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Water turnover among human populations: Effects of environment and lifestyle.

To discuss the environmental and lifestyle determinants of water balance in humans and identify the gaps in current research regarding water use across populations.

Salt, No Salt or Less Salt For Heart Failure Patients?

Restricting dietary sodium is a common recommendation given by clinicians to heart failure patients, one supported by current guidelines. However, the quality of evidence for this recommendation is suboptimal and there is no consensus on the optimal level of sodium intake. Though excessive sodium intake is associated with left ventricular hypertrophy and hypertension, recent data have suggested that very low sodium intake is paradoxically associated with worse heart failure outcomes. This is possibly explai...

The impact of fluid balance on outcomes in premature neonates: a report from the AWAKEN study group.

We evaluated the epidemiology of fluid balance (FB) over the first postnatal week and its impact on outcomes in a multi-center cohort of premature neonates from the AWAKEN study.

Latent trajectories of fluid balance are associated with outcomes in cardiac and aortic surgery.

Fluid overload is common in critically ill patients and is associated with worse outcomes. The trends in fluid balance have not been investigated previously. This study used trajectory analysis to investigate the impact of fluid balance trends on patients who had undergone cardiac or aortic surgery.

Brain osmo-sodium sensitive channels and the onset of sodium appetite.

The aim of the present study was to determine whether the TRPV1 channel is involved in the onset of sodium appetite. For this purpose, we used TRPV1-knockout mice to investigate sodium depletion-induced drinking at different times (2/24 h) after furosemide administration combined with a low sodium diet (FURO-LSD). In sodium depleted wild type and TRPV1 KO (SD-WT/SD-TPRV1-KO) mice, we also evaluated the participation of other sodium sensors, such as TPRV4, Na and angiotensin AT1-receptors (by RT-PCR), as w...

Spinal cord dysfunction contributes to balance impairment in multiple sclerosis patients.

Balance impairment is very common in multiple sclerosis (MS) but its causes are still unclear. Some studies suggest that balance deficit originates mainly from damage in specific locations of the central nervous system such as cerebellum and spinal cord, that are involved in transmission and integration of sensory inputs and motor outputs. The aim of this study is to investigate the contribution of spinal cord to MS-related imbalance, by combining neurophysiologic and neuroimaging techniques.

No substantial change in the balance between model-free and model-based control via training on the two-step task.

Human decisions can be habitual or goal-directed, also known as model-free (MF) or model-based (MB) control. Previous work suggests that the balance between the two decision systems is impaired in psychiatric disorders such as compulsion and addiction, via overreliance on MF control. However, little is known whether the balance can be altered through task training. Here, 20 healthy participants performed a well-established two-step task that differentiates MB from MF control, across five training sessions. ...

Analyze causes and results of VNG examinations in patients with vertigo and balance disorders in the private ENT practice.

The aim of the study was to attempt to analyze the most common causes leading to dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders according to gender and age.

G protein-coupled receptors of class A harness the energy of membrane potential to increase their sensitivity and selectivity.

The human genome contains about 700 genes of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) of class A; these seven-helical membrane proteins are the targets of almost half of all known drugs. In the middle of the helix bundle, crystal structures reveal a highly conserved sodium-binding site, which is connected with the extracellular side by a water-filled tunnel. The binding site contains a sodium ion in those GPCRs that are crystallized in their inactive conformations but does not in those GPCRs that are trapped in ...

Long-term Physicochemical Stability of Concentrated Solutions of Sodium Valproate in Polypropylene Syringes for Administration in the Intensive Care Unit.

In some situations, drug solutions in higher concentrations are used in intensive care units. The objective of this study was to evaluate the physicochemical stability of concentrated solutions of valproate sodium in polypropylene syringes during 30 days at 5°C ± 3°C. Five syringes of 40 mL containing 20 mg/mL of sodium valproate in 0.9% sodium chloride were prepared and stored at 5°C ± 3°C during 30 days. Immediately after preparation and periodically during the storage, valproate concentrations were...

Influence of Peak Menstrual Cycle Hormonal Changes on Restoration of Fluid Balance After Induced Dehydration.

The present study examined the impact of hormonal differences between late follicular (LF) and midluteal (ML) phases on restoration of fluid balance following dehydration. Ten eumenorrheic female participants were dehydrated by 2% of their body mass through overnight fluid restriction followed by exercise-heat stress. Trials were undertaken during the LF (between Days 10 and 13 of the menstrual cycle) and ML phases (between Days 18 and 23 of the menstrual cycle) with one phase repeated to assess reliability...

Balance, risk of falls, risk factors and fall-related costs in individuals with diabetes.

Sensory loss and impaired balance are considered risk factors of incident falls. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between degree of foot sensation and balance, risk of falls, incidence of fall-related injuries and costs in a cohort of patients with diabetes.

How accuracy of foot-placement is affected by the size of the base of support and crutch support in stroke survivors and healthy adults.

The high prevalence of falls due to trips and slips following stroke may signify difficulty controlling balance and adjusting foot-placement in response to the environment. We know very little about how controlling foot-placement is affected by balance requirements and the effects of stroke. Therefore, in this study the research question is how foot-placement control is affected by balance support from crutches and reducing or enlarging the base of support. By understanding how foot-placement control and ba...

Inactivation of human norovirus and its surrogate by the disinfectant consisting of calcium hydrogen carbonate mesoscopic crystals.

