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Comparative evaluation of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of insulin glargine (Glaritus) and Lantusin healthy subjects: a double-blind, randomized clamp study.

The objective of the study was to compare the pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) properties of an insulin glargine formulation, Glaritus(test) with the innovator's formulation Lantus(reference) using the euglycemic clamp technique in a single-dose, double-blind, randomized, two sequences, four-period replicate crossover study in healthy volunteers (n = 40).

Effects of UGT1A1, CYP3A5 and ABCB1 Genetic Variants on Pharmacokinetics of Antihistamine Drug Mizolastine in Chinese Healthy Volunteers.

Mizolastine is a selective histamine H1 receptor antagonist for chronic urticaria or allergic rhinitis. We investigated whether the variant genotypes of metabolic enzymes UGT1A1, CYP3A5 and transporter ABCB1 influence pharmacokinetic phenotype of substrate mizolastine in Chinese volunteers. Genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in UGT1A1*6 (G211A), CYP3A5*3 (A6986G) and ABCB1 (C3435T) were determined by the pyrosequencing method. After a single oral dose of 10 mg mizolastine, the plasma conce...

Evidence for sex difference in the CSF/plasma albumin ratio in ~20 000 patients and 335 healthy volunteers.

Given sex-related differences in brain disorders, it is of interest to study if there is a sex difference in the permeability of the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier (BCSFB) and the blood-brain barrier (BBB). The CSF/serum albumin ratio (Q ) is a standardized biomarker that evaluates the function of these barriers. In previous studies, contradictory results have been reported with respect to sex difference using this quotient, possibly because of small population sizes and heterogeneity with respect to age...

Emergency of fungemia cases caused by fluconazole-resistant Candida auris in Beijing, China.

We describe the microbiological characterization and clinical presentation of two fungemia cases caused by fluconazole-resistant Candida auris in neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital in Beijing, China. We advocate for the need of guidelines or recommendations to improve identification, surveillance, and implementation of infection control measures in Chinese hospitals.

A multi-center preclinical study of gadoxetate DCE-MRI in rats as a biomarker of drug induced inhibition of liver transporter function.

Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is a leading cause of acute liver failure and transplantation. DILI can be the result of impaired hepatobiliary transporters, with altered bile formation, flow, and subsequent cholestasis. We used gadoxetate dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI), combined with pharmacokinetic modelling, to measure hepatobiliary transporter function in vivo in rats. The sensitivity and robustness of the method was tested by evaluating the effect of a clinical dose of ...

Illusory Angiographic Signs of Significant Iliac Vein Compression in Healthy Volunteers.

Iliac vein compression syndrome can cause severe leg symptoms. In clinical practice, it remains a challenge to differentiate which compression is clinically relevant. The aim of the current study was to assess the general treatment indications and the prevalence of angiographic signs of iliac vein compression in a group of healthy participants.

Gastric motor and sensory function in health assessed by magnetic resonance imaging: Establishment of reference intervals for the Nottingham test meal in healthy subjects.

Current investigations of gastric emptying rarely identify the cause of symptoms or provide a definitive diagnosis in patients with dyspepsia. This study assessed gastric function by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using the modular "Nottingham test meal" (NTM) in healthy volunteers (HVs).

Reversibility of peripheral blood leukocyte phenotypic and functional changes after exposure to and withdrawal from tofacitinib, a Janus kinase inhibitor, in healthy volunteers.

This study evaluated the short-term effects of tofacitinib treatment on peripheral blood leukocyte phenotype and function, and the reversibility of any such effects following treatment withdrawal in healthy volunteers. Cytomegalovirus (CMV)-seropositive subjects received oral tofacitinib 10 mg twice daily for 4 weeks and were followed for 4 weeks after drug withdrawal. There were slight increases in total lymphocyte and total T-cell counts during tofacitinib treatment, and B-cell counts increased by u...

Reliability of tensiomyography and myotonometry in detecting mechanical and contractile characteristics of the lumbar erector spinae in healthy volunteers.

Tensiomyography™ (TMG) and MyotonPRO (MMT) are two non-invasive devices for monitoring muscle contractile and mechanical characteristics. This study aimed to evaluate the test-retest reliability of TMG and MMT parameters for measuring (TMG:) muscle displacement (D), contraction time (T), and velocity (V) and (MMT:) frequency (F), stiffness (S), and decrement (D) of the erector spinae muscles (ES) in healthy adults. A particular focus was set on the establishment of reliability measures for the previously ...

