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Research on the Scientific Evolution of the Flavonoid Agathisflavone.

Flavonoids are a group of secondary metabolites of the polyphenols class present in several plant species. Among them, the biflavonoid agathisflavone is of interest since it bears several biological effects that include: antiviral, antitumoral, antiprotozoal and neurogenic actions. In this sense, this study aims to use the important tool of scientific prospecting to assess the level of research development concerning the flavonoid agathisflavone.

Nano-sized Droplets of Self-Emulsifying System for Enhancing Oral Bioavailability of Chemotherapeutic Agent VP-16 in Rats: A Nano Lipid Carrier for BCS Class IV Drugs.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the ability of a self-nano-emulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) to enhance the oral bioavailability of a BCS class IV drug, etoposide (VP-16).

The BIG Data Center's database resources.

Omics data in life and health sciences are of fundamental significance for scientific research and biomedical technology development. However, there is yet to be a platform for biological data management and sharing in China, making it difficult to meet the development needs of biomedical and related fields and consequently leading to severe issues in big data management, sharing and translation. To address these issues, Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG) of Chinese Academy of Sciences founded the BIG Data...

RNA biologist Joan Steitz awarded the 2018 Lasker~Koshland Special Achievement prize.

An Alternative Cure: The Adoption and Survival of Bacteriophage Therapy in the USSR, 1922-1955.

Felix D'Herelle coined the term bacteriophage in 1917 to characterize a hypothetical viral agent responsible for the mysterious phenomenon of rapid bacterial death. While the viral nature of the "phage" was only widely accepted in the 1940s, attempts to use the phenomenon in treating infections started early. After raising hopes in the interwar years, by 1945 phage therapy had been abandoned almost entirely in the West, until the recent revival of interest in response to the crisis of antibiotic resistance....

Assessing the Physicochemical Stability of a Compounded Neonatal Trace Element Solution.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) recommends the adoption of a new neonatal multi-trace element formulation containing zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, selenious acid and sodium iodide to be compounded internally in appropriate AHS pharmacies. The objective of this study was to assess the physicochemical stability of this formulation under commonly used storage conditions.

Collective Memory from a Psychological Perspective: (Trends in Cognitive Sciences 22, 438-451, 2018).

The role of parental affection and psychological control in adolescent athletes' symptoms of school and sport burnout during the transition to upper secondary school.

The transition from compulsory school to upper secondary school is a challenging period for adolescents. Especially challenging it can be for adolescents who aim to integrate two domains of achievement, such as an athletic career and academic education. The pressure from two intertwined achievement domains may make student-athletes vulnerable to symptoms of burnout. The study examined the role of mothers' and fathers' affection and psychological control as possible risk or protective factors in the symptoms...

A novel insight into fluid bed melt granulation: Temperature mapping for the determination of granule formation with the in-situ and spray-on techniques.

Right filter-selection for phase separation in equilibrium solubility measurement.

Development of injectable liposomes and drug-in-cyclodextrin-in-liposome formulations encapsulating estetrol to prevent cerebral ischemia of premature babies.

Spousal loss and change in cognitive functioning: An examination of temporal patterns and gender differences.

The study investigates whether the disadvantaged position of men in the adverse consequences of widowhood for health and mortality also exists for changes in cognitive health.

A Comparison of Single and Multi-Test Working Memory Assessments in Predicting Academic Achievement in Children.

Children assessed as having low working memory capacity have also been shown to perform more poorly than their same-aged peers in measures of academic achievement. Early detection of working memory problems is, therefore, an important first step in reducing the impact of a working memory deficit on the development of academic skills. In this study, we compared a single-test assessment, the Working Memory Power Test for Children (WMPT) and a multi-test assessment, the Automated Working Memory Assessment (AWM...

Sexing the Cranium from the Foramen Magnum Using Discriminant Analysis in a Brazilian Sample.

In the identification process, the foramen magnum has shown controversial results in sex estimation. The present study aimed to analyze the morphometric variables of the foramen magnum in Brazilian adult cranium for sex estimation. The sample was composed of 100 craniums (53 males and 47 females) from the documented collection of the Institute of Teaching and Research in Forensic Sciences. The protocol measurement was constituted of two linear measurements: maximum length of the foramen magnum and maximum b...

A Combined Computer-Aided Approach to Drive the Identification of Potential Epitopes in Protein Therapeutics.

The identification of fragment sequences, or motifs, within a therapeutic protein that may elicit an immune response when processed by T-cells can be provided by computer-aided approaches. Immunogenicity is a significant problem associated with protein therapeutics and should be investigated in the early stage of protein-based drug development to avoid treatment resistance and potentially life-threatening immune responses.

Osteoporotic vertebral fracture prevalence varies widely - answer.

I read the letter by Gilchrist & al. with a great interest (1). The Authors address two major problems of vertebral fracture (diagnosis, reporting) and their consequences in the clinical practice. In a large database, the Authors found all patients who had medical and radiological reports suggestive of vertebral fracture. One third of them did not have vertebral fracture. This high percentage of false positives may be related to the lack of clear diagnostic criteria and probably to suboptimal training. This...

Kinlessness Around the World.

The first and second demographic transitions have led to profound changes in family networks. However, the timing and extent of these transitions vary widely across contexts. We examine how common it is for contemporary older adults to lack living kin and whether such individuals are uniformly disadvantaged around the world.

Preparation for Old Age - The Role of Cultural Context and Future Perceptions.

Preparation for age-related changes is a central task in midlife and older age and a determinant of functioning and well-being in later life. If and how people prepare is influenced by societal and institutional circumstances and also by beliefs about aging and the future.

Pearce Bailey: The "Fifth Horseman" and the National Institute for Neurological Diseases and Blindness.

Pearce Bailey (1902-1976) had an active career focused on the growth and development of neurology as a specialty in the post-World War II era. He was a founding member of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) and its second president from 1951 to 1953. In 1951, he was also appointed as the first director of the National Institute for Neurological Diseases and Blindness (NINDB), which is now the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Known as an excellent politician, Bailey's role at the ...

Message from the Editor-in-Chief Neurological Sciences is 40-year-old (founded in 1979)!

A framework to guide the optimal development and use of real-world evidence for drug coverage and formulary decisions.

To provide a framework for optimizing the development and use of real-world evidence (RWE) in drug coverage decisions. Materials & methods: The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review convened a Policy Summit with representatives from 23 payer and life science companies that compose the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review membership.

Purchasing Over The Counter (OTC) Medicinal Products Containing Codeine - Easy Access, Advertising, Misuse and Perceptions of Medicinal Risk.

Codeine containing medicines can carry a number of health risks associated with the increase in reported misuse and dependence, however they are still readily available over the counter (OTC) in many countries. The aim of this novel study was to report on the results of a survey of customers purchasing OTC codeine containing medicinal products at pharmacies in Ireland, South Africa and England; exploring use, sources of knowledge and perception of risks.

Early rehabilitation after stroke: strong recommendations but no achievement in the French Acute Healthcare Facilities.

The Effects of Weak Static Magnetic Field on the Development of Organotypic Tissue Culture in Rats.

The effects of weak static magnetic field on the organotypic tissue culture of the rat cerebral cortex, liver, and spleen have been investigated. Exposure to a 200 μT static magnetic field induces tissue development, leading to the intensification of regeneration processes compared to the control explants.

A Genetically-Informed Study of Neighborhoods and Health: Results from the MIDUS Twin Sample.

To examine whether neighborhood income and neighborhood safety concerns influence multi-system physiological risk after adjusting for genetic and environmental selection effects that may have biased previous tests of this association.

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