cues of Sexual Stimuli Activate the Reward System in both Sexes.

Sexually explicit material (SEM) is increasingly used in western societies. One reason for this high usage might be the rewarding property of SEM demonstrated in many brain imaging studies showing an activation of the reward system during the presentation of SEM. It is not yet well understood why women use SEM to a remarkably lesser extent than men. Maybe men react stronger to stimuli - so called SEM cues -, which signal the presentation of SEM and are therefore more vulnerable to use SEM than women. Theref...

Response to 'Letter to the Editor' -Infection after penetrating brain injury- An Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma multicenter study oral presentation at the 32nd annual meeting of the Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma, January 15019, 2019, Austin, Texas.

The voice of the radiologist: Enabling patients to speak directly to radiologists.

Patients and patient advocates express a desire to speak directly with radiologists, who are ideally suited to answer imaging-related questions and recommend for further imaging or testing. While web-based patient portals have improved patient access to reports of radiology examinations, they do little to help patients understand the report, and rarely facilitate contact with their radiologists. We implemented an alias phone number that forwarded to the smartphone of each participating radiologist and embed...

Correction to: Point estimate and reference normality interval of MRI-derived myocardial extracellular volume in healthy subjects: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

The original version of this article, published on 02 May 2019, unfortunately contained a mistake. The following correction has therefore been made in the original: The presentation of Fig. 2 was incorrect. The corrected figure is given below. The original article has been corrected.

Defend Thyself and Thy Offspring.

Three recent studies (Dodson and Kennedy, 2019; Lev et al., 2019; Ouyang et al., 2019) reveal that germ granule formation is necessary to protect germline-expressed genes from improper small RNA-mediated silencing. Loss of this protection leads to accumulation of small RNAs, impacting gene expression in multiple subsequent generations.

Spinal epidural haematoma post evacuation of spontaneous spinal intradural haematoma.

Spinal haematomas are very rarely associated with dengue syndrome and usually occur at the time of active dengue fever. Late presentation after recovery from dengue fever, intradural haematoma, presentation as a multiloculated cystic lesion with longitudinal extensive myelitis and recurrence after surgery are very rarely or not described. Due to the peculiar association of all these findings, we report this case to provide an insight into the existence of such a rare presentation.

Call center performance affects patient perceptions of access and satisfaction.

There is little research on the relationship between call center performance and patient-centered outcomes. In this study, we quantified the relationships between 2 measures of telephone access, average speed of answer (ASA) and abandonment rate (AR), and patient satisfaction outcomes within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

The 5 P's of Pyoderma Gangrenosum

The diagnosis of pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) is often difficult to establish based on a clinical presentation, which can mimic other dermatologic conditions. The formation of a mnemonic that incorporates the most prevalent clinical features of PG could aid in accuracy and speed of diagnosis. The 5 P's of PG: Painful, Progressive, Purple, Pretibial, Pathergy, and systemic associations, incorporate parameters recognizable on the first encounter with a patient with PG without reliance on histopathology and labor...

ISN-ASN 2019 Meeting, Montreal, Canada, 4th-8th August 2019.

ILTS Annual Congress 2019, Toronto, Cananda, May 15-18, 2019.

APSAD 2019 Conference, 10-13 November 2019, Hobart, Australia.

The effect of dimerization on the activation and conformational dynamics of adenosine A receptor.

The adenosine A1 receptor (A1R) is one of four adenosine receptors in humans, which are involved in the function of the cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous systems. Experimental results indicate that A1R can form a homodimer and that the protomer-protomer interaction in the A1R dimer is related to certain pharmacological characteristics of A1R activation. In this work, we performed docking, metadynamics simulation, conventional molecular dynamics simulations, Gaussian-accelerated molecular dynam...


Swyer syndrome is a rare type of disorder of sex development and typically presents with delayed puberty and primary amenorrhea. We describe an unusual presentation of this condition.

The kids are alright - labour market effects of unexpected parental hospitalisations in the Netherlands.

Unexpected negative health shocks of a parent may reduce adult children's labour supply via informal caregiving and stress-induced mental health problems. We link administrative data on labour market outcomes, hospitalisations and family relations for the full Dutch working age population for the years 1999-2008 to evaluate the effect of an unexpected parental hospitalisation on the probability of employment and on conditional earnings. Using an event study difference-in-differences model combined with coar...

Sex Differences in Takotsubo Syndrome: A Narrative Review.

Takotsubo syndrome (TTS), or apical ballooning syndrome, is a transient and usually reversible form of cardiac dysfunction. It has classically been described in women with cardiac susceptibility when exposed to emotional or physical stress. Various hypotheses on the pathophysiology of TTS have been suggested, but the underlying mechanism remains unknown. There is increasing recognition of the sex differences in the presentation, triggers, severity, and complications of TTS. A literature review was conducted...

Replica sub-permutation method for molecular dynamics and monte carlo simulations.

We propose an improvement of the replica-exchange and replica-permutation methods, which we call the replica sub-permutation method (RSPM). Instead of considering all permutations, this method uses a new algorithm referred to as sub-permutation to perform parameter transition. The RSPM succeeds in reducing the number of combinations between replicas and parameters without the loss of sampling efficiency. For comparison, we applied the replica sub-permutation, replica-permutation, and replica-exchange method...

Sound radiation pattern of the advertisement call of the highly territorial poison frog Allobates femoralis.

Sound radiation patterns have ecological implications in the effective communication between conspecifics, like optimization of the sound propagation, increase the likelihood to reach mates and to mitigate effects of sound scattering by environmental factors like vegetation. The territorial frog Allobates femoralis advertises its territory against conspecific males and attract females with advertisement calls. Here we report the nearly omnidirectional sound-radiation pattern of the advertisement call of A. ...

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