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Choice history biases subsequent evidence accumulation.

Perceptual choices depend not only on the current sensory input but also on the behavioral context, such as the history of one's own choices. Yet, it remains unknown how such history signals shape the dynamics of later decision formation. In models of decision formation, it is commonly assumed that choice history shifts the starting point of accumulation toward the bound reflecting the previous choice. We here present results that challenge this idea. We fit bounded-accumulation decision models to human per...

Spatial heterogeneity of ecosystem services: a distance decay approach to quantify willingness to pay for improvements in Heihe River Basin ecosystems.

The growing appreciation of distance decay as an important parameter necessary for estimating willingness to pay (WTP) is hugely recognized in the literature. In this paper, we estimated the extent to which distance decay and individual's socioeconomic characteristics influence the WTP for restoration of environmental quality attributes in the Heihe River Basin. A choice experiment technique was used to evaluate the household's WTP for the improvements in local environmental attributes. The results of mixed...

Evaluation of Personal Exposure to Surgical Smoke Generated from Electrocautery Instruments: A Pilot Study.

Hospital technician surgical smoke exposures during several types of electrocautery-based procedures were evaluated. Personal and area air sampling was performed for 106 individual analytes including ultrafine particulate matter (UFP), volatile organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phenol, aldehydes, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrogen cyanide. Acetone, d-limonene, ethanol, ethyl acetate, and fluorene were measured in surgical suites at concentrations 1.1- to 3.7-fold higher than ...

Individual Differences in the Behavioral Characteristics of Beluga Whales (Dephinapterus leucas).

The topic of individual differences in animal behavior has garnered a great deal of recent attention across many species, but questions remain concerning the degree to which behavioral differences vary over time or by age and sex. The present study focused on white whales (Delphinapterus leucas), a species in which a high degree of behavioral variability may be expected due to the fact that belugas are large-brained, long-lived, and highly social in nature. A suite of 23 behavioral measures related to boldn...

Religious concept activation attenuates cognitive dissonance reduction in free-choice and induced compliance paradigms.

Past research suggests that religion imbues people with a sense of certainty - via an increase in personal control, by providing meaning in life, or by activating associated norms. Based on findings suggesting that uncertainty and cognitive dissonance share many underlying features, we investigated whether thinking about religion, either situationally or chronically, buffers against cognitive dissonance. In four methodically diverse studies, we found converging support for this hypothesis. Semantically or s...

Gaming- a bane or a boon-a systematic review.

Recent trends show online/video games, have shifted from being just recreational in nature, to hazardous even resulting in the gamer's death like the blue whale game. The aim of the study is to examine associations between video/online gaming and its implication on the biopsychosocial domains of the user. Online databases were studied on gaming and its effect on behaviour, general and mental health from 1997-2017. The PICO guidelines, PRISMA flow diagram and the Rayyan software was used in identifying relev...

Positive representation of relational self-esteem versus personal self-esteem in Chinese with interdependent self-construal.

Recent research has shown that relational self-esteem (RSE) carries important implications, especially in collectivistic cultures. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the neural mechanism underlying RSE and the behavioral and neural differences between RSE and personal self-esteem (PSE) in Chinese with interdependent self-construal. In Study 1, 581 participants completed a scale measuring RSE, the Rosenberg Personal Self-esteem Scale, and the Self-construal Scale. In Study 2, a functional magnetic...

The impact of hemodialysis on mortality and personal independence following hip fracture. A prospective matched cohort study.

To determine the cumulative 30-day and 1-year mortality as well as personal independence following hip fracture in patients on hemodialysis.

Characteristics of customary non-attenders in general practice who are diagnosed with cancer: A cross-sectional study in Denmark.

This study aimed to explore individual and structural factors in patients with cancer and their potential association with customary non-attendance in general practice.

Estimating the Population Average Treatment Effect in Observational Studies with Choice-Based Sampling.

We consider causal inference in observational studies with choice-based sampling, in which subject enrollment is stratified on treatment choice. Choice-based sampling has been considered mainly in the econometrics literature, but it can be useful for biomedical studies as well, especially when one of the treatments being compared is uncommon. We propose new methods for estimating the population average treatment effect under choice-based sampling, including doubly robust methods motivated by semiparametric ...

Pilot Study of a Patient Decision Aid for Valve Choices in Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement.

Objective superiority of tissue versus mechanical prostheses in surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR) remains controversial, placing a greater emphasis on patients to consider personal lifestyle and risk preferences including the burden of lifelong anticoagulation and the possible need for reoperation. A shared-decision making tool may therefore be of value in making this important choice.

Choice perseveration in value-based decision making: The impact of inter-trial interval and mood.

In a series of decisions, people tend to show choice perseveration, that is, they repeat their choices. This choice perseveration is assumed to emerge due to residual activity from the previous decision. Here, we use a computational model with attractor dynamics to describe this process and to predict how choice perseveration can be modulated. We derive two qualitative predictions: Choice perseveration should decrease under longer (vs. shorter) inter-trial intervals and positive (vs. negative) mood. We test...

Healthy lifestyle behavior and personal control in people with schizophrenia with healthy controls: A cross-sectional comparative study.

The aim of the article was to compare persons with schizophrenia and healthy controls about their life style on their physical health and personal control. Evidences highlights that it helps to change risk behaviours associated with co morbid physical health problems. Subjects were recruited from adult mental health services in tertiary level psychiatric center.Comparisons between the groups were done by using the lifestyle and personal control questionnaire. Subjects were 86 with schizophrenia, 72 were hea...

