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Family Centered Care (FCC) in Early Intervention (EI): Examining Caregiver Perceptions of FCC and EI Service Use Intensity.

Family Centered Care (FCC) is an approach to pediatric rehabilitation service delivery endorsing shared decision-making and effective communication with families. There is great need to understand how early intervention (EI) programs implement these processes, how EI caregivers perceive them, and how they relate to EI service use. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine 1) parent- and provider-perceptions about EI FCC processes and 2) the association between FCC perceptions and EI service intensi...

Defining hospital community benefit activities using Delphi technique: A comparison between China and the United States.

Currently there is no expert consensus regarding what activities and programs constitute hospital community benefits. In China, the hospital community benefit movement started gaining attention after the recent health care system reform in 2009. In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service and the nonprofit hospital sector have struggled to define community benefit for many years. More recently, under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)'s new "community benefit" requirements, nonprofit hospitals further dev...

Rejection of the genetic implications of the "Abundant Centre Hypothesis" in marine mussels.

The 'Abundant-Centre Hypothesis' is a well-established but controversial hypothesis stating that the abundance of a species is highest at the centre of its range and decreases towards the edges, where conditions are unfavourable. As genetic diversity depends on population size, edge populations are expected to show lower intra-population genetic diversity than core populations, while showing high inter-population genetic divergence. Here, the genetic implications of the Abundant-Centre Hypothesis were teste...

Quantification and risk assessment of heavy metal build-up in soil-plant system after irrigation with untreated city wastewater in Vehari, Pakistan.

In peri-urban areas of district Vehari, farmers are using untreated city wastewater for crop irrigation owing to the scarcity of good-quality irrigation water. This practice may pose severe environmental and health issues to local inhabitants attributed to the high levels of potentially toxic metals in wastewater. The present study evaluated the potential impacts of wastewater irrigation on metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, Ni, Mn, Pb and Zn) build-up in the soil-plant continuum and associated health risks. In this s...

Web service QoS prediction using improved software source code metrics.

Due to the popularity of Web-based applications, various developers have provided an abundance of Web services with similar functionality. Such similarity makes it challenging for users to discover, select, and recommend appropriate Web services for the service-oriented systems. Quality of Service (QoS) has become a vital criterion for service discovery, selection, and recommendation. Unfortunately, service registries cannot ensure the validity of the available quality values of the Web services provided on...

Verification of imported red wine origin into China using multi isotope and elemental analyses.

Multi-isotope and multi-elemental analyses were performed on 600 red wine samples imported into China from 7 different countries and compared with Chinese wine. Carbon and oxygen isotopes and 16 elements were used to determine origin traceability. Our goal was to build a classification tool using data modeling that can verify the geographic origin of wines imported into China. Multivariate analyses of the isotopic and elemental data revealed that it is possible to determine the geographical origin for most ...

A Surgical Endovascular Trauma Service Increases Case Volume and Decreases Time to Hemostasis.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of a recently active endovascular trauma service (ETS) on case volume and time to hemostasis, as a complement to an existing interventional radiology (IR) service.

Evaluating the appropriateness of chemotherapy in a low-resource cancer centre in sub-Saharan Africa.

To evaluate the appropriateness of chemotherapy use at the Oncology Department of the Bugando Medical Centre of Mwanza, Tanzania.

Plant-Protein Diversity Is Critical to Ensuring the Nutritional Adequacy of Diets When Replacing Animal With Plant Protein: Observed and Modeled Diets of French Adults (INCA3).

There is a current trend in Western countries toward increasing the intake of plant protein. A higher plant-protein intake has been associated with nutritional and health benefits, but these may depend on the pattern of plant-protein sources.

The tug of war between local government and enterprises in reducing China's carbon dioxide emissions intensity.

The respective interests of local government and enterprises have led to a tug of war that may be affecting the level of carbon dioxide emission reduction intensity in China. In order to investigate the conflicts involved, we build a model to measure the influence of local government and enterprises on actual carbon dioxide emissions reduction levels based on a two-tier stochastic frontier analysis model. This can help identify the attitudes and practical action of Chinese local governments and enterprises ...

Quo vadis 116117? Nationwide Overview of the Status Quo and Current Changes.

The on-call service (emergency service) has been reachable under 116117 in Germany since 2012. Nevertheless, this number is almost unknown to most Germans. A literature review of emergency service has shown that information which can be found is often incomplete and unclear. Thus, the aim of this study was to cover the status quo regarding 116117 at the federal level in Germany.

Manganese accumulation and plant physiology behavior of Camellia oleifera in response to different levels of nitrogen fertilization.

Manganese (Mn) pollution in soil, especially around the mining areas, is a severe problem in China. Seeking for effective remediation methods for Mn-contaminated soil is therefore urgent and necessary. Camellia oleifera (C. oleifera) is one of the world's four major woody oil plants, which is widely cultivated in subtropical acidic soils for oil production and has become an important economic and ecological resource in Guangxi Province. Nitrogen (N) is one of the most common limiting factors for plant growt...

Setting up a nurse-led bowel 'two week wait' service.

