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Antibacterial activity study of 1,2,4-triazole derivatives.

Antibiotics are commonly used to fight against bacterial infections, but bacteria have already been resistant to almost all antibiotics due to abuse of antibiotics. 1,2,4-Triazole derived compounds possess chemotherapeutic effects including potential antibacterial activities against drug-sensitive as well as drug-resistant pathogens. Hybridization displays a high potential to develop novel drugs with the capacity to overcome drug resistance, reduce toxicity and improve pharmacokinetic profiles. More effecti...

The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services Hospital Ratings: Pitfalls Of Grading On A Single Curve.

The star rating system for hospitals of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) pools all hospitals together and awards each institution one to five stars for quality, despite variation across hospitals in the numbers and types of measures they report. Thus, hospitals essentially are being evaluated differently, which affects the validity of quality comparisons. We considered the number and types of measures reported and the size of measure denominators to represent different forms of a "test,"...

Chronic Back Pain, Cervicothoracic Myeolopathy and weight loss - a case report of an IgG4-related disease.

 A 68-year-old woman presented with chronic back pain, a poor general condition, weight loss of 20 kg in the last 6 months and paretic hands.

Attempts to Lose Weight Among Adolescents Aged 16-19 in the United States, 2013-2016.

Approximately 24% of U.S. adolescents attempted to lose weight during 2009-2010, and studies show that girls are more likely than boys to attempt weight loss (1,2). Adolescents are known to use multiple weight loss and weight control practices (3). This report describes the percentage of U.S. adolescents who tried to lose weight in the past year from 2013 through 2016 by sex, race and Hispanic origin, and weight status. Methods of intentional weight loss are also reported.

The Sensitivity to Threat and Affiliative Reward (STAR) Model and the Development of Callous-Unemotional Traits.

Research implicates callous-unemotional (CU) traits (i.e., lack of empathy, prosociality, and guilt, and reduced sensitivity to others' emotions) in the development of severe and persistent antisocial behavior. To improve etiological models of antisocial behavior and develop more effective treatments, we need a better understanding of the origins of CU traits. In this review, we discuss the role of two psychobiological and mechanistic precursors to CU traits: low affiliative reward (i.e., deficits in seekin...

Physiological Predictors of Weight Regain at 1-Year Follow-Up in Weight-Reduced Adults with Obesity.

This study aimed to assess whether changes in resting metabolic rate (RMR), exercise-induced energy expenditure (EIEE), and appetite following weight loss (WL) are associated with weight regain at 1 year.

The Potential for Pharmacokinetic Interactions Between Cannabis Products and Conventional Medications.

Increased cannabis use and recent drug approvals pose new challenges for avoiding drug interactions between cannabis products and conventional medications. This review aims to identify drug-metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters that are affected by concurrent cannabis use and, conversely, those co-prescribed medications that may alter the exposure to one or more cannabinoids.

Drug-drug Interactions You Should Know!

Drug-drug interactions (DDI) represent a significant problem in modern medicine. The number of patients with multi-morbidity, who take multiple drugs, is constantly increasing (polypharmacy). The related exponential increase in potential DDI is almost incomprehensible. In this article, we review pharmacodynamic DDI and provide clinically relevant examples. In addition, we extensively review pharmakokinetic DDI (e. g. through the cytochrome P450-system or p-glycoproteins) that can modify the plasma concent...

Drug interactions in maternal intensive care: prevalence, risk factors, and potential risk medications.

To characterize severe potential drug interactions in maternal intensive care, and to determine their frequency, risk factors and potential risk medications.

The Constituent Year Effect in European Track and Field Masters Athletes: Evidence of Participation and Performance Advantages.

Inequalities in relative age distribution have previously been demonstrated to influence participation and performance achievements in Masters athletes. The purpose of the present study was to examine the participation- and performance-related constituent year effect among Masters athletes (n = 2474) from the European Masters Track and Field Championships across sub disciplines and age. The results indicated that a participation-related constituent year effect was observed. The likelihood of participating w...

"We don't got that kind of time, man. We're trying to get high!": Exploring potential use of drug checking technologies among structurally vulnerable people who use drugs.

Novel public health interventions are being considered to address the opioid overdose epidemic, including drug checking technologies. We examined the willingness to use various drug checking technologies among structurally-vulnerable people who use drugs (PWUD).

Quantum-Limited Measurements Using an Optical Cavity with Modulated Intrinsic Loss.

We analyze a cavity optomechanical setup, in which the position of an oscillator modulates the internal optical loss. We show that, in contrast to systems with a fixed internal loss, in such a setup, quantum-limited position measurements can be performed and formulate conditions under which it is possible. Additionally, under these conditions the setup exhibits a number of potential benefits for practical operation, including the complete absence of dynamical backaction and optomechanical instability, rejec...

Solid-State Behavior and Solubilization of Flash Nanoprecipitated Clofazimine Particles during the Dispersion and Digestion of Milk-Based Formulations.

Clofazimine, a drug previously used to treat leprosy, has recently been identified as a potential new drug for the treatment for cryptosporidiosis: a diarrheal disease that contributes to 500 000 infant deaths a year in developing countries. Rapid dissolution and local availability of the drug in the small intestine is considered key to the treatment of the infection. However, the commercially available clofazimine formulation (Lamprene) is not well-suited to pediatric use, and therefore reformulation of ...

Cell intrinsic hallmarks (Frequency and Bioelectrical potential) sensitive nano-carriers for cancer therapy: A lost option in research.

