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Prevalence of mutilations and other skin wounds in working donkeys in Tamil Nadu, India.

Wounds in working donkeys are a common and preventable welfare problem in many countries. Mutilations, iatrogenic injuries carried out by owners, are a particularly distressing welfare issue. However, little is known about their nature and prevalence. The project aim was to assess the general health and establish the prevalence, nature and severity of mutilations and other skin wounds in donkeys from several communities in Tamil Nadu, India, that were part of a donkey welfare initiative run by the Worldwide...

The spectrum of injuries resulting from abdominal stab wounds with isolated omental evisceration: A South African experience.

The spectrum of injury associated with anterior abdominal stab wounds (SWs) is well established. The literature in the specific setting of isolated omental evisceration is limited.

Product evaluation of an absorbent, antimicrobial, haemostatic dressing.

This article reports on a product evaluation of KytoCel, an absorbent wound dressing used in the treatment of 30 wounds treated in community care and 10 split-thickness skin-graft donor sites treated in acute care. Within the community-treated cohort, unspecified leg wounds were the most common wound type (n=6) with the mean wound area of the 30 wounds being 17.6 cm(standard deviation (SD) 31.7) and mean volume being 8.4 cm(SD 21.4). Most community treated wounds (27/30; 90%) were reported to have moderate ...

PURL: Treating migraines: It's different for kids.

Certain medications used for migraine prevention in adults do not perform the same way in children and adolescents and can actually cause harm.

Application of Viable Cryopreserved Human Placental Membrane Grafts in the Treatment of Wounds of Diverse Etiologies: A Case Series.

There is evidence in the literature that viable cryopreserved human placental membrane (vCHPM) grafts are effective in treating diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers.

Oral Cavity Reconstruction Outcomes Using a Porcine Urinary Bladder Matrix: A Retrospective Case Series.

The purpose of this study is to assess healing outcomes in full-thickness mucosal wounds following the use of a porcine urinary bladder matrix to augment mixed oral cavity repairs.

Where the wild tales are: how stories teach kids to nurture nature.

A study of the pharmacokinetics and thromboxane inhibitory activity of a single intramuscular dose of carprofen as a means to establish its potential use as an analgesic drug in white rhinoceros.

The alleviation of pain and prevention of suffering are key aspects of animal welfare. Unfortunately, analgesic drugs are not available for all species. White rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum), representing one of such species, which survive poaching attempts inflicted with severe facial injuries and gunshot wounds, nonetheless require analgesic support. To improve treatment conditions, this study explored the use of carprofen for the treatment of pain and inflammation in white rhinoceros. The pharmacokineti...

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Drug delivery systems and materials for wound healing applications.

Chronic, non-healing wounds place a significant burden on patients and healthcare systems, resulting in impaired mobility, limb amputation, or even death. Chronic wounds result from a disruption in the highly orchestrated cascade of events involved in wound closure. Significant advances in our understanding of the pathophysiology of chronic wounds have resulted in the development of drugs designed to target different aspects of the impaired processes. However, the hostility of the wound environment rich in ...

Considerations for Systemic and Topical Treatment of Morganella morganii Septicemia Arising from Maggot Infestation.

Live maggot infestation (myiasis) of wounds can present a host of ailments. Loosely associated with maggot excreta, Morganella morganii is a widespread, gram-negative rod bacterium commonly found in the intestinal tracts of humans. M morganii has been observed as being pathogenic, particularly in nosocomial and postoperative environments, as well as in immunosuppressed and elderly populations.

Psoriasis and wound healing outcomes: A retrospective cohort study examining wound complications and antibiotic use.

Little is known about wound healing in psoriasis. We performed a cohort study examining differences in wound healing complications between patients with and without psoriasis. Psoriasis patients with traumatic wounds were matched 1:3 to non-psoriasis patients with traumatic wounds based on age, gender, and body mass index (BMI). We examined theincidence of wound complications including infection, necrosis, and hematoma as well as incident antibiotic use within three months following diagnosis of a traumatic...

Evaluation of Total Nitrite Pattern Visualization as an Improved Method for Gunshot Residue Detection and its Application to Casework Samples.

Visualization of nitrite residues is essential in gunshot distance determination. Current protocols for the detection of nitrites include, among other tests, the Modified Griess Test (MGT). This method is limited as nitrite residues are unstable in the environment and limited to partially burned gunpowder. Previous research demonstrated the ability of alkaline hydrolysis to convert nitrates to nitrites, allowing visualization of unburned gunpowder particles using the MGT. This is referred to as Total Nitrit...

Associations between traumatic stress symptoms, pain and bio-active components in burn wounds.

Pain and traumatic stress symptoms often co-occur. Evidence suggests that the neuropeptide oxytocine and pro-inflammatory cytokines are associated with both stress and pain. The aim of this pilot study was to explore relations between self-reported pain and traumatic stress, oxytocin and three cytokines in burn wounds.

Controlled Delivery of a Focal Adhesion Kinase Inhibitor Results in Accelerated Wound Closure with Decreased Scar Formation.