Patients who present to their GP with 'red flag' symptoms for possible bowel cancer (such as change in bowel habit or rectal bleeding) are urgently referred to an acute trust as a '2 week wait' (2WW) patient and require assessment and investigation in an efficient and timely manner. The burden that is created by ever increasing numbers of referrals requires a service that is reliable and flexible in meeting demand. This article presents the development of a nurse-led 2WW service that was implemented as a di...

Infectious pulmonary tuberculosis in a New Zealand cancer centre.

This report details the investigation of oncology and haematology patients, as well as cancer centre staff, friends and family who were exposed to an oncology patient with reactivated pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) in a New Zealand cancer centre. A total of 46 patients, seven staff members and 14 family and friends were identified as being exposed to the index case of TB (Mr K). These people were screened for TB infection by the use of a symptom questionnaire, Qiagen QuantiFeron (QFT)® Gold Plus test and, if ...

Military Spouses' Self- and Partner-Directed Minimization in the Context of Deployment.

In light of technological advances enabling military couples to communicate throughout deployment, spouses of deployed service members often make decisions about what to share with service members, and how to respond to service members' concerns. In doing so, they manage an emotional boundary between service members and their families. This study focused on two behaviors military spouses may use when managing this boundary, namely their minimization of (1) their own concerns (i.e., ) and (2) service members...

Risk assessment and genomic characterization of Zika virus in China and its surrounding areas.

Zika virus (ZIKV) has emerged as a global pathogen causing significant public health concerns. China has reported several imported cases where ZIKV were carried by travelers who frequently travel between China and ZIKV-endemic regions. To fully characterize the ZIKV strains isolated from the cases reported in China and assess the risk of ZIKV transmission in China, comprehensive phylogenetic and genetic analyses were performed both on all ZIKV sequences of China and on a group of scientifically selected ZIK...

Investigation of the demand for a 7-day (extended access) primary care service: an observational study from pilot schemes in England.

To understand how the uptake of an extended primary care service in the evenings and weekend varied by day of week and over time. Secondary objectives were to understand patient demographics of users of the service and how these varied by type of appointment and to core hour users.

From parasitic disease control to global health: new orientation of the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases, China CDC.

As the only specialized institution for research and control of parasitic diseases at the national level in China for almost 70 years, the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases (NIPD) at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) has been instrumental in supporting the remarkable progress from high prevalence to transmission interruption or low endemicity of several diseases, lymphatic filariasis, malaria and schistosomiasis in particular. This has taken place through technical gui...

Too Busy to Talk: Examining Service User Involvement in Nursing Work.

Traditional ideas of mental health nursing are challenged in contemporary healthcare settings by developments focussed on more partnership and collaboration with people using mental health services. Yet service users have reported limited involvement in planning their own care. The purpose of this research was to explore accounts from multiple perspectives about service user involvement in mental health nursing processes. Qualitative research interviews and focus groups with mental health nursing students (...

Plant Biology: Evolution of Volatile-Mediated Plant-Plant Interactions.

A new study shows that long-term herbivore exclusion modulates volatile-induced herbivore resistance in tall goldenrod, thus providing evidence for herbivory driving the evolution of volatile-mediated plant-plant interactions in nature.

Allelopathic Plants: Models for Studying Plant-Interkingdom Interactions.

Allelopathy is a biochemical interaction between plants in which a donor plant releases secondary metabolites, allelochemicals, that are detrimental to the growth of its neighbours. Traditionally considered as bilateral interactions between two plants, allelopathy has recently emerged as a cross-kingdom process that can influence and be modulated by the other organisms in the plant's environment. Here, we review the current knowledge on plant-interkingdom interactions, with a particular focus on benzoxazino...

Relatively rare root endophytic bacteria drive plant resource allocation patterns and tissue nutrient concentration in unpredictable ways.

Plant endophytic bacterial strains can influence plant traits such as leaf area and root length. Yet, the influence of more complex bacterial communities in regulating overall plant phenotype is less explored. Here, in two complementary experiments, we tested whether we can predict plant phenotype response to changes in microbial community composition.

Evolution, Initiation, and Diversity in Early Plant Embryogenesis.

During embryogenesis in plants, cell identities are specified de novo, starting from a single cell. By combining imaging, genomic profiling, and genetics, principles of early plant development have been unraveled in the dicotyledonous plant Arabidopsis. A central emerging question, however, is how well zygotic embryogenesis in Arabidopsis reflects homologous processes in other plant species, including early diverging, non-flowering, and non-seed plants. Here, we consider plant embryogenesis with an emphasis...

Evaluation of a drug checking service at a large scale electronic music festival in Portugal.

Drug checking services are being implemented in recreational settings across the world, however these projects are frequently accused of a lack of evidence concerning their impact on people who use drugs. This paper describes the implementation of a drug checking service at the Boom Festival 2016 and explores the impact of this service on its users' behavioural intentions.

Urinalysis orders and yield among General Medicine patients: a single-centre's experience in New Zealand.

Urinalysis performed by dipstick testing is an aid to diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTI), and a tool in selecting patients who require urine culture and antibiotic treatment. Previous studies have demonstrated that UTI, especially in the elderly, are over-diagnosed and over-treated. We sought to study the pattern and yield of urinalysis and urine culture at our service in a tertiary institution.

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