Bioelectric potential and frequency parameters, unlike temperature and pH are not affected by environmental factors. Independence of these parameters and their dependence on cellular interactions eliminates interfering factors and increases the accuracy of direct drug delivery. To the best of our knowledge, both parameters of bioelectric potential and the frequency which is produced from cellular activity have not been used as a target for targeted drug delivery. Based on the available evidence, we propose ...

A giant exoplanet orbiting a very-low-mass star challenges planet formation models.

Surveys have shown that super-Earth and Neptune-mass exoplanets are more frequent than gas giants around low-mass stars, as predicted by the core accretion theory of planet formation. We report the discovery of a giant planet around the very-low-mass star GJ 3512, as determined by optical and near-infrared radial-velocity observations. The planet has a minimum mass of 0.46 Jupiter masses, very high for such a small host star, and an eccentric 204-day orbit. Dynamical models show that the high eccentricity i...

Studies of pharmacokinetics in beagle dogs and drug-drug interaction potential of a novel selective ZAK inhibitor 3h for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy treatment.

Overexpression of leucine-zipper and sterile-α motif kinase (ZAK) in heart has been closely associated with the development of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). N-(3-(1H-pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridin-5-yl)ethynyl) benzene-sulfonamides, novel highly selective ZAK inhibitors, had exhibited reasonable orally therapeutic effects on HCM in spontaneous hypertensive rat models. In the present study, a rapid and sensitive HPLC-MS/MS method for determining ZAK inhibitor 3h in beagle dog plasma was developed and validated...

Case 21-2019: A 31-Year-Old Woman with Vision Loss.

Bereaved mothers' and fathers' prolonged grief and psychological health 1-5 years after loss - a nationwide study.

To assess differences in prolonged grief, depression, posttraumatic stress and sleep disturbances in bereaved parents across years since loss (1-5 years) and by gender, and to assess potential interactive effects of time since loss and gender on bereavement outcomes.

Neuroservice proconvulsive (NS-PC) set: A new platform of electrophysiology-based assays to determine the proconvulsive potential of lead compounds.

Failures in drug development often result from the emergence of unexpected adverse drug reactions. It is clear that adverse drug reactions, including seizure liability, should be assessed earlier. The goal of the present work was to develop a new platform of in vitro assays, NS-PC set (for Neuroservice proconvulsive set), to determine the proconvulsive potential of compounds earlier in preclinical development.

Analysis of factors affecting the noise-induced high frequency hearing loss of male workers in a vehicle manufacturing enterprise.

To analyze the relationships between the exposure of occupational noise and the occurrence of noise-induced high frequency hearing loss in automobile manufacturing industry. From June to November 2017, 1579 male workers were selected for exposure to noise hazards in the automobile manufacturing industry in Guangzhou for more than one year (including one year) using the convenient sampling method. According to the hearing test results, 276 people in the high frequency hearing loss group and 1303 in the norm...

Drug databases and their contributions to drug repurposing.

Drug repurposing is an interesting field in the drug discovery scope because of reducing time and cost. It is also considered as an appropriate method for finding medications for orphan and rare diseases. Hence, many researchers have proposed novel methods based on databases which contain different information. Thus, a suitable organization of data which facilitates the repurposing applications and provides a tool or a web service can be beneficial. In this review, we categorize drug databases and discuss t...

Using artificial intelligence methods to speed up drug discovery.

: Drug discovery is the process through which potential new compounds are identified by means of biology, chemistry, and pharmacology. Due to the high complexity of genomic data, AI techniques are increasingly needed to help reduce this and aid the adoption of optimal decisions. Phenotypic prediction is of particular use to drug discovery and precision medicine where sets of genes that predict a given phenotype are determined. Phenotypic prediction is an undetermined problem given that the number of monitor...

Three-dimensional chromosome architecture and drug addiction.

Aberrant gene expression underlies drug addiction. Therefore, studying the regulation of gene expression in drug addiction may provide mechanistic insights into this disease, for which there are still only limited treatments. Recently, the three-dimensional (3D) organization of linear DNA in the nucleus has been recognized as having a major influence on gene transcription. Here, we review its roles in both basic brain function and neuropsychiatric disorders, while also highlighting its emerging implications...

The Effect of Aging on Aerosol Bolus Deposition in the Healthy Adult Lung: A 19-Year Longitudinal Study.

While it is recognized that peripheral lung structure and ventilation heterogeneity change with age, the effects of age on aerosol deposition in the healthy adult lung is largely unknown. A series of aerosol bolus inhalations were repeatedly performed in four healthy subjects over a period of 19 years (years = 0, 9, 15 and 19). For each series, a bolus of 1 μm particles was inhaled at penetration volumes () ranging from 200 to 1200 mL. Aerosol bolus deposition (DE), dispersion (H), and mode shift ...

Analysis of 2,4-Dinitrophenol in Postmortem Blood and Urine by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry: Method Development and Validation and Report of Three Fatalities in the United States.

2,4-dinitrophenol (2,4-DNP) is a compound used in the early 1900s as a weight-loss drug but later prohibited due to its severe adverse effects, including death. It has however been attracting interest, due to its weight-loss properties, and appears to be re-emerging in forensic casework. As 2,4-DNP is available for use in industry and as a pesticide and easily accessible online, the dissemination of this drug can be fast. The compound exerts its effects through inhibition of ATP synthesis, and corresponding...

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