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Anterolateral Ligament: Let's Stick to the Facts!

Author Reply to Letters to the Editor From Sonnery-Cottet et al. and Ferretti.

Response to "Editorial Commentary: The Anterolateral Ligament: The Emperor's New Clothes?"

Epidemiological study of snakebite cases in Brazilian Western Amazonia.

Brazil has the largest number of snakebite cases in South America, of which the large majority is concentrated in the Midwest and North.

Regarding "Is the Transverse Acetabular Ligament Hypertrophied and Hindering Reduction in Developmental Dysplasia of Hip?"

Species diversity, distribution patterns, and substrate specificity of Strobilurus.

The fungal genus Strobilurus belongs to Physalacriaceae and contains approximately 11 species worldwide. Species of this genus grow and reproduce on cones of various conifers, seed pods or fruits of Magnolia and Liquidambar, and branches and wood of conifers. Previous studies focused mainly on samples from Europe and North America. And no genus-specific phylogenetic analysis has been carried out to date. The monophyly, degree of species diversity and substrate specificity, and overall distribution patterns ...

Author Reply to Regarding '"Is the Transverse Acetabular Ligament Hypertrophied and Hindering Reduction in Developmental Dysplasia of Hip?'".

First Record of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) and Second Record of Aedes japonicus (Diptera: Culicidae) Parasitized by Water Mites (Acari: Hydrachnidiae) in North America.

The primary aim of this study was to determine if the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus (Skuse)) (Diptera: Culicidae), that vectors a number of arboviruses, is parasitized by water mites (Acari: Prostigmata: Parasitengonina: Hydrachnidiae). Larval water mite parasitism of adult mosquitoes has been shown to reduce mosquito fecundity and life span in the laboratory, and impact some populations in the field. Water mites have been considered for biocontrol purposes and used to age-grade mosquito population...

Global review and analysis of erythromycin in the environment: Occurrence, bioaccumulation and antibiotic resistance hazards.

Environmental observations of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals have received attention as indicators of an urbanizing global water cycle. When connections between environment and development of antibiotic resistance (ABR) are considered, it is increasingly important to understand the life cycle of antibiotics. Here we examined the global occurrence of erythromycin (ERY) in: 1. wastewater effluent, inland waters, drinking water, groundwater, and estuarine and coastal systems; 2. sewage sludge, biosolids...

Conservation of migratory species.

Were you to find yourself somehow transported to the American Midwest in the 18 century, one feature that might strike you would be a curiously shifting cloud approaching from the northeast. As it drew closer, you might begin to discern some sound, "[like] an army of horses laden with sleigh bells" in the words of a Potawatomi Native American. However, not until it was nearly upon you would it become apparent that this cloud was made up of billions of individual birds. This was the autumn migration of the p...

Transoral Spine Surgery - an Update.

Even though in recent years the number of transoral spinal interventions has decreased in Europe and North America - mainly because of the progress in the drug therapy of rheumatism, there are still pathologies that can only be addressed by a transoral approach. The classical transoral approach can be expanded in collaboration with oral-maxillofacial surgery and ear, nose and throat surgery, but this is rarely necessary. The transoral approach is now mainly used for resection of pathological tissue. Additio...

Substituted diphenylamine antioxidants and benzotriazole UV stabilizers in blood plasma of fish, turtles, birds and dolphins from North America.

Substituted diphenylamine antioxidants (SDPAs) and benzotriazole UV stabilizers (BZT-UVs) are additives used in industrial and commercial applications to prevent degradation by oxidation and are contaminants of emerging environmental concern. Little is known about the fate of these contaminants in wildlife, particularly in reptiles, birds and marine mammals. Nine SDPAs and six BZT-UVs were measured in blood plasma of seven fish species, snapping turtles (Chelydra serpentina), double-crested cormorants (Phal...

The Real Classification of the Anterior Horn of the Medial Meniscus Attached to Anterior Cruciate Ligament.

Regarding "Clinical Outcome of Arthroscopic Lateral Retinacular Release for Symptomatic Bipartite Patella in Athletes".

Author Reply to "The Real Classification of the Anterior Horn of the Medial Meniscus Attached to Anterior Cruciate Ligament".

Author Reply to "Regarding 'Clinical Outcome of Arthroscopic Lateral Retinacular Release for Symptomatic Bipartite Patella in Athletes'".

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk in adults living with HIV across five continents: a multicohort study.

To compare non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) incidence rates in adults who started antiretroviral therapy (ART) across the Asia-Pacific, South Africa, Europe, Latin, and North America.

Efficacy and Safety of Surgery for Mild Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy: Results of the AOSpine North America and International Prospective Multicenter Studies.

There is controversy over the optimal treatment strategy for patients with mild degenerative cervical myelopathy (DCM).

Validity of probands' reports and self-reports of essential tremor: Data from a large family study in North America.

The search for genes for essential tremor (ET) is active. Researchers often depend on probands' reports or self-reports to assign disease status to relatives. Yet there are surprisingly few data on the validity of these reports. In two prior studies, with small sample sizes, validity was poor (sensitivity = 16.7-43.3%). In the current study, ET probands and their relatives were screened for tremor and then underwent a videotaped in-person neurological examination. One investigator then assessed the scre...

Reducing the opioid overdose death toll in North America.

In this Perspective, Wayne D. Hall & Michael Farrell discuss the current need for alternative strategies in the rising opioid crisis in the US and the necessity to fund evidence-based treatment initiatives to reduce the death toll.

EEG Reactivity Evaluation Practices for Adult and Pediatric Hypoxic-Ischemic Coma Prognostication in North America.

The aim of this study was to assess the variability in EEG reactivity evaluation practices during cardiac arrest prognostication.

Arthroscopic Subacromial Spacer Implantation in Patients With Massive Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears: Clinical and Radiographic Results of 39 Retrospectives Cases-Is the Pain Relief Enough?

Rapid Therapeutic Response of Eosinophilic Meningoencephalitis in a Toddler With Infection.

Eosinophilic meningitis is an infrequently encountered condition. (raccoon roundworm) infection, rarely diagnosed in North America, is a known cause of eosinophilic meningitis, often producing death or permanent neurologic damage.

Spatial and Temporal Characterization of Epiphytic Microbial Communities Associated with Eurasian Watermilfoil: A Highly Invasive Macrophyte in North America.

Bacterial communities that inhabit the surface of aquatic plants are thought to play a critical role in relation to host fitness and function. However, little is known about their structure and dynamics in comparison with those of bacterioplankton. In this study, we performed a comprehensive spatial and temporal characterization of epibacterial communities associated with Eurasian watermilfoil (EWM; Myriophyllum spicatum), an invasive macrophyte, which has established itself in thousands of lakes across Nor...

Colonizing the wild west: low diversity of complete mitochondrial genomes in western North Pacific killer whales suggests a founder effect.

In the North Pacific, fish-eating R-type 'resident' and mammal-eating T-type 'transient' killer whales do not interbreed and differ in ecology and behavior. Full-length mitochondrial genomes (about 16.4 kbp) were sequenced and assembled for 12 R-type and 14 T-type killer whale samples from different areas of the western North Pacific. All R-type individuals had the same haplotype, previously described for R-type killer whales from both eastern and western North Pacific. However, haplotype diversity of R-typ...

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