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Growth and Toxin Production of spp. Can Be Regulated by Quorum-Sensing Bacteria.

spp. are the major culprit responsible for global ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP). At present, the effects of microbiological factors on algal proliferation and toxin production are poorly understood. To evaluate the regulatory roles of quorum-sensing (QS) bacteria in the physiology of , co-culture experiments with screened QS strains were conducted in this study. Except for the growth-inhibiting effect from the strain , the algal host generally displayed much higher growth potential and toxin production abi...

Microbial Community Structure and Associations During a Marine Dinoflagellate Bloom.

Interactions between microorganisms and algae during bloom events significantly impacts their physiology, alters ambient chemistry, and shapes ecosystem diversity. The potential role these interactions have in bloom development and decline are also of particular interest given the ecosystem impacts of algal blooms. We hypothesized that microbial community structure and succession is linked to specific bloom stages, and reflects complex interactions among taxa comprising the phycosphere environment. This inv...

Improving patient outcomes and radiotherapy systems: A pan-Canadian approach to patient-reported outcome use.

Standardized collection and use of clinical patient-reported outcomes (PRO) have potential to benefit the care of individual patients and improve radiotherapy system performance. Its centralized health-care system makes Canada a prime candidate to take a leader and collaborator role in international endeavors to promote expansion of patient-reported outcome collection and use in radiotherapy. The current review discusses the development of a pan-Canadian approach to PRO use, through a quality improvement in...

Sexual orientation and alcohol-related harms in Canadian youth.

To determine associations between experiencing alcohol-related harm, sex, and sexual orientation among Canadian high school students.

Microcystin-LR affects the hypothalamic-pituitary-inter-renal (HPI) axis in early life stages (embryos and larvae) of zebrafish.

Frequencies and durations of blooms of cyanobacteria are increasing. Some cyanobacteria can produce cyanotoxins including microcystins (MCs). MCs are the most common toxic products of hazardous algal blooms (HABs), with the greatest potential for exposure and to cause toxicity. Recently, MCs have been shown to disrupt endocrine functions. In this study, for the first time, effects of MC-LR on the hypothalamic-pituitary-inter-renal (HPI) axis during early embryonic development (embryos/larvae) of zebrafish (...

Towards equity-focused intersectoral practice (EquIP) in children's environmental health and housing: the transformational story of RentSafe.

This paper chronicles the transformational process through which a national intersectoral collaboration, the Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE), came to embrace a more upstream, equity-based focus in its mandate to advance children's environmental health.

The dual function of the algal treatment: Antibiotic elimination combined with CO fixation.

The study provided an algal treatment to achieve dual function with antibiotic elimination and CO fixation simultaneously. Two widely used antibiotics, cefradine and amoxicillin were selected as the target compounds. First of all, we assessed the influence of light intensity on algal growth and antibiotic removal efficiency to obtain the optimal light intensity. Secondly, after the algal antibiotic treatment, the CO capture capacities at varied CO volume concentrations were assessed and compared. Significan...

CH Fluxes During the Algal Bloom in the Pengxi River.

Emissions of greenhouse gases in the Three Gorges Reservoir have been attracting attention in the recent years. This study was conducted to reveal the CH emission and removal during the process of algal growth at different nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in the Pengxi River in the Three Gorges Reservoir. In-situ field experiments were conducted in the Gaoyang Lake in Pengxi River. From April 22nd, 2016, to May 9th, 2016, different concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus were added to different expe...

Simple and practical on-site treatment of high microcystin levels in water using polypropylene plastic.

Microcystin (MC) is a hepatotoxin produced by various cyanobacteria during harmful algal blooms (HAB's) in freshwater environments. Advanced treatment methods can remove MC from drinking water, but are costly and do not address recreational water exposure and ecosystem health concerns. Here we investigate the feasibility of utilizing plastics as a MC-adsorbing material, for use in water resources used for recreation, agriculture, aquaculture and drinking water. Water containing 20 µg/L MC-LR was exposed t...

Interactive responses of primary producers and grazers to pollution on temperate rocky reefs.

Macroalgal beds provide important habitat structure and support primary production for rocky reef communities, but are increasingly degraded as a result of human pressures. Various sources of pollution can have both direct and interactive effects on stressed ecosystems. In particular, interactions involving invertebrate grazers could potentially weaken or strengthen the overall impact of pollution on macroalgal beds. Using a paired impact-control experimental design, we tested the effects of multiple pollut...

On the Simultaneous Identification and Quantification of Microalgae Populations Based on Fluorometric Techniques.

In this study, the phytoplankton structure of a freshwater reservoir located in central Argentina (Embalse Río Tercero) was analyzed using Beutler's method (Photosynthesis Research 72: 39-53, 2002), aiming to provide water quality control agencies with a reliable tool for early detection of algae blooms, particularly cyanobacteria. The method estimates the concentration of chlorophyll a (Chl a) contributed by individual algal groups in a real sample by fitting its fluorescence excitation spectrum to a line...

Bioactive extracellular compounds produced by the dinoflagellate Alexandrium minutum are highly detrimental for oysters.

