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Community Education and Engagement in Family Planning: Updated Systematic Review.

Community education and engagement are important for informing family planning projects. The objective of this study was to update two prior systematic reviews assessing the impact of community education and engagement interventions on family planning outcomes.

Underrepresented Minorities and Academic Difficulty During Family Medicine Residency: No Association?

Health risk behaviors and psychological problems among South Korean, North Korean, and other multicultural family adolescents (2011-2016).

This study was aimed to investigate the health risk behaviors and psychological problems among North Korean, other multicultural, and South Korean family adolescents. The data were collected from the Korea Youth Risk Behavior web-based survey (2011-2016) data set. A total of 17,195 adolescents (mean age 14.65 ± 0.01 years) were analyzed to compare health risk behaviors and psychological problems among the three groups. Concerning risk behaviors, multicultural family adolescents showed a higher rate of ...

Relative influence of perceived peer and family substance use on adolescent alcohol, cigarette, and marijuana use across middle and high school.

Substance use by peers and family may affect adolescent substance use, yet the relative influence may shift during adolescence as youth differentiate themselves from family and more closely affiliate with peers. This study examined trends in concordance of adolescent cigarette, alcohol and marijuana use and corresponding perceived use by friends and family members during middle and high school.

How Online Family History Tool Design and Message Content Impact User Perceptions: An Examination of Family HealthLink.

Family health history tools have the ability to improve health outcomes and promote patient-provider communication, but some research suggests their effectiveness is limited. Tool design features may heavily influence users' perceptions of the tools.

The effect of neonatal hypothyroidism and low family income on intellectual disability: A population-based cohort study.

To investigate relationships among neonatal hypothyroidism, family income, and intellectual disability, as well as the combined effects of neonatal hypothyroidism and low family income on intellectual disability.

Serum levels of kisspeptin are elevated in critically ill patients.

Members of the adipokine family such as resistin, adiponectin and omentin have recently been described as novel biomarkers with a diagnostic and prognostic role in the context of critically ill patients during intensive care unit (ICU) treatment. Kisspeptin represent another member of this family and has been shown to be closely correlated to different members of the adipokine family in manifold diseases. However, its role in critical illness and sepsis is currently unknown.

MicroRNA-34/449 family and viral infections.

MicroRNAs are short, endogenous, nonprotein-coding RNAs that are essential for regulation of cellular processes through gene silencing. The miR-34/449 family is conserved in mammalian organisms and generally comprises six homologous genes: miR-34a, miR-34b, miR-34c, miR-449a, miR-449b and miR-449c, at three genomic loci. Strong similarity in the sequence of these miRNAs, particularly at the seed region, predicts robust functional redundancy. A large proportion of the literature on the miR-34/449 family focu...

Family Medicine Ethics: An Integrative Approach.

The practice of modern medical ethics is largely acute, episodic, fragmented, problem-focused, and institution-centered. Family medicine, in contrast, is built upon a relationship-based model of care that is accessible, comprehensive, continuous, contextual, community-focused and patient-centered. "Doing ethics" in the day-to-day practice of family medicine is therefore different from doing ethics in many other fields of medicine, emphasizing different strengths and exemplifying different values. For family...

Longitudinal associations of family functioning with body mass index in Mexican-origin adolescents living in the U.S.

Mexican-origin adolescents have a high prevalence of obesity. Research is needed to understand how family context may shape adolescent BMI. This study examined longitudinal associations of family functioning variables with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's modified BMI z-score (BMIaz) in 1175 Mexican-origin adolescents, and explored interactions with acculturation. Adolescents (50% female, aged 11-13 y in 2005-06) were identified from an ongoing cohort study of Mexican-origin adults in Hous...

Family Politics: Campaigning for Child Benefits in the 1980s.

Child benefit was seen by some to encourage the sort of welfare dependency that the moralistic individualism of Thatcherism opposed. Yet, surprisingly, the benefit survived the Thatcher years. Its survival reveals the conundrum the Conservative party have had regarding benefits for the family and family policy more broadly. Neo-liberals were supportive of the family as a vehicle for reinforcing Conservative values. Yet, the late 1970s and 1980s were periods of social change where the traditional family of t...

Effectiveness of a strength-oriented psychoeducation on caregiving competence, problem-solving abilities, psychosocial outcomes and physical health among family caregiver of stroke survivors: A randomised controlled trial.

Family caregivers provide the foundation for long-term home care of stroke survivors. The overwhelming stress associated with caregiving hinders the ability of family caregivers to utilise their internal and external resources to cope with this situation, thereby placing their own health at risk. We conducted a randomised controlled trial of a strength-oriented psychoeducational programme on conventional stroke rehabilitation for family caregivers.

Choice and Control Within Family Relationships: The Lived Experience of Adults With Intellectual Disability.