Human norovirus is one of the major causes of food-borne gastroenteritis, and it can be easily transmitted from infected person, virus-contaminated foods, and environmental surfaces. Effective disinfection method is needed to stop the transmission of human norovirus. CAC-717 is a new disinfectant consisting of calcium hydrogen carbonate mesoscopic crystals. We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of CAC-717 against human norovirus. This study used human norovirus derived from fecal specimens and cultured murine n...

Gait, balance, mobility and muscle strength in people with anxiety compared to healthy individuals.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders. Changes in psychomotor behavior can be observed in gross motor skills, with gait disturbances thought to reflect defective brain functions in psychiatric conditions. While balance deficits are well documented in anxiety, only little is known about gait characteristics of people with anxiety.

Evaluation of sodium valproate loaded nanoparticles in acute and chronic pentylenetetrazole induced seizure models.

Efficacy of sodium valproate in epilepsy is limited by its poor blood brain barrier penetration and side effects. Nanoparticles may offer a better drug delivery system to overcome these limitations. This study evaluated the efficacy of sodium valproate encapsulated in nanoparticles in pentylenetetrazole (PTZ) induced acute and kindling models of seizures in male Wistar rats.

Balance Deficits and Functional Disability in Cancer Survivors Exposed to Neurotoxic Cancer Treatments.

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) persists after treatment in up to 40% of cancer survivors and has been linked with increased balance deficits, disabilities, and fall occurrences. This study aimed to comprehensively assess the links between CIPN, balance deficits, and functional disability and to inform the development of clinical screening tools for patients at risk of these events.

Allosteric Communication to the Retinal Chromophore upon Ion Binding in a Light-driven Sodium Ion Pumping Rhodopsin.

rhodopsin 2 (KR2) serves as a light-driven sodium ion pump in the presence of sodium ion and works as a proton pump in the presence of larger monovalent cations such as potassium ion, rubidium ion, and cesium ion. Recent crystallographic studies revealed that KR2 forms a pentamer and possesses an ion binding site at the subunit interface. It is assumed that sodium ion bound at this binding site is not transported but contributes to thermal stability. Since KR2 can convert its function in response to coexist...

Sodium restriction improves nocturia in patients at a cardiology clinic.

This study aims to determine whether dietary sodium restriction counseling decreases nocturnal voiding frequency in cardiology patients with concomitant nocturia. Patients who had established care at a cardiology clinic from 2015 to 2018 reporting ≥1 average nocturnal void(s) underwent a comprehensive sodium intake interview by their cardiologist, who provided them with individualized strategies for dietary sodium reduction and assessed adherence at follow-up. Average nocturnal voiding frequency and dieta...

Clearing up the oxygen dip in HPAEC-PAD sugar analysis: Sodium sulfite as an oxygen scavenger.

A baseline dip caused by the reduction of dissolved oxygen in samples has been a source of trouble in the analysis of major monosaccharides (galactose, glucose, mannose, and fructose) in the high-performance anion-exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection system. This study attempted three different methods to remove the baseline dip from the resulting chromatograms, and among the approaches, sodium sulfite was found to act as the best oxygen scavenger. Clean chromatograms were obtained by ...

Balance control mechanisms do not benefit from successive stimulation of different sensory systems.

In humans, to reduce deviations from a perfect upright position, information from various sensory cues is combined and continuously weighted based on its reliability. Combining noisy sensory information to produce a coherent and accurate estimate of body sway is a central problem in human balance control. In this study, we first compared the ability of the sensorimotor control mechanisms to deal with altered ankle proprioception or vestibular information (i.e., the single sensory condition). Then, we evalua...

Transcriptomic Analyses of Inner Ear Sensory Epithelia in Zebrafish.

Analysis of gene expression has the potential to assist in the understanding of multiple cellular processes including proliferation, cell-fate specification, senesence, and activity in both healthy and disease states. Zebrafish model has been increasingly used to understand the process of hearing and the development of the vertebrate auditory system. Within the zebrafish inner ear, there are three otolith organs, each containing a sensory macula of hair cells. The saccular macula is primarily involved in he...

Foliar application of sodium selenate induces regulation in yield formation, grain quality characters and 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline biosynthesis in fragrant rice.

Selenium (Se) is a beneficial element for higher plants and essential for mammals. To study the effect of the foliar application of sodium selenate on fragrant rice performance, a pot experiment was conducted in Guangdong, China. At the initial heading stage, one-time foliar application of sodium selenate with concentrations of 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 μmol·L (named CK, Se1, Se2, Se3, Se4 and Se5, respectively) were foliar applied on two fragrant rice varieties, 'Meixiangzhan-2' and 'Xiangyaxiangzhan'.

A black phosphorus/TiC MXene nanocomposite for sodium-ion batteries: a combined experimental and theoretical study.

A black phosphorus (BP)/Ti3C2 MXene composite was prepared by compositing small BP nanoparticles with exfoliated Ti3C2 layers. When used as an anode for sodium-ion batteries, the BP/Ti3C2 composite electrode exhibited higher specific capacity and better electrode stability than a BP electrode and a Ti3C2 electrode. The results of experimental and density functional theory (DFT) calculations illustrated that the synergy of BP and Ti3C2 based on a stable interfacial interaction simultaneously reduces the resi...

Phenotypic Spectrum of Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium-Associated Maculopathy: A Multicenter Study.

A unique pigmentary maculopathy was recently described in 6 patients with long-term exposure to pentosan polysulfate sodium (PPS), a long-standing oral therapy for interstitial cystitis.

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