Blooms of the dinoflagellate Alexandrium spp., known as producers of paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs), are regularly detected on the French coastline. PSTs accumulate into harvested shellfish species, such as the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas, and can cause strong disorders to consumers at high doses. The impacts of Alexandrium minutum on C. gigas have often been attributed to its production of PSTs without testing separately the effects of the bioactive extracellular compounds (BECs) with allelopathic,...

Linking patterns of net community production and marine microbial community structure in the western North Atlantic.

Marine net community production (NCP) tracks uptake of carbon by plankton communities and its potential transport to depth. Relationships between marine microbial community composition and NCP currently remain unclear despite their importance for assessing how different taxa impact carbon export. We conducted 16 and 18S rRNA gene (rDNA) sequencing on samples collected across the Western North Atlantic in parallel with high-resolution O/Ar-derived NCP measurements. Using an internal standard technique to est...

Solvent-free lignin recovered by thermal-enzymatic treatment using fixed-bed reactor technology - Economic assessment.

The economic viability of producing lignin by thermal-enzymatic treatment in a high-pressure fixed-bed reactor is investigated for the first time. In this direction, different advantages (e.g. recovery of low-odor sulfur-free lignin, high process flexibility) and disadvantages (e.g. high investment for high-pressure equipment) of this technology are considered. Regarding process flexibility, four different operating modes (i.e. flow through, circulation) are investigated by varying process parameters and ap...

Exploratory study on modification of sludge-based activated carbon for nutrient removal from stormwater runoff.

Nutrients (P, N) in stormwater runoff are a major cause of eutrophication and algal blooms. A promising solution to this problem is to amend the rain garden growing medium (RGGM) with sewage sludge-based activated carbon (SBAC). To optimize the SBAC production process, different metals, pyrolysis conditions (temperature, heating time, carrier gas), and post-treatments were explored. When pyrolyzed at 400 °C for two hours, Zn-activated SBAC removed up to 41% of PO-P (initial concentration of 1 mg/L) and...

Cyanobacteria blooms: A neglected facilitator of CH production in eutrophic lakes.

Lakes are regarded as one of the important sources of atmospheric CH. However, the role of cyanobacteria blooms (CBBs) play in the CH production in eutrophic lakes is not fully clear. In this study, the spatial distribution characteristics of CH concentrations in surface water and sediment columns were investigated in Zhushan Bay of Taihu lake, China. Results showed that CH concentrations in CBBs accumulated zones were much higher than that in the open lake areas, with the highest values of 3.79 μmol·L ...

Enhancing the Engagement of Immigrant and Ethnocultural Minority Clients in Canadian Early Intervention Services for Psychosis.

Burnout and Resiliency in Canadian Oncology Residents: a Nationwide Resident and Program Director Survey.

To measure burnout rates and resiliency scores in Canadian Oncology residents and to advance the knowledge regarding resiliency and wellness training in Canadian Oncology residency programs.

Characterized hydrochar of algal biomass for producing solid fuel through hydrothermal carbonization.

The aim of this work was to study the characterized hydrochar of algal biomass to produce solid fuel though hydrothermal carbonization. Hydrothermal carbonization conducted at temperatures ranging from 180 to 270 °C with a 60 min reaction improved the upgrading of the fuel properties and the dewatering of wet-basis biomasses such as algae. The carbon content, carbon recovery, energy recovery, and atomic C/O and C/H ratios in all the hydrochars in this study were improved. These characteristic changes i...

Enhancing cadmium bioremediation by a complex of water-hyacinth derived pellets immobilized with Chlorella sp.

A complex of water-hyacinth derived pellets immobilized with Chlorella sp. was applied, for the first time, in the bioremediation of Cadmium (Cd). The Cd(II) removal efficiency of the complex was optimized by investigating several parameters, including the pellet materials, algal culture age, and light intensity. Results showed that the Cd(II) removal efficiency was positively related to the algal immobilization efficiency and the algal bioaccumulation capacity. Since higher surface hydrophilicity leads to ...

Determinants of non-vaccination against seasonal influenza in Canadian adults: findings from the 2015-2016 Influenza Immunization Coverage Survey.

The study objectives were to (1) identify determinants of non-vaccination against seasonal influenza in Canadian adults and (2) examine self-reported reasons for non-vaccination.

Nationwide screening of surface water toxicity to algae.

According to the European Water Framework Directive (WFD), chemical water quality is assessed by monitoring 45 priority substances. However, observed toxic effects can often not be attributed to these priority substances, and therefore there is an urgent need for an effect-based monitoring strategy that employs bioassays to identify environmental risk. Algal photosynthesis is a sensitive process that can be applied to identify the presence of hazardous herbicides in surface water. Therefore, the aim of this...

2018 Canadian Spine Society Abstracts.

Influence of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on the toxicity of arsenate in Nannochloropsis maritima.

Interest is growing in the role that nanoparticles play in modifying the biological effects of contaminants. This study aimed to determine whether nano-TiO exhibited pronounced influence on arsenate (As(V)) toxicity levels to the marine microalgae Nannochloropsis maritima. We compared individual and combined toxicity levels of As(V) and nano-TiO by assessing the inhibition percentages of algal growth. Compared to groups treated with As(V) alone, an EC of 53.0 mg/L decreased by 28.8% after the addition of ...

Food sources among young people in five major Canadian cities.

To examine food sources among young people in five major Canadian cities.

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