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Association of tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke with suicide attempts among adolescents--findings from 33 countries.

There is evidence to suggest that tobacco use is associated with suicide attempts. However, it is unclear whether such an association can be extended to include second-hand smoke exposure. Using nationally representative data of school-attending adolescents from 33 countries, we examined the association of tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke with suicide attempts.

Withdrawal Symptoms From E-Cigarette Abstinence Among Former Smokers: A Pre-Post Clinical Trial.

The major aim of this study was to test whether abstinence from e-cigarettes causes withdrawal symptoms.

Proteome profiling to identify peroxiredoxin 1 interacting protein partners in nicotine-associated oral leukoplakia.

Tobacco smoking is one of the main risk factors for oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) and can induce generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In our previous studies, we demonstrated that nicotine, the major ingredient in tobacco, can upregulate an important antioxidant enzyme Peroxiredoxin 1 (Prx1), in oral leukoplakia (OLK), an oral precancerous lesion. The underlying regulatory mechanisms, however, remain unclear. This study aims to identify regulatory mechanisms of nicotine and identify Prx1 inter...

Placement and sales of tobacco products and nicotine replacement therapy in tobacco-free and tobacco-selling pharmacies in Northern California: an observational study.

Although tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the USA, it is routinely sold in pharmacies. In 2008, San Francisco became the first city in the USA to pass a tobacco-free pharmacy ordinance. Over the next decade, 171 municipalities enacted similar policies, and in 2018, Massachusetts banned tobacco sales in pharmacies. Our objective was to assess the perceived effects of tobacco-free pharmacy policies on displays, sales, customer visits and counselling.

Parents' self-efficacy for tobacco exposure protection and smoking abstinence mediate treatment effects on child cotinine at 12-month follow-up: Mediation results from the Kids Safe and Smokefree trial.

Compared to the general smoking population, low-income smokers face elevated challenges to success in evidence-based smoking cessation treatment. Moreover, their children bear increased disease burden. Understanding behavioral mechanisms related to successful reduction of child tobacco smoke exposure (TSE) could inform future smoking interventions in vulnerable, underserved populations.

An improved method for circular RNA purification using RNase R that efficiently removes linear RNAs containing G-quadruplexes or structured 3' ends.

Thousands of eukaryotic protein-coding genes generate circular RNAs that have covalently linked ends and are resistant to degradation by exonucleases. To prove their circularity as well as biochemically enrich these transcripts, it has become standard in the field to use the 3'-5' exonuclease RNase R. Here, we demonstrate that standard protocols involving RNase R can fail to digest >20% of all highly expressed linear RNAs, but these shortcomings can largely be overcome. RNAs with highly structured 3' ends, ...

Defining and measuring abstinence in clinical trials of smoking cessation interventions: An updated review.

Changes in tobacco products, use patterns, and assessment technology in the last 15 years led the SRNT Treatment Research Network to call for an update to the 2003 SRNT recommendations for assessing abstinence in clinical trials of smoking cessation interventions.

Performance obligations to improve delivery of hospital-initiated smoking cessation interventions: A before-and-after evaluation.

This study evaluated whether introducing performance obligations (a policy intervention) to service agreements between hospitals (n=15) and their local health authority: 1) improved provision of an evidence-based tobacco cessation intervention (the "Ottawa Model" for Smoking Cessation); and, 2) changed the quality of the cessation intervention being delivered.

Nuclear receptor NR4A is required for patterning at the ends of the planarian anterior-posterior axis.

Positional information is fundamental to animal regeneration and tissue turnover. In planarians, muscle cells express signaling molecules to promote positional identity. At the ends of the anterior-posterior (AP) axis, positional identity is determined by anterior and posterior poles, which are putative organizers. We identified a gene, , that is required for anterior- and posterior-pole localization to axis extremes. encodes a nuclear receptor expressed predominantly in planarian muscle, including strongl...

Trends in social norms towards smoking between 2002 and 2015 among daily smokers: Findings from the International Tobacco Control Four Country Survey (ITC 4C).

To assess trends in daily smokers' social norms and opinions of smoking between 2002 and 2015 in Canada, US, UK and Australia.

Economic evaluation of five tobacco control policies across seven European countries.

Economic evaluations of tobacco control policies targeting adolescents are scarce. Few take into account real-world, large-scale implementation costs; few compare cost-effectiveness of different policies across different countries. We assessed the cost-effectiveness of five tobacco control policies (non-school bans, including bans on sales to minors, bans on smoking in public places, bans on advertising at points-of-sale, school smoke-free bans, and school education programmes), implemented in 2016 in Finla...

Systematic sequencing of chloroplast transcript termini from Arabidopsis thaliana reveals >200 transcription initiation sites and the extensive imprints of RNA-binding proteins and secondary structures.

Chloroplast transcription requires numerous quality control steps to generate the complex but selective mixture of accumulating RNAs. To gain insight into how this RNA diversity is achieved and regulated, we systematically mapped transcript ends by developing a protocol called Terminome-seq. Using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model, we catalogued >215 primary 5' ends corresponding to transcription start sites (TSS), as well as 1628 processed 5' ends and 1299 3' ends. While most termini were found in intergenic...

Withdrawal Symptoms from E-Cigarette Abstinence Among Adult Never-Smokers: A Pilot Experimental Study.