Urinary excretion of heptanones, heptanoles and 2,5-heptanedione after controlled acute exposure of volunteers to n-heptane.

A lack of well-established parameters and assessment values currently impairs biomonitoring of n-heptane exposure. Using controlled inhalation experiments, our study aimed to collect information on the time course of urinary n-heptane metabolite excretion. By analysing associations between external and internal exposure we investigated the suitability of selected metabolites to reflect n-heptane uptake. Twenty healthy, non-smoking males (aged 19-38 years, median 25.5) were exposed for 3hs to 160, 330 and 50...

Low temperature increases capillary blood refill time following mechanical fingertip compression of healthy volunteers: prospective cohort study.

Capillary refill time has been accepted as a method to manually assess a patient's peripheral blood perfusion. Recently, temperature has been reported to affect capillary refill time and therefore temperature may interfere with accurate bedside peripheral blood perfusion evaluation. We applied a new method of analysis that uses standard hospital pulse oximetry equipment and measured blood refill time in order to test whether lowered fingertip temperature alters peripheral blood perfusion. Thirty adult healt...

Increased activity of linezolid in combination with rifampicin in a murine pneumonia model due to MRSA.

The chloramphenicol/florfenicol resistance gene cfr, which mediates cross-resistance to linezolid and other classes of antimicrobial agents, represents a global therapeutic challenge due to its dissemination among MDR nosocomial pathogens, including MRSA. This study aimed to compare the efficacy of the linezolid/rifampicin combination in a murine pneumonia model caused by cfr-positive and cfr-negative clinical MRSA strains.

Why do People Help Each Other? Motivations of Volunteers Who Assisted Persons with Disabilities During World Youth Day.

A growing number of researchers attempt to identify the reasons why some people become volunteers. An analysis of the motives of people who helped persons with disabilities for free during World Youth Day, a renowned religious event, may contribute to this discussion. The aim of this article is to present the results of a survey encompassing 51 volunteers who assisted persons with disabilities during the 31st World Youth Day, which was held in Poland in 2016.

UHPLC-MS/MS method for determination of atorvastatin calcium in human plasma: Application to a pharmacokinetic study based on healthy volunteers with specific genotype.

A rapid, selective and sensitive ultra high performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem triple quaternary mass spectrometry (UHPLC-MS/MS) method was developed and validated for the quantitative determination of atorvastatin calcium (AC) in human plasma. Separation of AC and rosuvastatin calcium (internal standard, IS) were achieved on a Dikma Leapsil C18 reversed phase column (100 × 2.1 mm, 2.7 μm) with gradient elution using 0.2% (v/v) formic acid in water and acetonitrile as mobile pha...

CMR-derived extracellular volume fraction (ECV) in asymptomatic heart transplant recipients: correlations with clinical features and myocardial edema.

Myocardial interstitial expansion seems to be fundamental to the process of adverse left ventricular remodeling. Recent evidence has shown that the extracellular volume fraction (ECV) derived from cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) can be used as a noninvasive method to quantify myocardial interstitial volume in a range of heart diseases. Our aim was to determine whether ECV is increased in asymptomatic orthotopic heart transplant (HTx) patients and its associations with clinical features and T2 values...

Yawning and cortisol levels in multiple sclerosis: Potential new diagnostic tool.

Yawning is a significant behavioural response and, together with cortisol, is potentially a new diagnostic marker of neurological diseases. Evidence of an association between yawning and cortisol was found which supports the Thompson Cortisol Hypothesis and thermoregulation hypotheses, indication that brain cooling occurs when yawning. 117 volunteers aged 18-69 years were randomly allocated to experimentally controlled conditions to provoke yawning. Thirty-three had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. S...

Intestinal phase-II metabolism of quercetin in HT29 cells, 3D human intestinal tissues and in healthy volunteers: a qualitative comparison using LC-IMS-MS and LC-HRMS.

