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Search for the Exotic Meson X(5568) with the Collider Detector at Fermilab.

A search for the exotic meson X(5568) decaying into the B_{s}^{0}π^{±} final state is performed using data corresponding to 9.6  fb^{-1} from pp[over ¯] collisions at sqrt[s]=1960  GeV recorded by the Collider Detector at Fermilab. No evidence for this state is found and an upper limit of 6.7% at the 95% confidence level is set on the fraction of B_{s}^{0} produced through the X(5568)→B_{s}^{0}π^{±} process.

Use of Google Trends to Track Online Behavior and Interest in Kidney Stone Surgery.

To explore internet search trends data as a unique resource for monitoring online health information-seeking behavior. We utilized Google Trends to sample population interest and search inquiries into surgical treatment options of kidney stones, and we examined the relative frequency of searches across the United States.

Sequence diagram refactoring using single and hybridized algorithms.

Data mining and search-based algorithms have been applied to various problems due to their power and performance. There have been several studies on the use of these algorithms for refactoring. In this paper, we show how search based algorithms can be used for sequence diagram refactoring. We also show how a hybridized algorithm of Kmeans and Simulated Annealing (SA) algorithms can aid each other in solving sequence diagram refactoring. Results show that search based algorithms can be used successfully in r...

The impact of the peer review of literature search strategies in support of rapid review reports.

The objective of this study was to investigate the impact of the peer review of literature search strategies prepared in support of rapid reviews.

Random Search with Resetting: A Unified Renewal Approach.

We provide a unified renewal approach to the problem of random search for several targets under resetting. This framework does not rely on specific properties of the search process and resetting procedure, allows for simpler derivation of known results, and leads to new ones. Concentrating on minimizing the mean hitting time, we show that resetting at a constant pace is the best possible option if resetting helps at all, and derive the equation for the optimal resetting pace. No resetting may be a better st...

Chaos synchronization and Nelder-Mead search for parameter estimation in nonlinear pharmacological systems: Estimating tumor antigenicity in a model of immunotherapy.

In mathematical pharmacology, models are constructed to confer a robust method for optimizing treatment. The predictive capability of pharmacological models depends heavily on the ability to track the system and to accurately determine parameters with reference to the sensitivity in projected outcomes. To closely track chaotic systems, one may choose to apply chaos synchronization. An advantageous byproduct of this methodology is the ability to quantify model parameters. In this paper, we illustrate the use...

Search for Heavy Neutral Leptons in Events with Three Charged Leptons in Proton-Proton Collisions at sqrts=13  TeV.

A search for a heavy neutral lepton N of Majorana nature decaying into a W boson and a charged lepton is performed using the CMS detector at the LHC. The targeted signature consists of three prompt charged leptons in any flavor combination of electrons and muons. The data were collected in proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV, with an integrated luminosity of 35.9  fb^{-1}. The search is performed in the N mass range between 1 GeV and 1.2 TeV. The data are found to be consist...

An integrated approach towards the development of novel antifungal agents containing thiadiazole: synthesis and a combined similarity search, homology modelling, molecular dynamics and molecular docking study.

This study aims to synthesise and characterise novel compounds containing 2-amino-1,3,4-thiadiazole and their acyl derivatives and to investigate antifungal activities. Similarity search, molecular dynamics and molecular docking were also studied to find out a potential target and enlighten the inhibition mechanism.

Sensory restoration of breast reconstruction - The search for the ideal approach continues.

Contemporary reconstructive modalities focus on breast anatomy and attempt to reconstruct breasts that are soft, of adequate shape, size, and symmetry. However, a functional component, i.e. sensation, has largely been ignored. Flap neurotization addresses this shortcoming. While we are still in search of the ideal surgical technique to achieve this goal, a novel approach that limits nerve harvest to the sensory branch only, thus, minimizing abdominal donor-site morbidity, is presented.

Cophenetic Median Trees.

Median tree inference under path-difference metrics has shown great promise for large-scale phylogeny estimation. Similar to these metrics is the family of cophenetic metrics that originates from a classic dendrogram comparison method introduced more than 50 years ago. Despite the appeal of this family of metrics, the problem of computing median trees under cophenetic metrics has not been analyzed. Like other standard median tree problems relevant in practice, as we show here, this problem is also NP-hard. ...

Searching the stable segregation configuration at the grain boundary by a Monte Carlo tree search.

Non-stoichiometric structure localized at the grain boundary, namely, segregations of impurities, dopants, and vacancies, has an important effect on a broad variety of material properties. An understanding of this behavior is therefore indispensable for further material development. Although molecular dynamics simulation and a simulation combined with randomly swapping atoms and vacancies have usually been used to investigate the segregation structures, they require more than ten thousand structures and ene...

Extracellular vesicles, new actors in the search for biomarkers of dementias.

Increased life expectancy impacts directly on the number of older people worldwide with the associated increase in neurodegenerative diseases. Besides their social implications, the different forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies or frontotemporal dementia, show clinical and pathological overlaps; this hinders their specific and differential diagnosis. To date, biomarkers for each of these types of dementia have been investigated in the cerebrospina...

KIR Donor Selection: Feasibility in Identifying Better Donors.

We previously reported that AML transplants using KIR B haplotype Better or Best (≥2 B activating gene loci ± Cen B/B) unrelated donors (URD) yield less relapse and better survival. In this prospective trial we evaluated 535 AML searches from 14 participating centers with centralized donor KIR genotyping for donor selection. This represented 3-48% of all AML searches (median 20%) per center totaling 3 to 172 patients (median 22) per center. Donor KIR genotype was reported at a median of 14 days after req...

