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Surrogate indices of aortic peak systolic velocity variation to monitor fluid responsiveness in pediatric non-cardiac surgery: a prospective observational study.

Aortic peak systolic velocity variation (ΔV) is a reliable dynamic indicator of preload in mechanically ventilated children. However, easily measurable alternative parameters like carotid peak systolic velocity variation (ΔV) and suprasternal peak systolic velocity variation (ΔV) are not well evaluated in children. The aim of the study was to find correlation between ΔV and ΔV to ΔV, as potential surrogate markers of fluid responsiveness. 52 children, 1-12 years old, undergoing major non-cardiac surg...

Risks and Realities of Delayed Splenic Bleeding.

Delayed splenic bleeding (DSB) is a poorly understood complication of blunt splenic injury. Treatment for splenic bleeding may involve splenectomy, but angioembolization is becoming a widely used adjuvant for management. Using the North Carolina Trauma Registry, this study aimed to evaluate the incidence, mortality, and risk factors for DSB in North Carolina. Using ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes, patients were stratified into two cohorts, those who underwent immediate splenectomy and those who were initially manage...

Severe Ciliary Dyskinesia in Ventilated Patients: A Pilot Study.

Delayed Rupture of a Normal Appearing Spleen After Trauma: Is Our Knowledge Enough? Two Case Reports.

BACKGROUND Non-operative management is considered the gold standard for hemodynamically stable patients with splenic injuries. Delayed splenic rupture is a well-known complication of non-operative management in splenic trauma, with a relevant impact on mortality and morbidity. Most of the reported cases of delayed splenic rupture presented splenic injury at admission imaging or no imaging investigations were performed. We report 2 cases of delayed splenic rupture after blunt trauma, in which multidetector c...

The prevalence and effects of on-call stepdown on orthopaedic registrar training: the North West trainees' perspective.

Safe staffing levels are increasingly being threatened by gaps in rotas. When a gap occurs in junior grade on-call rotas the orthopaedic registrar needs to step down and undertake the role of both junior and middle-grade doctor. This increased responsibility could compromise the safety and wellbeing of patients and doctors. This study quantifies the prevalence and effects for trainees of stepdown while on call.

Early weaning disrupts feeding patterns in female juvenile rats through 5HT-system modulations.

Convergent evidence in literature shows that rapid disruption of maternal care and breastfeeding due to an early weaning protocol changes the development of several neurobehavioral patterns in rodents, including the circadian pattern of feeding. The serotoninergic system has been associated with the control of feeding patterns. Therefore, we aim to evaluate the patterns of feeding, the mRNA expression of 5 H T-1b, 5 H T-2c, and SERT on the hypothalamus, brainstem, and the body weight of female juven...

Extracellular vesicle miRNA-21 is a potential biomarker for predicting chronic lung disease in premature infants.

Premature infants are often exposed to positive pressure ventilation and supplemental oxygen which leads to the development of CLD. There are currently no standard serum biomarkers used for prediction or early detection of patients who go on to develop CLD. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a novel class of naturally-occurring, short non-coding substances that regulate gene expression at the post-transcriptional level, and cause translational inhibition and/or mRNA degradation and present in body fluids packaged in ex...

Commentary on article: Adrenal crisis in treated patients with Cushing's syndrome.

A study has examined the rates of adrenal crises in patients treated with pituitary or adrenal surgery. Rates were substantial (approximately 9 per 100 patient years), perhaps representing suppression of corticotrope ACTH secretion and deprivation of normal corticotrope number postoperatively. Hormone withdrawal syndrome may have contributed to the rates of apparent adrenal crises given the definition used. Higher rates were seen in patients given relatively high dose glucocorticoids postoperatively in one ...

Risk of delayed diagnosis in young patients with left ventricular non-compaction - a potential benefit of magnetic resonance imaging.

Left ventricular non-compaction (LVNC) is a rare form of cardiomyopathy resulting from a disorder of endomyocardial morphogenesis associated with significantly increased risk of cardiovascular morbidity and premature mortality. Despite the widespread use of echocardiography, LVNC is commonly overlooked, often due to lack of knowledge about this disorder.

Daily Practice of Mechanical Ventilation and Weaning in Turkish PICUs: A Multicenter Prospective Survey.

To investigate conventional mechanical ventilation weaning characteristics of patients requiring conventional mechanical ventilation support for greater than 48 hours within the PICU.

Risk factors of delayed isolation of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.

To examine the rate of delayed or no isolation of hospitalized patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) and the causes for isolation failure.

Objective indexes for the diagnosis of premature ejaculation: An update.

Premature ejaculation is a common male sexual dysfunction disorder, and there are many controversies over its definition. With deeper insights into the etiology and pathogenesis of premature ejaculation, more and more auxiliary examinations are used in its diagnosis, prognostic evaluation and treatment, such as transrectal ultrasonography of seminal vesicles, determination of serum 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) concentration, serum hormone levels, penile sensitivity detection, brain function tests, and genetic...

Clinical and radiological characteristics of patients with collapse or fistula of the saccule as evaluated by inner ear MRI.