A survey of the secondary exposure to organophosphate and organochlorine pesticides and the impact of preventive factors in female villagers.

Organophosphates (OPs) and organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) are two main types of pesticides that are widely used worldwide, and their toxicities have been reported in high-risk individuals, such as farmers and their wives. The aim of this study was to evaluate the levels of mentioned pesticides in farmers' wives (FWs) and compare them with the control group; we also aimed to assess the effect of personal health factors on the biochemical parameters. This case-control study was conducted on two FWs and cont...

Medical therapeutics: mortality effects, uncertainty, and informed consent.

Many drugs used in medical therapeutics are able to save human lives. Unfortunately, many such drugs have also led to the death of patients. This fact raises important issues discussed in light of a number of cases taken from cardiovascular therapeutics. Medical therapeutics currently includes a vast number of different types of interventions, including drugs, devices, surgery, and diets. In what regards drugs, we currently use molecules with profound influences on the human body-some of which leading occas...

Personal continuity versus specialisation of care approaches in mental healthcare: experiences of patients and clinicians-results of the qualitative study in five European countries.

The current debate on organisation of the mental health care raises a question whether to prioritise specialisation of clinical teams or personal continuity of care. The article explores the experiences of patients and clinicians regarding specialisation (SC) and personal continuity (PCC) of care in five European countries.

Short-term affective consequences of specificity of rumination about unresolved personal goals.

Rumination is a form of repetitive thinking that has been associated with both helpful and unhelpful consequences for mood and self-regulation. It has been suggested that the specificity of ruminative thought content may be one factor that determines whether state rumination about personal goals is adaptive. The present study tested the hypothesis that state rumination about unresolved personal goals is associated with unhelpful affective consequences only when rumination is low in specificity.

Risk factors for suicidal behavior in a university population in Brazil: A retrospective study.

The present study aimed to evaluate whether variables related to personal and academic characteristics, past history, habits, and addictions were associated with suicidal behavior. Medical records of patients attending the Outpatient Psychiatry Department at the State University of Maringá between July 2016 and December 2017 were included in this retrospective study. The studied population was divided into two groups: 80 employees and 158 students. After performing the univariate analysis using Pearson's c...

Experimental Models for Cutaneous Hypertrophic Scar Research.

Human skin wound repair may result in various outcomes with most of them leading to scar formation. Commonly seen in many cutaneous wound healing cases, hypertrophic scars are considered as phenotypes of abnormal wound repair. To prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars, efforts have been made to understand the mechanism of scarring following wound closure. Numerous in vivo and in vitro models have been created to facilitate investigations into cutaneous scarring and the development of anti-scarring trea...

The influence of pulmonary comorbidities on treatment choice and short-term surgical outcomes among elderly patients with colorectal cancer.

Most elderly patients with colorectal cancer have comorbidities and reduced functional reserve, which may increase their risks of postoperative morbidity and mortality, and subsequently influence the treatment choice. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the treatment choice and compare laparoscopic and open surgery in this setting.

Stoichiometry and regulation network of Bcl-2 family complexes quantified by live-cell FRET assay.

The stoichiometry and affinity of Bcl-2 family complexes are essential information for understanding how their interactome network is orchestrated to regulate mitochondrial permeabilization and apoptosis. Based on over-expression model system, FRET analysis was used to quantify the protein-protein interactions among Bax, Bcl-xL, Bad and tBid in healthy and apoptotic cells. Our data indicate that the stoichiometry and affinity of Bcl-2 complexes are dependent on their membrane environment. Bcl-xL, Bad and tB...

Response to "Personal Protective Equipment: Evaluating Usage Among Inpatient and Outpatient Oncology Nurses".

I read with great interest the recent article entitled "Personal Protective Equipment: Evaluating Usage Among Inpatient and Outpatient Oncology Nurses" by Menonna-Quinn, Polovich, and Marshall (2019). In addition to furthering the body of knowledge regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) usage in the USP era, the Hazardous Drug Handling Questionnaire that was used in the study can help other organizations improve their adherence by gaining a deeper understanding of barriers.

The regional homogeneity patterns of the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex predict individual differences in decision impulsivity.

Intertemporal choice refers to the process of making decisions by weighing short- and long-term benefits and costs. On average people prefer immediate rewards over delayed rewards with larger amounts, which is a form of decision impulsivity. Based on previous research showing the importance of the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex (DMPFC) in decision impulsivity, the present study examined whether regional homogeneity (ReHo) patterns in DMPFC were associated with individual differences in intertemporal choice...

Impact of menstrual blood representations on contraceptive choice of women.

-To study the psychic self-representations and experiences of menstrual blood in women and their impact on the choice of a contraceptive method, with or without amenorrhea Methods. -Qualitative study based on semi-structured interviews with French women over age 18, under contraception.

Investigation of pharmaceutical and personal care product interactions of soil and beets (Beta vulgaris L.) under the effect of wastewater reuse.

Although, several recent greenhouse studies are beginning to address the uptake of pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs) by a variety of crops, few studies have assessed the effects of exposure to complex, realistic wastewater effluents on uptake. Hence, in this study, a greenhouse experiment was conducted in order to study the interactions occurring exclusively between PPCPs in soil, and in the edible plant part of beets (Beta vulgaris) after exposure to treated wastewater effluent. According ...

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