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Data-driven tensor independent component analysis for model-based connectivity neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback based on real-time functional MRI is an emerging technique to train voluntary control over brain activity in healthy and disease states. Recent developments even allow for training of brain networks using connectivity feedback based on dynamic causal modeling (DCM). DCM is an influential hypothesis-driven approach that requires prior knowledge about the target brain network dynamics and the modulatory influences. Data-driven approaches, such as tensor independent component analysis (ICA), can ...

HiGHmed - An Open Platform Approach to Enhance Care and Research across Institutional Boundaries.

This article is part of the Focus Theme of Methods of Information in Medicine on the German Medical Informatics Initiative. HiGHmed brings together 24 partners from academia and industry, aiming at improvements in care provision, biomedical research and epidemiology. By establishing a shared information governance framework, data integration centers and an open platform architecture in cooperation with independent healthcare providers, the meaningful reuse of data will be facilitated. Complementary, HiGHmed...

Phospholipase A2 products predict the hematopoietic support capacity of horse serum.

Horse serum is commonly used as an additive to support the maintenance of hematopoietic progenitor cells in culture. However, the wide variability in the performance of different lots calls for parallel testing of multiple batches over extended periods of culture. Identification of the serum components that determine hematopoietic support would therefore save considerable time and effort and would help to standardize culture procedures. We report here that the ability of horse serum to support the self-rene...

Randomized comparison of two commercial culture media (Cook and Vitrolife) for embryo culture after IMSI.

A variety of studies randomizing women/cycles or oocytes/embryos has been carried out to compare different culture media for culturing embryos up to cleavage or blastocyst stages showing controversial results. A recent systematic review suggested that data in the literature are insufficient to conclude the best culture medium for embryo quality, pregnancy and implantation. The objective of this study was to evaluate whether there is any difference between two commercial culture media regarding clinical outc...

Phonation Quotient Using Three Aerodynamic Instruments in the Disordered Voice.

The purpose of this study was to examine measures of phonation quotient (PQ) in two groups of persons with voice disorders using three different aerodynamic instruments representing low-tech and high-tech options.

Intersectoral Planning for Public Health: Dilemmas and Challenges.

Intersectoral action is often presented as essential in the promotion of population health and health equity. In Norway, national public health policies are based on the Health in All Policies (HiAP) approach that promotes whole-of-government responsibility. As part of the promotion of this intersectoral responsibility, planning is presented as a tool that every Norwegian municipality should use to integrate public health policies into their planning and management systems. Although research on implementing...

At-a-glance - Opioid surveillance: monitoring and responding to the evolving crisis.

The incidence of opioid-related overdoses is increasing at an alarming pace, largely driven by the increased use of fentanyl and its analogues. The need for sound and reliable sources of data on opioid use is crucial in order to make decisions on implementing efficient interventions, and develop appropriate policies and guidelines to mitigate the burden of opioid use. This article highlights initiatives undertaken by federal partners to address the opioid crisis in Canada. The need for novel surveillance ap...

Temporal Biomedical Data Analytics.

Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Megakaryocytes by Transcription Factor-Driven Forward Programming.

The differentiation of megakaryocytes from human pluripotent stem cells in vitro offers intriguing new perspectives for research and transfusion medicine. However, applications have been hampered by the low efficiency of cytokine driven differentiation protocols leading to poor megakaryocyte purity and yield. Here we describe a novel forward programming approach relying on the combined ectopic expression of the three transcription factors GATA1, FLI1, and TAL1 in human pluripotent stem cells for large scale...

Policy-driven monitoring and evaluation: Does it support adaptive management of socio-ecological systems?

Inadequate Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is often thought to hinder adaptive management of socio-ecological systems. A key influence on environmental management practices are environmental policies: however, their consequences for M&E practices have not been well-examined. We examine three policy areas - the Water Framework Directive, the Natura 2000 Directives, and the Agri-Environment Schemes of the Common Agricultural Policy - whose statutory requirements influence how the environment is managed and mo...

Follow-up after implementing a Web-based support tool for intrathecal pump drug management.

Follow-up after implementing a web-based support tool for intrathecal pump drug management.

Rural Residencies: Texas Tech's Rural Training Track Brings More Physicians to Small Towns.

Texas Tech's rural residency program is one of several across the United States that encourage physician training in rural areas to bring more physicians to small towns.

Neurotrauma as a big-data problem.

The field of neurotrauma research faces a reproducibility crisis. In response, research leaders in traumatic brain injury (TBI) and spinal cord injury (SCI) are leveraging data curation and analytics methods to encourage transparency, and improve the rigor and reproducibility. Here we review the current challenges and opportunities that come from efforts to transform neurotrauma's big data to knowledge.