1. Flavonoids are a large class of dietary molecules, among which quercetin is the most ubiquitous, which undergo an extensive intestinal phase-II metabolism. We compared the in vivo metabolism of quercetin in healthy volunteers with two in vitro models, HT29 cells and 3D human intestinal tissues. Supernatants of the in vitro experiments as well as the human intestinal fluids (HIF) were analyzed by LC-IMS-MS and LC-HRMS in a qualitative way. 2. Quercetin glucuronides, sulfates and their methyl conjugates we...

How reliable are ADC measurements? A phantom and clinical study of cervical lymph nodes.

To assess the reliability of ADC measurements in vitro and in cervical lymph nodes of healthy volunteers.

Rifampicin-Induced Fever in a Patient with Brucellosis: A Case Report.

We present a 35-year-old female patient who was started on rifampicin (900 mg orally once daily) and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole (TMP/SMX) (160/800 mg orally twice daily) after being diagnosed with brucellosis. Following defervescence and improvement in her general condition, fever recurred on the 12th day of treatment. A re-challenge drug test lead to causality assessment and treatment was switched to a combination of streptomycin (1 g intramuscularly) for 10 days and TMP/SMX (160/800 mg orally twic...

Alterations in interhemispheric gamma-band connectivity are related to the emergence of auditory verbal hallucinations in healthy subjects during NMDA-receptor blockade.

Auditory verbal hallucinations (AVH) are a common positive symptom of schizophrenia. Excitatory-to-inhibitory (E/I) imbalance related to disturbed N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) functioning has been suggested as a possible mechanism underlying altered connectivity and AVH in schizophrenia. The current study examined the effects of ketamine, a NMDAR antagonist, on glutamate-related mechanisms underlying interhemispheric gamma-band connectivity, conscious auditory perception during dichotic listening (...

Effect of cyclosporine coadministration on the pharmacokinetics of eltrombopag in healthy volunteers.

Eltrombopag is indicated in patients with severe aplastic anemia (SAA) refractory to prior immunosuppressive therapy. The combination of eltrombopag and immunosuppressive therapy (such as cyclosporine) is currently being evaluated in patients with treatment-naive SAA. Cyclosporine is a human breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) inhibitor, and can potentially alter plasma exposure to eltrombopag, a BCRP substrate. This phase 1, open-label, randomized, 3-period, crossover study evaluated the effect of cycl...

Volume of ropivacaine 0.2% and common peroneal nerve block duration: a randomised, double-blind cohort trial in healthy volunteers.

The volume-duration relationship using low concentrations of ropivacaine for peripheral nerve blocks is unknown, even though low concentrations of ropivacaine are increasingly used clinically. We investigated the effect of ropivacaine 0.2% on common peroneal nerve block duration. With ethical committee approval, 60 consenting, healthy volunteers were randomly allocated to receive one of five volumes of ropivacaine 0.2% (2.5, 5.0, 10, 15 or 20 ml) administered by ultrasound-guided, catheter-based injection (...

Effect of one and two months high dose alpha-linolenic acid treatment on C-labeled alpha-linolenic acid incorporation and conversion in healthy subjects.

We aimed at identifying (1) the most sensitive compartment among plasma phospholipids, erythrocytes and LDL for studying ALA conversion, and (2) whether ALA incorporation and conversion is saturable after administration of C-labeled ALA-rich linseed oil (LO). The effect of a daily intake of 7g non-labeled LO (>43% w/w ALA) for one month after bolus administration of 7g C-labeled LO on day one, and for two months after bolus administration of 7g C-labeled LO on day one and day 29 on C-ALA incorporation a...

Independent effects of age and levodopa on reversal learning in healthy volunteers.

The dopamine overdose hypothesis has provided an important theoretical framework for understanding cognition in Parkinson's disease. It posits that effects of dopaminergic therapy on cognition in Parkinson's disease depend on baseline dopamine levels in brain regions that support different functions. Although functions performed by more severely dopamine-depleted brain regions improve with medication, those associated with less dopamine deficient areas are actually worsened. It is presumed that medication-r...

Defining and Estimating Healthy Aging in Spain: A Cross-sectional Study.

Using an operational continuum of healthy aging developed by U.S. researchers, we sought to estimate the prevalence of healthy aging among older Spaniards, inform the development of a definition of healthy aging in Spain, and foster cross-national research on healthy aging.

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