Use of e-cigarettes among never smokers has substantially increased; yet there are few descriptions of the consequences of such use. We assessed whether adult never-smokers can have withdrawal from cessation of e-cigarettes.

Antiparasitic properties of leaf extracts derived from selected Nicotiana species and Nicotiana tabacum varieties.

Within the traditional pharmacopeia, tobacco (Nicotiana spp.) is often cited as an efficient pesticide. This activity is generally attributed to nicotine, but tobacco plants contain other alkaloids that could potentially contribute to this effect. In this study, we tested methanolic extracts of N. glutinosa, N. glauca, N. debneyi, and N. tabacum (putrescine N-methyltransferase line, burley TN90 and Stella, Virginia ITB 683 and K326), selected according to alkaloid content. Their antiparasitic activity was e...

The Experimental Tobacco Marketplace: Demand and Substitutability as a Function of Cigarette Taxes and e-Liquid Subsidies.

The Experimental Tobacco Marketplace (ETM) approximates real-world situations by estimating the effects of several, concurrently available products and policies on budgeted purchasing. While the effects of increasing cigarette price on potentially less harmful substitutability are well-documented, the effects of other, nuanced pricing policies remain speculative. This study used the ETM as a tool to assess the effects of two pricing policies, conventional-cigarette taxation and e-liquid subsidization, on de...

Current tobacco use, nicotine dependence, and transitions across stages of alcohol involvement: A latent transition analysis approach.

This study aims to examine the (a) probability of transition between stages of alcohol involvement and (b) influence of tobacco use and nicotine dependence on transitions.

Nicotine-free, Non-transgenic Tobacco (Nicotianatabacuml.) Edited by CRISPR-Cas9.

Worldwide approximately 1.1 billion people are smokers and more than 7 million people die fromthe negative effects of smokingevery year(WHO report, 2017). One of the main natural ingredients causingdependence on tobacco is nicotine. Tobacco with a lowered nicotine content could help people to overcome their nicotine addiction. Nicotine-free (or nicotine reduced) cigarettes may contribute to reduce the number of smokersand nicotine consumption, thus reducing the risk of death from tobacco use. Most genes inv...

Novel Mineral-Vitamin Treatment for Reduction in Cigarette Smoking: A Fully Blinded Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial.

Many smokers do not achieve abstinence using current smoking cessation options. This randomized controlled trial (RCT) investigated a novel nutritional supplement to assist with quitting smoking.

The association between tobacco outlet density and smoking among young people: A systematic methodological review.

Evidence on the association between tobacco outlet density and proximity and smoking behaviour among youth is inconsistent, which may be due to methodological problems in some studies. We assessed the association of outlet density or proximity with smoking behaviour among young people while taking into account the methodological quality of studies.

Improved performances of catalytic G-quadruplexes (G4-DNAzymes) via the chemical modifications of the DNA backbone to provide G-quadruplexes with double 3'-external G-quartets.

Here we report on the design of a new catalytic G-quadruplex-DNA system (G4-DNAzyme) based on the modification of the DNA scaffold to provide the DNA pre-catalyst with two identical 3'-ends, known to be more catalytically proficient than the 5'-ends. To this end, we introduced a 5'-5' inversion of polarity sites in the middle of the G4-forming sequences AGA and AGA to obtain d(AGG-GGA) (or AG-GA) and d(AGGG-GGGA) (or AG-GA) that fold into stable G4 whose tetramolecular nature was confirmed via nuclear magne...

Social causation, social selection, or common determinants? examining competing explanations for the link between young adult unemployment and nicotine dependence.

Unemployment has been related to smoking, yet the causal nature of the association is subject to continued debate. Social causation argues that unemployment triggers changes in smoking, whereas the social selection hypothesis proposes that preexisting smoking behavior lowers the probability of maintaining employment. The present study tested these competing explanations while accounting for another alternative explanation-common liability.

Trends in Cigar Use in the United States, 2002 to 2016: Diverging Trends by Race/Ethnicity.

While there are racial/ethnic differences in cigarette use, little is known about how non-cigarette tobacco use differs among racial/ethnic groups. The current study investigated trends in cigar use from 2002 to 2016, by racial/ethnic group, in nationally representative United States (US) data.

Efficacy of a Texting Program to Promote Cessation Among Pregnant Smokers: A Randomized Control Trial.

Smoking during pregnancy poses serious risks to baby and mother. Few disseminable programs exist to help pregnant women quit or reduce their smoking. We hypothesized that an SMS text-delivered scheduled gradual reduction (SGR) program plus support texts would outperform SMS support messages alone.

Labeling microRNA precursors for Dicer assays.

Excision of the terminal loop of precursor microRNAs (pre-miRNA) by Dicer generates miRNA duplexes, comprising 5p and 3p strands. Dicer often cleaves the RNA at more than one site, producing mature miRNAs with heterogeneous 3' and 5' ends. As pre-miRNAs are most conveniently labeled at their 5' ends, standard in vitro Dicer assays usually assay only 5p miRNA strands. In this work we present a straightforward protocol using the same [P] isotope for both strands by placing an internal label into the 3p strand...

Disruptive Behavior in Siblings Discordant for Exposure to Maternal Smoking during Pregnancy: a Multi-rater approach.

Maternal smoking during pregnancy (SDP) is associated with disruptive behavior. However, there is debate whether the SDP-disruptive behavior association is a potentially causal pathway or rather a spurious effect confounded by shared genetic and environmental factors.

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