An Electronic Health Record-Based Real-Time Analytics Program For Patient Safety Surveillance And Improvement.

Twenty years after publication of the report To Err Is Human, studies demonstrate persisting high levels of patient harm. Most patient safety measurement remains highly retrospective, relying on voluntary reporting and post discharge administrative coding. Progress has been limited by the lack of advances in measurement accuracy, detection sensitivity, and timely actionability. The broad adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) offers a significant opportunity to leverage digital information to improve ...

Genome-wide search of nucleosome patterns using visual analytics.

The Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) is widely used for the fast alignment of highthroughput sequence data. This method also has potential applications in other areas of bioinformatics, and it can be specially useful for the fast searching of patterns on coverage data from different sources.

Data-driven Elasticity Imaging Using Cartesian Neural Network Constitutive Models and the Autoprogressive Method.

Quasi-static elasticity imaging techniques rely on model-based mathematical inverse methods to estimate mechanical parameters from force-displacement measurements. These techniques introduce simplifying assumptions that preclude exploration of unknown mechanical properties with potential diagnostic value. We previously reported a data-driven approach to elasticity imaging using artificial neural networks (NNs) that circumvents limitations associated with model-based inverse methods. NN constitutive models c...

Establishing a decision-support system for eco-design of biological wastewater treatment: A case study of bioaugmented constructed wetland.

Deep treatment is a common approach to enhance pollutant removal for biological wastewater treatment technologies (BWTTs), and life cycle assessment (LCA) holds substantial advantages to support process optimization. However, there lacks of LCA-based benchmarks that cover human-nature nexuses and stakeholder involvement, which limits the guidance and eco-design of BWTTs. This study proposed a decision-support system (DSS) by linking LCA with Water Quality Model and Conjoint Analysis. Three major findings we...

Data-Driven Respiratory Motion Compensation for Four-Dimensional Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (4D-CBCT) Using Groupwise Deformable Registration.

To demonstrate the feasibility of using a purely data-driven, a posteriori respiratory motion modeling and reconstruction compensation method to improve 4D-CBCT image quality under clinically relevant image acquisition conditions.

Just Culture: Practical Implementation for Radiologist Peer Review.

Peer review is a cornerstone of quality improvement programs and serves to support the peer learning process. Peer review in radiology incorporates the review of diagnostic imaging interpretation, interventional procedures, communication, and the evaluation of untoward patient events. A just culture is an environment in which errors and near-miss events are evaluated in a deliberately nonpunitive framework, avoiding a culture of blame and responsibility and focusing instead on error prevention and fostering...

Exploring what teams perceive by 'culture' when implementing new models of care.

Health and social care organizations continually face change to coordinate efforts, improve care quality and better meet patient needs in the context of growing pressure on services. NHS 'vanguard' teams funded to pilot organizational change in England have argued that alongside new structures, policies and governance, a shift in 'workplace culture' is needed to implement change. Although now defined in the literature and seen as an important driver of quality care, it was not clear what teams themselves me...

HIV messaging on twitter: an analysis of current practice and data-driven recommendations.

Social media messages have been increasingly used in health campaigns about prevention, testing, and treatment of HIV. We identified factors leading to the retransmission of messages from expert social media accounts to create data-driven recommendations for online HIV messaging.

Modelling the structure of object-independent human affordances of approaching to grasp for robotic hands.

Grasp affordances in robotics represent different ways to grasp an object involving a variety of factors from vision to hand control. A model of grasp affordances that is able to scale across different objects, features and domains is needed to provide robots with advanced manipulation skills. The existing frameworks, however, can be difficult to extend towards a more general and domain independent approach. This work is the first step towards a modular implementation of grasp affordances that can be separa...

BioJava 5: A community driven open-source bioinformatics library.

BioJava is an open-source project that provides a Java library for processing biological data. The project aims to simplify bioinformatic analyses by implementing parsers, data structures, and algorithms for common tasks in genomics, structural biology, ontologies, phylogenetics, and more. Since 2012, we have released two major versions of the library (4 and 5) that include many new features to tackle challenges with increasingly complex macromolecular structure data. BioJava requires Java 8 or higher and i...

Is there a role for the funeral service provider in bereavement support within the context of compassionate communities?

This is the first study to explore bereaved individuals' experiences of funeral service providers using these services' databases. A total of 839 Australians participated in a postal survey, 6-24 months into their bereavement. Funeral providers were reported to be the third most prevalent form of bereavement support after friends and family. Analysis found six themes related to perceived helpful or unhelpful support: instrumental support, professionalism, informational support, financial tension, communic...

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