Increased choice and control is a driving force of current disability policy in Australia for people with disability and their families. Yet little is known of how adults with intellectual disability (ID) actually experience choice and control within their family relationships. We used interpretative phenomenological analysis of individual, semistructured interviews conducted with 8 Australian adults with ID to understand the meaning given to their experience of family support received around choice and dec...

Family and community support among older Chilean adults: the importance of heterogeneous social support sources for quality of life.

Family and community social networks act as social resources that promote well-being at advanced ages. In this study, we analyze the association between social support received from personal social networks (social support from various family members and friends) and community social networks (social support from neighbors and the neighborhood, age, ethnic, or religious group peers and formal social support networks) and quality of life (QoL) for a sample of older Chilean persons (n = 777). The results co...

Family Medicine Across the Globe: Developing Effective Solutions.

Innovating Family Medicine Residency Education Through Collaboration.

The Association Between Physical Activity and General Life Satisfaction in Lower Secondary School Students: The Role of Individual and Family Factors.

The objective of the paper was to investigate the association between PA and general life satisfaction in adolescents, taking into account family affluence and selected psychological, family and school factors. The survey (2015) involved 4085 Polish lower-secondary school students. Life satisfaction was measured with the abridged Students' Life Satisfaction Scale (SLSS). Vigorous Physical Activity, self-esteem, family affluence, family relations and the perception of the school environment were considered a...

Youth-Friendly Family Planning Services for Young People: A Systematic Review Update.

Youth-friendly family planning services may improve youth reproductive health outcomes. A systematic review conducted in 2011 was updated in 2016 to incorporate recent data examining the effects of youth-friendly family planning services on reproductive health outcomes and the facilitators and barriers facing young people in accessing family planning services.

Evaluating how paediatric nurses perceive the family-centred model of care and its use in daily practice.

the study aimed to assess nurses' perceptions of family-centred care and how they applied the family-centred model of care in everyday practice. The model aims to involve families in the care of hospitalised children and to promote a cooperative relationship between parents and nurses.

Family caregiver descriptions of stopping chemotherapy and end-of-life transitions.

The purpose of this study was to describe family caregivers' perspectives of the final month of life of patients with advanced cancer, particularly whether and how chemotherapy was discontinued and the effect of clinical decision-making on family caregivers' perceptions of the patient's experience of care at the end of life (EOL).

Internal validity of the French version of the Family Coping Questionnaire (FCQ): A confirmatory factor analysis.

Family members of patients with schizophrenia, especially when they assume caregivers' positions, experience difficulties to adapt to the situation. To gain insight into these caregivers' coping style is a challenge to decrease the stress of family members, and in this way, improve patient related outcome. The FCQ (Family Coping Questionnaire) is an adapted clinical assessment tool that focuses on specific ways to cope with dysfunction that characterize the psychotic pathology. The goal of this study was to...

Familial Aggregation of Plastic Surgical Procedures.

A growing number of patients seeking plastic surgical procedures in our practice are first-degree relatives of our previous surgical patients. Three possibilities exist as to the coalescence of procedures within a family unit: 1) the morphologic and anatomical patterns are conserved and passed on within relatives; 2) a captive "audience" (family members) appreciates firsthand the surgical result and positive difference, be it functional or aesthetic for their relative, or 3) the rapport established between ...

Molecular function and biological importance of CNNM family Mg2+ transporters.

Cyclin M (CNNM) family proteins are evolutionarily conserved Mg2+ transporters. They extrude Mg2+ from cells and maintain intracellular Mg2+ levels within the normal range. Moreover, they play an important role in Mg2+ (re)absorption in the intestine and kidney by mediating the directional transport of Mg2+ across epithelial tissue from the tubular lumen to the body inside. Mg2+ efflux is suppressed by the direct binding with phosphatase of regenerating liver (PRL), and the formation of the complex is dynam...

It's all relative: caring for a family member.

As she hangs up the phone, Ling realizes she has a decision to make. Her sister, Naomi, is being discharged after an unexpected hospitalization and will need nursing care at home for several weeks. As a registered nurse, Ling is used to fielding requests for minor care and advice from family members and friends. This situation however, will be more difficult to navigate. She knows her family will want her to be involved in Naomi's care, and if she's honest with herself, she would like to be as well. But wou...

Common mental disorder among family carers of demented older people in Brazil.

Population aging is a global phenomenon associated with a rising prevalence of chronic degenerative diseases such as dementia. Dementia poses a challenge not only for patients but also their family caregivers who, in exercising this role, are at higher risk of mental illness. The present study investigated the prevalence of common mental disorders (CMD) in family caregivers of demented elderly seen at a geriatric outpatient clinic of a Brazilian teaching hospital.

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