Formation of scars following wounding or trauma represents a significant healthcare burden costing the economy billions of dollars every year. Activation of focal adhesion kinase (FAK) has been shown to play a pivotal role in transducing mechanical signals to elicit fibrotic responses and scar formation during wound repair. We have previously shown that inhibition of FAK using local injections of a small molecule FAK inhibitor (FAKI) can attenuate scar development in a hypertrophic scar model. Clinical tran...

Older patients' experiences and perceptions of having their wounds treated with medical-grade honey.

Ancient remedies in wound care have been used for millennia and are now being rediscovered; in particular, the use of honey. The purpose of this study was to capture and explore the meanings that participants assign to their lived experiences when using medical-grade honey to treat wounds. Six participants were recruited from a Lindsey Leg Club support group. Semi-structured interviews were conducted and the verbatim transcriptions were analysed using interpretative phenomenological analysis. Two themes wer...

Treatment of Nonreconstructable Critical Limb Ischemia With Ischemic Wounds Utilizing a Noninvasive Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device Monitored With Fluorescence Angiography.

Critical limb ischemia (CLI) is a leading cause of lower extremity amputation. When CLI is identified, revascularization should be performed if possible. When options for revascularization do not exist, use of a noninvasive intermittent pneumatic compression device (NPCD) can be considered.

Photobiomodulation mechanisms in the kinetics of the wound healing process in rats.

The healing process of cutaneous lesions is considered a complex event divided into distinct and overlapping phases, which responds satisfactorily to photobiomodulation (PBM). PBM is indicated as a therapeutic resource capable of assisting tissue repair. The present study aimed to analyze the kinetics of cutaneous wounds healing process after application of the GaAlAs laser for treating wounds on the dorsum of rats.

Comparison of healing of full-thickness skin wounds grafted with multidirectional or unidirectional autologous artificial dermis: differential delivery of healing biomarkers.

Cytokines, chemokines, and growth and remodeling factors orchestrate wound healing when skin damage occurs. During early stages, when the wound is still open, detection and quantification of these compounds might provide biomarkers of skin wound healing, which could aid to complete the scenario provided by clinical follow-up data and histological and histomorphometric analyses. This work assessed and compared the healing of full-thickness skin wounds grafted with artificial dermis made with autologous skin ...

Inhibition of Bromelain Activity During Enzymatic Debridement of Burn Wounds Pretreated With Frequently Used Products.

An enzyme mixture containing bromelain (NexoBrid®) was found to be suitable for enzymatic debridement of burn wounds, as determined by the criteria of patient comfort and pain, selectivity, and efficiency. Nevertheless, daily experience showed that pretreatment of burn wounds with several other clinical agents may inhibit debridement efficiency. Therefore, the current study was performed to identify those agents and evaluate their debridement inhibition capabilities. The impact of several common agents as ...

Medical Devices; General and Plastic Surgery Devices; Classification of the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Device for Treatment of Chronic Wounds. Final order.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA or we) is classifying the extracorporeal shock wave device for treatment of chronic wounds into class II (special controls). The special controls that apply to the device type are identified in this order and will be part of the codified language for the extracorporeal shock wave device for treatment of chronic wounds' classification. We are taking this action because we have determined that classifying the device into class II (special controls) will provide a reasonab...

Pro-Fibrogenic and Anti-Inflammatory Potential of a Polyphenol-Enriched Fraction from Annona crassiflora in Skin Repair.

A polyphenol-enriched fraction from fruit peel (PEF-Ac) containing chlorogenic acid, epi-catechin, procyanidins B2 and C1, quercetin-glucoside, kaempferol, and caffeoyl-glucoside was investigated for its anti-inflammatory, pro-angiogenic, and profibrogenic potential in the healing of cutaneous wounds. Four wounds were performed on the back of C57 mice and the lesions were treated with the vehicle (Vaseline and lanolin) and PEF-Ac at concentrations of 2%, 4%, and 6% for 4 and 7 d. Neutrophils and macropha...

Effects of low-level laser therapy on the healing of surgically closed incisions and surgically created open wounds in dogs.

To determine the effects of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on primarily closed incisions and full thickness open wounds in dogs.

Local Administration of Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Improves Diabetic Wound Healing.

Impaired healing of the skin is a notable cause of patient morbidity and mortality. In diabetic individuals, dysregulated inflammation contributes to delayed wound healing. Specific immunomodulatory agents may have a role in the treatment of diabetic wounds. One of these molecules is interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (Anakinra; Amgen Corp.). Although interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (Anakinra; Amgen Corp.) is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and n...

Effectiveness of Regional Anaesthesia for Treatment of Facial and Hand Wounds by Emergency Physicians: a 9-month Prospective Study.

We compared the effectiveness of nerve blocks (regional anesthesia, RA) versus local anesthesia (LA) to treat face and hand wounds. Emergency physicians who had not previously used nerve blocks administered the anesthesia based on anatomic landmarks.

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