Lack of free choice reveals the cost of multiple-target search within and across feature dimensions.

Having to look for multiple targets typically results in switch costs. However, using a gaze-contingent eyetracking paradigm with multiple color-defined targets, we have recently shown that the emergence of switch costs depends on whether observers can choose a target or a target is being imposed upon them. Here, using a similar paradigm, we tested whether these findings generalize to the situation in which targets are specified across different feature dimensions. We instructed participants to simultaneous...

Measuring the time course of selection during visual search.

In visual search tasks, observers can guide their attention towards items in the visual field that share features with the target item. In this series of studies, we examined the time course of guidance toward a subset of items that have the same color as the target item. Landolt Cs were placed on 16 colored disks. Fifteen distractor Cs had gaps facing up or down while one target C had a gap facing left or right. Observers searched for the target C and reported which side contained the gap as quickly as pos...

A machine learning method to monitor China's AIDS epidemics with data from Baidu trends.

AIDS is a worrying public health issue in China and lacks timely and effective surveillance. With the diffusion and adoption of the Internet, the 'big data' aggregated from Internet search engines, which contain users' information on the concern or reality of their health status, provide a new opportunity for AIDS surveillance. This paper uses search engine data to monitor and forecast AIDS in China.

A Cooperative Search and Coverage Algorithm with Controllable Revisit and Connectivity Maintenance for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

In this paper, we mainly study a cooperative search and coverage algorithm for a given bounded rectangle region, which contains several unknown stationary targets, by a team of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with non-ideal sensors and limited communication ranges. Our goal is to minimize the search time, while gathering more information about the environment and finding more targets. For this purpose, a novel cooperative search and coverage algorithm with controllable revisit mechanism is presented. Firstl...

Search for Low-Mass Dijet Resonances Using Trigger-Level Jets with the ATLAS Detector in pp Collisions at sqrts=13  TeV.

Searches for dijet resonances with sub-TeV masses using the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider can be statistically limited by the bandwidth available to inclusive single-jet triggers, whose data-collection rates at low transverse momentum are much lower than the rate from standard model multijet production. This Letter describes a new search for dijet resonances where this limitation is overcome by recording only the event information calculated by the jet trigger algorithms, thereby allowing much...

Fast and exact search for the partition with minimal information loss.

In analysis of multi-component complex systems, such as neural systems, identifying groups of units that share similar functionality will aid understanding of the underlying structures of the system. To find such a grouping, it is useful to evaluate to what extent the units of the system are separable. Separability or inseparability can be evaluated by quantifying how much information would be lost if the system were partitioned into subsystems, and the interactions between the subsystems were hypotheticall...

Differential brain mechanisms for processing distracting information in task-relevant and -irrelevant dimensions in visual search.

A crucial function of our goal-directed behavior is to select task-relevant targets among distractor stimuli, some of which may share properties with the target and thus compete for attentional selection. Here, by applying functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to a visual search task in which a target was embedded in an array of distractors that were homogeneous or heterogeneous along the task-relevant (orientation or form) and/or task-irrelevant (color) dimensions, we demonstrate that for both (orie...

Intrinsically disordered domain of tumor suppressor p53 facilitates target search by ultrafast transfer between different DNA strands.

Intersegmental transfer (IST) is an important strategy in the target search used by sequence-specific DNA-binding proteins (DBPs), enabling DBPs to search for targets between multiple DNA strands without dissociation. We examined the IST of the tumor suppressor p53 using ensemble stopped-flow and single-molecule fluorescence measurements. The ensemble measurements demonstrated that p53 exhibits very fast IST, whose rate constant was ∼108 M-1 s-1. To determine the domains of p53 responsible for IST, two m...

Investigation of Different Ways in Which the CODIS 7.0 May be Used in Mass Disaster Identification.

DNA analysis is a key method for the identification of human remains in mass disasters. Reference samples from relatives may be used to identify missing persons by kinship analysis. Different methods of applying the CODIS in disaster victim identification (DVI) were investigated. Two searches were evaluated: (i) relating family relatives to a pedigree tree (FPT) and (ii) relating unidentified human remains to a pedigree tree (UPT). A joint pedigree likelihood ratio (JPLR) and rank were calculated for each s...

The Terabase Search Engine: a large-scale relational database of short-read sequences.

DNA sequencing archives have grown to enormous scales in recent years, and thousands of human genomes have already been sequenced. The size of these data sets has made searching the raw read data infeasible without high-performance data-query technology. Additionally, it is challenging to search a repository of short-read data using relational logic and to apply that logic across samples from multiple whole-genome sequencing samples.

The Impact of Widely Publicized Suicides on Search Trends: Using Google Trends to Test the Werther and Papageno Effects.

To examine the impact of widely publicized suicides on the Werther and Papageno Effects using internet search trends.

Fourteen-month-olds selectively search for and use information depending on the familiarity of the informant in both laboratory and home contexts.

Infants are selective in their learning from others. However, there is only very limited research on the possible factors that shape this selectivity, especially when it comes to the impact of infants' familiarity with the informant and the context. The current study investigated whether 14-month-olds preferred to receive and use information provided by an unfamiliar informant (experimenter) compared with a familiar informant (parent) and whether this pattern depended on the context (home vs. laboratory). W...

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