Delayed 3D-FLAIR sequences enable the distinction between the utricle and the saccule. We sought to evaluate the clinical and radiological findings in patients with no visible saccule (NVS) on 4-hour post-contrast MRI. We retrospectively assessed the presence of NVS signs in 400 patients who underwent delayed inner ear MRI. We reported on 28 patients with NVS. Among this group, on the NVS affected side: 14 had isolated sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL); 4 had fluctuating cochleo-vestibular disease; 3 had de...

Trend and Projection of Premature Mortality in Iran through 2030: A Modeling Study.

Projection of mortality rates is essential for policy making and planning of health services. Premature mortality, as an important index, commonly refers to deaths occurring before 70 years of age. This study was conducted to estimate the trend of premature deaths from 2006-2015 and to project premature deaths for the 2016-2030 period.

Risk Stratification in Patients with Frequent Premature Ventricular Complexes in the Absence of Known Heart Disease.

Frequent premature ventricular complexes (PVCs) can be an indicator of structural heart disease.

Nosocomial pneumonia.

Nosocomial pneumonia is one of the leading entities of nosocomial infections in Germany and worldwide with invasive ventilation being one of the major risk factors. However nosocomial pneumonia without ventilator support is an underappreciated complication as demonstrated by prevalence studies of the European Centre for Disease Control in 2011 and 2016. Major general risk factors include old age, multi-morbidity, preexisting pulmonary disease, immunosuppression and abdominal or thoracic surgery. Evidence ba...

Long-term results of simultaneous and delayed liver resections of synchronous colorectal cancer liver metastases.

Complete resection is the only potential curative treatment of synchronous colorectal liver metastases. Although simultaneous liver and colon resections became an accepted procedure at specialized centres for selected patients, there is still little data about the long-term results of simultaneous operative procedures compared with those of delayed operations. In this retrospective study, the long-term survival rates of the patients who underwent simultaneous or delayed resections were presented.

Ventilated Infants Have Increased Dead Space and Lower Alveolar Tidal Volumes during the Early versus Recovery Phase of Respiratory Distress.

Few studies have reported the measurement of anatomical dead space (Vd,an) and alveolar tidal volume (VA) in ventilated neonates with respiratory distress.

Clinical impacts of delayed central venous catheter removal according to the severity of comorbidities in patients with candidaemia.

The effects of early central venous catheter (CVC) removal on the clinical outcomes of patients with candidaemia remain controversial. We evaluated the impact of delayed CVC removal on mortality according to the severity of comorbidities in patients with candidaemia.

Mechanical ventilation weaning practices in neonatal and pediatric ICUs in Brazil: the Weaning Survey-Brazil.

The aim of this study was to describe practices for weaning from mechanical ventilation (MV), in terms of the use of protocols, methods, and criteria, in pediatric ICUs (PICUs), neonatal ICUs (NICUs), and mixed neonatal/pediatric ICUs (NPICUs) in Brazil.

Mixed-signal intensity in preoperative T1 MRI might be associated with delayed postoperative hemorrhage in patients with intracranial epidermoid cyst.

Delayed postoperative hemorrhage (DPOH) was a severe postoperative complication after intracranial epidermoid cyst (EC) surgery. This study was designed to investigate possible clinical data and image features related to DPOH in EC patients.

Non-invasive electrocardiographic imaging in patients with idiopathic premature ventricular contractions from the right ventricular outflow tract: New insights into arrhythmia substrate.

The aim of this study was to use non-invasive electrocardiographic imaging (ECGI) to study the electrophysiological properties of right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) in patients with frequent premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) from the RVOT and in controls.

An analysis of MRI derived cortical complexity in premature-born adults: Regional patterns, risk factors, and potential significance.

Premature birth bears an increased risk for aberrant brain development concerning its structure and function. Cortical complexity (CC) expresses the fractal dimension of the brain surface and changes during neurodevelopment. We hypothesized that CC is altered after premature birth and associated with long-term cognitive development. One-hundred-and-one very premature-born adults (gestational age

Genotyping of immune-related loci associated with delayed HBeAg seroconversion in immune-active chronic hepatitis B patients.

The progression of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) is associated with single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). In this study, we demonstrated the association between immune-related SNPs and delayed spontaneous HBeAg seroconversion in immune-active CHB patients. In addition, we investigated the impact of delayed spontaneous HBeAg seroconversion-related SNPs on HBeAg seroconversion within 3 years during antiviral treatment. We enrolled 332 CHB patients and genotyped 124 SNPs associated with HBV-infected clinical out...

The impact of anticipating a stressful task on sleep inertia when on-call.

Sleep inertia, the state of reduced alertness upon waking, can negatively impact on-call workers. Anticipation of a stressful task on sleep inertia, while on-call was investigated. Young, healthy males (n = 23) spent an adaptation, control and two counterbalanced on-call nights in the laboratory. When on-call, participants were told they would be woken to a high or low stress task. Participants were not woken during the night, instead were given a 2300-0700 sleep opportunity. Participants slept ∼7.5-h...

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